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Hands-on preview: Samsung Galaxy A71 packs essential upgrades for 2020

The Galaxy A71 has a 64MP camera and beefier internal hardware, making it a fantastic mid-ranger in 2020.

Samsung increased the breadth of the Galaxy A series last year, rolling out new models to hit price points all the way from $ 120 to $ 600. One of the standout phones in the series was the Galaxy A70. The phone featured a Snapdragon 675 chipset and had exciting upgrades elsewhere — it was the first Samsung phone  [Read More…]

Newton Mail dies for the second time following Essential closure

Servers will officially shut down on April 30, 2020.

What you need to know Andy Rubin’s Essential announced its plan to close shop earlier this week. Alongside the end of updates to the Essential Phone, this also means that the Newton Mail app will be shutting down. Existing users of the app will have until April 30, 2020 before they lose access.

Newton Mail just can’t catch a break, it seems. The award-winning app that’s a favorite  [Read More…]

Andy Rubin’s Essential is shutting down

The Essential phone was never really essential for consumers.

What you need to know Essential, the company behind the Essential phone is shutting down. The firm says that it had “no clear path” to deliver its next handset to consumers. The firm had previously teased the Essential Phone 2, an exceptionally tall and skinny phone as “Project Gem.”

Essential, the company founded by one-time Android creator Andy Rubin, is now closing its doors for good. The firm  [Read More…]

Essential episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to watch before Season 7

Here are the most important episodes to watch to get caught up.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (available on Disney+) is one of the longest-running and criticially successful Star Wars series ever made, and much to the delight of fans, it’s returning for a seventh and final season in February. However, a lot of folks either haven’t seen the show or don’t remember what happens in it that well. If that’s you, don’t worry, for we have  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: An essential truth

This week, Essential’s Andy Rubin previewed the company’s next product, a long, narrow phone thing likely called GEM. It’s intriguing, and given Rubin’s pedigree — he was the mind behind Danger, Android, and the Essential Phone — it was definitely newsworthy.

But his preview, echoed by Essential itself shortly thereafter with more official-looking photos, was overshadowed by a renewed conversation around Rubin as a person and leader. In 2018, four years after leaving Google, the New York  [Read More…]

Essential teases GEM, an elongated device with an interesting design

Essential looks to be readying a follow up to its PH-1 smartphone. But, rather than going the route you might expect, the company has something a little different in mind.

Essential’s twitter account on Tuesday posted a couple of images for its new device which looks to have a code name or project name of GEM. The two pictures show what appears to be an elongated remote control-like design. As such, there are at least four colors for the back  [Read More…]

Lock in a lifetime of essential project management training for $29

Stuck in a rut at work, spending your days working for the man? Wouldn’t it be better if you actually were ‘the man”? As you know, many jobs and careers worth pursuing require upper management knows how to organize and run things smoothly. You need to know how to manage projects if you wish to to climb the proverbial ladder.

One way of ensuring candidates are qualified to head up projects or teams is with certification. There are many disciplines  [Read More…]

Android 10 is already rolling out to the Essential Phone

The update is first rolling out to select unlocked devices.

What you need to know The Android 10 update is now rolling out to the Essential Phone. Android 10 was just released today, September 3. For reference, the Essential Phone was released back in August 2017.

On September 3, Google released the final build of its long-awaited Android 10 update. We were only expecting Google’s own Pixel devices to get the new software on Day One, but  [Read More…]

Affordable essential tech accessories for your dorm room

That time of year is upon us again. College is starting up and thus begins the hunt for back to school accessories. If you’re going to be living in a dorm room for the next year, then you’re going to need a handful of things to fill your room. Here’s a round-up for affordable tech accessories you should have.

Protection Belkin 12-plug pivoting Surge Protector

Staff pick

Better safe than sorry, so get yourself a surge  [Read More…]

Android Q Easter egg shows up in Beta 6 on the Essential Phone

Anyone feel like solving a Picross puzzle?

What you need to know Android Q Beta 6 started rolling out earlier this week. On the Essential Phone, the latest beta includes an all-new Easter Egg for Android Q. Interestingly, the Easter egg doesn’t appear on Google’s own Pixel devices.

This past Wednesday right before the Galaxy Note 10 announcement, Google started rolling out Android Q Beta 6. In addition to Google’s Pixel phones, owners of the Essential Phone  [Read More…]