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Tips everyone should be using for keeping your Android device safe and secure

Mobile security is one of the most important things we overlook when using our devices. We tend to leave it up to Google to manage it, or we simply are too lazy to keep our phones safe by enabling the tools given to us. Identity theft affects millions of people globally. Even phone theft has been

Smaller phones aren’t for everyone, and that isn’t a surprise

AC readers think bigger is better, and we’re not surprised.

In last week’s poll we asked if you care about smaller phones. Apple has announced the new 4-inch iPhone SE which kickstarted the conversation, but we really wanted to know is whether size is important to you. Pretty much everyone has an opinion, whether it’s in favor of small phones, or defending your large phone’s size.

With a serious lead, “No,  [Read More…]

Galaxy S7 edge has its insides put on show for everyone to see

The iFixit team have got their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and have carefully taken the smartphone apart to reveal just what kind of dark magic is contained inside. Since it’s not recommended for consumers to take apart their handsets, this proves to be a unique insight into just how Samsung manages to pack together all the components inside the sleek and thin chassis.

The highlight of this particular teardown is of  [Read More…]

Galaxy S7? Turns out that not everyone wants one, and that’s okay

In last week’s poll we asked whether you were pre-ordering up a Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s Samsung’s newest flagship phone, so it’s no wonder that people all over the place are making grabby hands at it. That’s why we wanted to know whether this phone was one that you, the reader, needed in your possession.

Surprisingly, a whopping 41 percent of you said that you aren’t planning to pick up a Galaxy S7. 28  [Read More…]

Huawei Watch Marshmallow update coming to everyone by March 10th

Previously, a Huawei employee had stated that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update would be hitting the Huawei Watch this past Tuesday. Unfortunately, that ended up being wrong information. It happens, though, and some people likely got very excited because the update is a big one.

Thankfully, official information is here. The Huawei Watch‘s Marshmallow update will come to everyone by March 10th. The update will finally enable the built-in speaker on the device, allowing you to use the watch as a speakerphone  [Read More…]

Impress everyone with the Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone

Drones are all the craze nowadays. From an annoyed fisherman casting the perfect line to grab one out of the sky, to them appearing during NFL pre-season practices, they are cropping up more and more. On a lower level, there are many of these “pocket” drones that are making it easy for just about anyone to grab one.

Ready to fly out of the box, the adjustable gyro makes flight completely controllable. Its slight form factor means you’ll have  [Read More…]

Google’s machine learning engine, TensorFlow, now available to everyone

TensorFlow has been made available for anyone and everyone to edit, modify and use in a whole manner of deployments. The machine learning engine is the backbone to many of Google‘s advances in automated search and analysis. Think cats, dogs, faces, objects, basically anything and everything can be covered by this system.

Verizon to offer free mobile TV for everyone through its Go90 app

Big Red is set to enter into the mobile television market this week with their new Go90 app. They are aiming their focus right at the Millenials who do much of their video watching on their mobile devices while spurning traditional TV methods like watching a TV set at home on the couch. Go90’s name refers to turning your phone 90 degrees into landscape mode, where not only Verizon customers can watch free TV, but everyone will have free access regardless  [Read More…]

Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphone review: Move over everyone!

Since earphones came out, they’ve constantly been increasing in quality, sound and price. Bluetooth earphones were the last milestone in the technology, and we haven’t seen much change since. But a company from China, Zorloo, is set to change that with their latest offering: A set of digital earphones at a great price.

What exactly are ‘digital’ earphones? Rather than route an audio signal through an audio jack and then on up to the drivers, Zorloo’s earphones are plugged into the  [Read More…]

Facebook Messenger’s direct payments feature now available to everyone in the U.S.

Back in March, Facebook announced that it would start rolling out a direct payment feature in Messenger. After first rolling out to users in New York City in May, the company has announced that direct payments are now available to everyone in the U.S..