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CES 2020: 5 crazy expensive pieces of tech nobody needs but everybody wants

CES is the place of tech dreams, where spectacle is paramount and the price of products is often out of the public’s reach. From massive 8K TVs to waterproof drones to AI-powered washing machines to… Alexa-powered Lamborghinis, there was an out-of-reach product for everyone at the show.

With over 4,500 exhibitors showing off hundreds of thousands of products, we’re rounding up some of the more garish and aspirational products we saw at CES 2020.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo with  [Read More…]

The best wireless mouse is 50% off and everybody should buy one

If you spend a lot of time on your computer for work, school, or play, you’ve likely felt your hand and/or wrist cramp up after a while. Chances are you’re using a cheapo mouse you bought years ago and haven’t thought much about, but this is an item you really don’t want to cut corners on.

The more time your hand spends using a poorly-designed mouse, the more strain and irritation you can cause it. Not only that, but by  [Read More…]

Google is collecting healthcare data because it can and ‘everybody’ does it

Big Tech wants a chunk of the healthcare market, and current laws allow it. Even when it’s Google.

The Wall Street Journal dropped a “bombshell” story about Google partnering with a healthcare network to collect and analyze data. Except, it’s not a bombshell because it’s the standard operating procedure, and Google has decided to become part of it.

The details sound really juicy. Ascension patients across 21 states have had their healthcare records shared with Google, and  [Read More…]

The iPhone 11 has great video features, and that’s good news for everybody

No matter your feelings towards iOS as a platform, you can’t deny that the iPhone takes phenomenal video. Stabilization, color, dynamic range … all of it has been consistently great on iPhones for years, often outpacing even Android phones that take subjectively better photos. With today’s announcement of the iPhone 11, Apple just knocked things up another notch.

In case you missed the live stream, here’s the short of it: with the iPhone 11, Apple is finally adding  [Read More…]

Action Launcher v38 Beta is here and it brought presents for everybody!

Action Launcher is proof that you really can have it all.

Some launchers are made to be quick. Some launchers are made to be adaptable. Some launchers are made to be smart. Then there are some launchers that try to do it all, and they usually fail. Action Launcher, however, is the rare instance of a home screen launcher that is as quick as it is cunning, and white it does have limits, there’s no doubt that  [Read More…]

MrMobile’s Essential Phone impressions: Everybody just chill

The father of the Android platform just announced a smartphone, which is kind of a big deal.

It’s called the Essential Phone – not just because Andy Rubin wants you to think it’s indispensable, but because it represents the essence of what Rubin believes a smartphone should be: personal, open, premium, helpful and simple. The Essential Phone PH-1 was built to correct some of the problems Rubin says Android created, with an open ecosystem and intuitive software wrapped  [Read More…]

YouTube Music is here everybody! [+Download]

If you’ve previously used YouTube as a music streaming app on your phone, you would’ve probably recognized that it was not really suitable to do so. Namely, due to blocked content and the inability to close the app and use your phone for other things.

Google has likely noticed that mobile streaming is becoming ever more popular in the competitive market. With this, they credited the music industry and community for the massive support and growth on YouTube, and announced  [Read More…]

Daily Yoga: fitness for everybody (review)

Daily Yoga logoWith an open platform like Android and so many fitness freaks all around us we should not be surprised by the abundance of yoga apps in the Google Play Store. Some offer photos of basic poses while others offer training videos and more.

I’m not a fitness buff but I like doing some yoga now and then. I have tried out some random yoga apps on the Play Store and didn’t find them satisfying at all.  [Read More…]

Everything is not awesome to everybody

It’s OK not to love everything

We’re about to see what Samsung and Motorola have to show us for their annual release of two really nice Android phones — the Galaxy Note 4 and the next version of the Moto X — as well as assorted other products like watches, and maybe even some super-duper secret things that will make us all want to spend money. This means the hype machines will be turned up to  [Read More…]

Editorial: Everybody always is working on better battery life

Android batteries

In the news business, it’s what we call a “no shit” headline.

Samsung aims for better smartphone battery life in 2012 Samsung promises better battery life in 2012 Samsung aiming for extended battery life in 2012 Samsung pledges a full day of life on single charge for 2012 Samsung aims for all-day smartphone batteries in 2012 Samsung looks to beef up batteries and tweak radios in 2012 for extended life Samsung joins  [Read More…]