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AT&T decides to get competitive, expands unlimited plan to everyone

AT&T is matching its competitors by opening up unlimited data to everyone.

AT&T has decided to throw up its proverbial hands after a week of intense competition in the mobile space, saying that as of February 17 its unlimited plan, which is currently only available to DirecTV customers, will be expanded to all postpaid customers.

Starting tomorrow, AT&T1 will launch a new AT&T Unlimited plan. The plan will be available to all consumer and business postpaid AT&T  [Read More…]

Everyone is talking about Google’s AI-powered game that guesses what you’re doodling

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? Google intends to find out.

Google has always had a vested interest in developing and exposing people to the growing power of machine learning technologies. Their most entertaining way of doing this is through their A.I. experiments, which invite the public to explore machine learning by playing with pictures, music and language.

Their latest experiment, Quick, Draw! lets you play a virtual game of pictionary against a neutral  [Read More…]

Android Central 312: A win for Google, a loss for everyone else

This week, Jerry, Daniel and Andrew dive deeper into the Pixel and Pixel XL, discussing the phones’ best and worst features after two weeks of use. It’s also good and bad news on the earnings front, as Google pulled its most profitable quarter ever while LG and Samsung would rather forget about 2016 altogether.

Also: the LG V20 and the never-ending saga of carrier bloatware!

Thanks to this week’s sponsor:

Harrys: Use promo code AC to save $ 5 off  [Read More…]

PlayStation VR Review: Something great for everyone

Sony has created something that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, and in some cases will improve over time.

Pros The most comfortable headset yet Comparably inexpensive Healthy software ecosystem Cons Mediocre controllers 180-degree rotation isn’t great Game setup is occasionally obnoxious Thoroughly well executed PlayStation VR Full Review

There’s a big gap between smartphone-based VR and desktop-based VR. The most you’ll pay for great smartphone-based VR is around $ 100, and desktop-based  [Read More…]

Google’s control of Pixel updates isn’t great for everyone

The value of carrier updates is sometimes overlooked.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Updates straight from Google = good. Updates that go through carriers, which have to pass certain quality control and network performance tests and are therefore mired in delays and bugs = bad.

That’s the story that we often tell people, directly or indirectly, and as a straight narrative it’s largely true. But like any narrative in this world, there is  [Read More…]

Google’s vision for India: Fast Wi-Fi for everyone, 2G-ready Play Store, and YouTube Go

Here’s how Google is connecting the next billion users.

At its Google for India event, the search giant talked about connecting the next billion users. Google is looking to India as a key market for growth, and as such the company is debuting a host of new features that will be exclusive to Indian users initially. Google kicked things off by talking about the incredible growth in the country, stating that every single second, three Indians  [Read More…]

Michael Kors Dylan Access review: Android Wear for everyone

Can the Michael Kors brand command the same influence when it comes to smartwatches as it does when it comes to fashion jewelry?

The Android Wear market has been relatively quiet for the past few months, but as we near the back to school season, the release schedule is set to pick up pace. And as we’ve seen from so-called fashion brands like Fossil, as well as well-known mainstream watch brands like Casio, Android Wear has  [Read More…]

Android 7.0: Multi-window for everyone

Android 7.0’s three multi-window modes can make sure you never miss a Pokemon — even when you have other things that need doing.

Android Nougat’s biggest user-facing feature has to be the new native multi-window support. The concept isn’t new. Samsung’s been doing it for a while, Microsoft is changing the way they do it for smaller devices and even Apple is doing it on tablets. Now it’s Google’s turn.

It’s not an entirely new concept  [Read More…]

Deezer is now available for everyone in the U.S.

Music streaming service Deezer is now widely available in the U.S., meaning that anyone can now sign up for the service. The Spotify and Google Play Music competitor was previously only available in the U.S. to those who signed up from Bose or Sonos, along with Cricket Wireless customers.

Deezer boasts a catalog of 40 million songs, along with a collection of podcasts and news articles. One of the service’s primary features, Deezer  [Read More…]

Not everyone is playing Pokemon Go

In last week’s poll we asked if you’re playing Pokemon Go. Catching those tiny pocket monsters has turned into a craze that has swept the world. Not everybody is ridiculously excited about this game though, and that’s fair. While this game has exploded and pulled in thousands upon thousands of people, it isn’t up everyone’s alley.

That’s why we wanted to know whether you were playing Pokemon Go.

In first place, with 38.9% of  [Read More…]