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U.S. government signs an agreement with ZTE to lift export ban

ZTE will once again be able to conduct business with American component vendors.

ZTE’s woes in the U.S. are about to come to a close. The Chinese telecommunications giant has signed an agreement with the Department of Commerce that will lift the export ban — which will allow ZTE to do business with American suppliers like Qualcomm. ZTE was issued a denial order in April after it was revealed that the manufacturer violated sanctions against North Korea  [Read More…]

Google Photos now lets you export Pixel 2 Motion Photos as GIFs

Available with Google Photos v3.15.

It’s no surprise at this point that the Pixel 2‘s camera is the best on the market, but one of its most underrated features is Motion Photos. This records a few frames before and after you press the shutter button when taking a picture, and you can now export them as GIFs.

Up until now, you’ve only been able to export files as videos or still photos. However, thanks to the addition  [Read More…]

How to export your notes from Evernote

I want to leave Evernote. How do I do it?

Evernote has changed its privacy policy, and people aren’t impressed. The company has added a stipulation whereby a small number of its employees may be able to access your notes in order to improve the company’s machine learning abilities for improve future features. The move comes after the company, which had been experiencing financial troubles, limited to two the number of devices able to access notes  [Read More…]

Google Keep now lets you export notes to Google Docs

Google’s totally-not-a-post-it-note app has been an oddity in their ecosystem for a while now. Keep is treated like one of the Drive apps in the way it isn’t installed by default, but doesn’t really integrate well with much of anything. It’s a great standalone note-taking app that syncs across Android and the web — and really when you think about it that’s all a simple note-taking app should be doing — but it has never really felt  [Read More…]

Dropbox update gives users the ability to export files to an SD card


Just because C.E.S. is taking over the news by storm, doesn’t mean we forgot to report on other useful information.  Dropbox released an update recently, version, which gives the ability to export files to an SD card.  This is particularly important for business travelers who need to work without a wireless or WiFi signal since cloud access requires an internet connection.  It’s also important  [Read More…]

HTC’s selfie-focused Desire Eye and One M8 Eye stop by Indian import export database

HTC’s rumored Desire Eye has made it to India for testing, as import export database website Zauba lists the selfie-focused device along with another handset dubbed the One M8 Eye.

Dropbox updates Android app to allow users to export files to SD card

Dropbox is updating its Android app today, giving users of its cloud storage server a new way to export files directly to an SD card, which is a nice feature for folks who want to move files around without the need of a wireless connection.

Springpad will shut down June 25th, users will be able to export data soon

Although it has been rumored to be coming for the past few days, Springpad has now announced that it is shuttering its services on June 25th. At this point, the company says that online and sync features will not available to users. As a consolation, Springpad announced that it would be making an export tools for users and developers to take their data with them so that they can have access to important files after the  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear 2 Solo stops by Indian export database Zauba

Samsung may be looking to launch its cellular-connected smartwatch in the near future, as a device by the name of Gear 2 Solo was spotted entering Indian shores for testing. Indian import export database Zauba listing confirms that the device bears a model number SM-R710.

Gowalla confirms it’s been purchased by Facebook, will allow you to export data


Check-in favorite Gowalla today confirmed reports that it’d been purchased by Facebook. It’ll continue to operate through January, and the service will offer you an option to export your Gowalla data. It also stresses that Facebook is acquiring the service, not the user data Gowalla’s collected over the past two years.

Source: Gowalla