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Essential Phone review, four months later: The sun is setting on this experiment

Again, how long do we wait for Essential to figure this out?

With big money and big names involved, Essential was a deserved recipient of intrigue when it launched as a company with the promise of a great Android phone (and so much more). Weeks later, I wrote my original review of the Essential Phone in mid-August, and followed it up after a couple software updates with a definitive review on August 28. Even then, it clearly  [Read More…]

Developers, still need a pass to Google I/O 2017? Submit your experiment

If you’ve got something interesting in the realm of Android, Chrome, or machine learning to show off, Google wants to hear about it.

Developers, Google I/O is for you, first and foremost — for the tech makers, the dreamers of apps, and the diehard fans who won’t dare use anything but an Android device. And it’s likely why you’re here, reading Android Central.

If you’re bummed you couldn’t get a ticket to the annual developer’s conference through  [Read More…]

Daily brief: An Android Experiment in carrier satisfaction

What happened on October 12? You tell me, I was too busy napping.

There’s no question that Google’s decision to go with Verizon as its exclusive U.S. carrier for the Pixel has been divisive, but it’s looking increasingly like the provider understands how passionate people are about the feeling of openness that Google built around its Nexus brand. And we’re happy about that, since there’s nothing worse than a carrier ruining a phone.

And after reporting  [Read More…]

Google’s latest Android Experiment turns your phone into a paper plane

Throw a plane, not a phone.

After debuting it at Google I/O this past May, Google and Active Theory have released Paper Planes, an app and Android Experiment that means to bring people together on International Day of Peace (that’s today).

The app, which allows you to “throw” a virtual paper plane to anyone in the world able to accept it, utilizing a number of web technologies alongside native Android features to deliver an extensible  [Read More…]

Art and technology collide in new VR Chrome experiment

The Google Chrome team is always cooking up interesting new experiments, and the latest, called Virtual Art Sessions, is a neat foray into merging art and technology. With Virtual Art Sessions, you can watch six artists compose works inside of a virtual 3D Space. Each piece is interactive, allowing you to pan, rotate and zoom in 360 degrees to get a better look at each work.

As for the tech behind experiment itself, Google says that it makes use  [Read More…]

Android Experiment Challenge can win you an I/O trip

At last years Google I/O 2015, we saw some awesome creations on show which were made by ordinary Android developers and users. These ranged from an Android powered robot to

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Moto Shop is a brand awareness experiment wrapped in a real life store

Motorola’s first storefront is focused on education, not sales.

Sitting right on State Street in downtown Chicago’s Block 37 shopping center is an inconspicuous little storefront with a simple sign: Moto. It’s the first physical Motorola store in the United States, and they’re focusing more on educating consumers about their products and that Motorola still exists and makes interesting hardware than selling hardware. They do sell devices and accessories in the store, and the end goal  [Read More…]

Heat and your phone: Experiment time!


t long last, the generation of the problematic Snapdragon 810 powered devices seems to be drifting off on the horizon. We’ve already heard multiple rumors about the 820 and what devices it could end up powering, but today we’re going to be focusing on what’s already here, namely the 810 and 808.

As overheating is one of the characteristics so prominent in these chipsets, we decided to set up an experiment to see just how heat really affects the performance  [Read More…]

And so, the great Chromebook experiment begins

Now that I’m in possession of my very first Chromebook I figure it’s time that I sat down and actually tried to use it. Properly. IFA wasn’t the time or place to start, neither was the following week that saw all hands on deck here at Mobile Nations for a little event out in Cupertino. But now that events are out of the way, I’m going to (largely) set aside my 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro that  [Read More…]

Twitter’s latest social experiment overwhelms users with needless spam

In its latest experiment, Twitter is receiving a lot of complaints from irked users when it decided to tweak its network to retweet messages that users mark as favorites. Users are complaining that they are seeing tweets that are favorited by those whom they follow in their Twitter timeline like a retweet, with many also getting notification alerts when others follow a new users.

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