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Google’s vision for India: Fast Wi-Fi for everyone, 2G-ready Play Store, and YouTube Go

Here’s how Google is connecting the next billion users.

At its Google for India event, the search giant talked about connecting the next billion users. Google is looking to India as a key market for growth, and as such the company is debuting a host of new features that will be exclusive to Indian users initially. Google kicked things off by talking about the incredible growth in the country, stating that every single second, three Indians  [Read More…]

Michael Kors Dylan Access review: Android Wear for everyone

Can the Michael Kors brand command the same influence when it comes to smartwatches as it does when it comes to fashion jewelry?

The Android Wear market has been relatively quiet for the past few months, but as we near the back to school season, the release schedule is set to pick up pace. And as we’ve seen from so-called fashion brands like Fossil, as well as well-known mainstream watch brands like Casio, Android Wear has  [Read More…]

Android 7.0: Multi-window for everyone

Android 7.0’s three multi-window modes can make sure you never miss a Pokemon — even when you have other things that need doing.

Android Nougat’s biggest user-facing feature has to be the new native multi-window support. The concept isn’t new. Samsung’s been doing it for a while, Microsoft is changing the way they do it for smaller devices and even Apple is doing it on tablets. Now it’s Google’s turn.

It’s not an entirely new concept  [Read More…]

Deezer is now available for everyone in the U.S.

Music streaming service Deezer is now widely available in the U.S., meaning that anyone can now sign up for the service. The Spotify and Google Play Music competitor was previously only available in the U.S. to those who signed up from Bose or Sonos, along with Cricket Wireless customers.

Deezer boasts a catalog of 40 million songs, along with a collection of podcasts and news articles. One of the service’s primary features, Deezer  [Read More…]

Not everyone is playing Pokemon Go

In last week’s poll we asked if you’re playing Pokemon Go. Catching those tiny pocket monsters has turned into a craze that has swept the world. Not everybody is ridiculously excited about this game though, and that’s fair. While this game has exploded and pulled in thousands upon thousands of people, it isn’t up everyone’s alley.

That’s why we wanted to know whether you were playing Pokemon Go.

In first place, with 38.9% of  [Read More…]

YouTube announces mobile live broadcasting coming ‘soon’ for everyone

Though the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live are the talk of the town right now in mobile live video broadcasting, YouTube is now ready to get into the game. Taking to the YouTube Creator blog, Google has announced that live broadcasts will be coming to the YouTube app “soon” and that it’ll be “more reliable than anything else out there.”

Though YouTube makes the point that its service offered live streaming for events since 2011,  [Read More…]

Pokémon Go will let everyone catch ’em all in July

Pokémon Go, the upcoming augmented reality game for Android and iOS, will be coming in July. As revealed during Nintendo’s E3 livestream, Pokémon Go Plus wearable device that allows you to play the game without taking out your phone will be available for $ 34.99.

With Pokémon Go, players, can “catch” virtual Pokémon while out in the real world. The little monsters can be found in areas associated with their type (water Pokémon can be found  [Read More…]

Slack voice calling exits beta, now rolling out to everyone

Slack has announced that is is now rolling out voice calls to every one of its users. The workplace chat app has been testing voice calls in beta for months, but everyone will now be able to take advantage of the feature going forward.

Says Slack:

Anyone can make one-on-one calls, while paid teams can also make group calls in any channel or group DM. When someone initiates a call, a message will appear,  [Read More…]

Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion awakens for everyone

The latest expansion to the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft digital card game, Whispers of the Old Gods, is now available for players. This expansion adds a new, Lovecraftian horror dimension to the game, with new creatures and new spins on old cards.

Whispers of the Old Gods brings 134 new cards to the game. These includes Old God cards, C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj, and N’Zoth, which offer new and powerful abilities. There are also  [Read More…]

Xiaomi’s making the excellent Redmi Note 3 available for everyone on April 27

Looking to get your hands on the Redmi Note 3? Xiaomi has announced that it will make the budget handset available in general sale on April 27 at 2PM IST.

https://t.co/S0qbbVlM73 – More #RedmiNote3 stocked, no registrations required for next sale! Get it 27 April, at 2pm pic.twitter.com/zXVoWNNsCG

— Redmi India (@RedmiIndia) April 21, 2016

The Redmi Note 3 is available in two storage variants: the base model with 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage  [Read More…]