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Spotify CEO explains what the company’s new Samsung partnership means

Deeper Bixby integration, ease of use across multiple devices, and more are on the way.

After its announcements for the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Home during its Unpacked event in NYC, Samsung brought Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on-stage to talk about a new partnership between the two companies. Samsung says that Spotify is now its go-to music streaming partner and is working with the company to bring a more seamless listening experience to its customers, but  [Read More…]

OnePlus explains the rationale behind the notch on the OnePlus 6

This is why the OnePlus 6 will have a notch.

OnePlus confirmed earlier this week that the OnePlus 6 will feature a cutout at the top of the display. The move ostensibly led to a lot of backlash, and OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took to the company’s forums to discuss the decision, stating that the notch was borne out of a pursuit of “optimal phone design.”

OnePlus realized it wasn’t going to need the entire width of  [Read More…]

OnePlus explains why it sent a push notification survey to OnePlus 5 customers

OnePlus gets caught out advertising the OnePlus 5 to OnePlus 5 customers.

OnePlus came under fire once again yesterday for sending out a push notification to OnePlus 5 customers asking them to take part in a survey to win a OnePlus 5. As expected, the move didn’t go down well over on Reddit, with enterprising users tracking down the app that sent out the notification — the “Push” system app.

In an official statement, OnePlus said  [Read More…]

Android team explains how Project Treble will (and won’t) improve Android

Googlers confirm most of what we knew (and had guessed) about Project Treble.

Members of the Android engineering team at Google are participating in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) today. Find a list of the team members participating here.

One of the questions was about Project Treble and was wondering if thinking it could fix Android fragmentation was too optimistic. The response from the Android team explains most of what we need to know about Treble, and affirms  [Read More…]

Google explains how Android detects malware before it gets out of hand

Hummingbad, Ghost Push, and Googligan — malware that didn’t stand a chance against Google’s DOI metric.

Security! No, really, security. That word is practically synonymous with the Android operating system, which is why the Android Developers Blog is always taking about it. In today’s installation, Megan Ruthven, Software Engineer for Android, writes about how the development team developed a metric to help identify Dead or Insecure (DOI) apps floating around in the Play Store.

If you remember  [Read More…]

Huawei explains why it refused to make the Google Pixel

The arrival of the Pixel changed Google’s phone business model a great deal. The Pixel phones are said to be the first real Google phones to make it out into the wild and unlike the Nexus family, the new handsets don’t feature the maker’s branding anymore. Also Google is handling all the sales, without involvement

Google’s Android Developer team explains everything new in Android 7.1 Nougat

See the changes in Android 7.1 straight from the people who built it.

Android 7.1 is on the Google Pixel and the Android Beta Program can install the Developer Preview on the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C right now. But that means most phones aren’t running it, and most of us can’t play with it. We’ve talked about the highlights — support for round icons, image keyboards (emojis FTW) and app shortcuts — but  [Read More…]

Google explains why it focused on fair gender representation with its new emoji

Diverse emoji are better emoji.

For many of us, emoji are a part of our daily conversations. I text my best friend with a heart emoji and a sunrise emoji every morning, and I use the raised hands emoji to let my co-workers know that I’m having an IRL physical reaction to something in the Mobile Nations Slack chat.

Emoji are not just for fun, however. Since they’ve become a part of our daily rhetoric, they’ve also become  [Read More…]

Buying the best smartphone power pack – MrMobile explains

Proclaiming one external battery charger to be the “best power pack” for all people is a daunting challenge – and it misses the point.

The reality is that, as with smartphones, different power banks work well for different users. But I’ve collected between twenty and thirty external battery pack accessories in my time reviewing technology, and I’ve found that the secret to making the search a little less daunting is to focus on three key areas: safety, capacity, and  [Read More…]

Niantic explains why it removed the footprints feature from Pokémon Go

Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go, has explained why it made several changes to the game in the latest update. The update removed footprints of nearby pokémon, and limited access to third-party services. Niantic states that both changes were geared toward improving the design and quality of service of the game.

Niantic’s servers were unable to handle the massive influx of users that made their way to the game following its debut in early July. From  [Read More…]