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Google announces biggest ever corporate purchase of green energy in history

Google’s latest energy purchases will increase its existing renewable energy portfolio by over 40 percent.

What you need to know Google has announced that it is making the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy yet. The purchase includes a 1,600-megawatt (MW) package of agreements and 18 new energy deals. The purchase will increase Google’s portfolio of wind and solar agreements worldwide to 5,500 MW.

In 2017, Google became the first tech giant to reach 100% renewable energy  [Read More…]

The best cheap Android phone ever was quietly announced this week

“Good phones are getting cheap and cheap phones are getting good.”

It’s a popular saying that quite a few in the tech YouTube crowd have been spouting for years now. Many give credit to Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee for popularizing the phrase, but plenty have repeated it since.

The ultra-premium device market is going strong with $ 900+ phones from LG, Sony, Apple, and Samsung. At the same time, there are a ton of compelling options from OnePlus, Huawei, and  [Read More…]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at lowest price ever seen on Amazon!

This is the best price we’ve ever seen for this turn-based strategy game for Nintendo Switch.

This zany crossover includes characters from Nintendo and Ubisoft franchises to create something entirely new. You’ll play as your favorite Mario characters and their Rabbids parodies to protect the Mushroom Kingdom. This is the perfect game for people who like turn-based strategy games. You’ll explore the map, as you would in an RPG, and come across battles. When engaged in combat  [Read More…]

Would you ever want a Jony Ive-designed Galaxy S12 or Google Pixel 5?

Ive’s departure is an end of an era in electronics design, but also opens up potential.

Jony Ive, who was responsible for some of the most iconic electronics designs of the last three decades, is finally leaving Apple. Our own Rene Ritchie has an excellent breakdown of what the Ive departure means for Apple, but this move of course affects the wider technology industry.

Would you ever want to see a Jony Ive-designed Galaxy S12 or Google  [Read More…]

Bill Gates calls losing mobile race to Android his ‘greatest mistake ever’

Gates says the non-Apple portion of the mobile space “was a natural thing for Microsoft to win.”

What you need to know Bill Gates says that his biggest mistake at Microsoft was losing the mobile space to Android. Gates saw the non-Apple standard for the mobile market as a “natural thing for Microsoft to win.” While Gates sees Microsoft as a leading company right now, he believes it could be the leading company had it got mobile  [Read More…]

The Razer Kraken X is easily the most comfortable headset I’ve ever worn

Razer does it again with another win.

I’ve been cursed in life in that for years I could never find a headset that felt truly comfortable with my glasses. The EasySMX VIP002S gaming headset was one of the only ones previously that I could claim worked, but it’s hard to recommend to some people if they’ve never heard of the brand. Even some of Razer’s own headsets didn’t quite cut it for me, but that’s changed with  [Read More…]

The HP Chromebook X360 G1 is the fastest Chromebook we’ve ever tested

It’s really fast, pretty expensive, and looks beautiful. I just wish the display was a little better.

Chromebooks have been heralded as the best “cheap” laptops and a boon for the education sector, and 2019 sees them make a first serious push into the enterprise space. HP, a name almost synonymous with enterprise computers, understands this like no other company can and has built the x360 14 G1; a Chromebook that brings the security and ease of  [Read More…]

Master new languages with Mondly, now cheaper than ever

Learning new things doesn’t have to be mundane. Even dealing with a self-taught curriculum and taking things at your own pace can be interesting — with the right tools. Take mastering a new language, for instance. With the proper guidance you can learn a second tongue in your spare time. Mondly, one of the biggest and best names in that space, is that proper guidance.

Why master a new language? Not only does it help to prepare you for travel,  [Read More…]

The Schlage Encode deadbolt is smarter than ever thanks to Ring integration

Makes life a little simpler.

The $ 249 Schlage Encode smart Wi-Fi deadbolt is now one of the first smart locks to be fully compatible with Ring devices like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Stick Up Cam. Set it up via the Amazon Key app or the Schlage Home app and you’ll be able to operate it from your phone. When set up to work with Ring you can streamline your home’s security and control all  [Read More…]

Google is making it easier than ever to get cricket updates via Assistant

You’ll be able to get a summary of the day’s cricketing action just by asking Google Assistant.

The IPL season is in full swing in India, and Google is introducing new capabilities to Google Assistant to make it easier for fans to follow all the action. You’ll be able to get a summary of the day’s matches by asking Assistant on your phone or Google Home to “Play news from ESPNcricinfo.”

You’ll get updates not only on  [Read More…]