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Equifax says personal data of 143 million customers exposed in cyber attack

Equifax says a cyber attack leveraged against the company has exposed the personal data of approximately 143 million U.S. consumers.

Credit-reporting company Equifax has just announced a major cyber security breach that has exposed the data of approximately 143 million U.S. consumers.

What data was exposed?

The company says the following data was accessed:

names Social Security numbers birth dates addresses driver’s license numbers credit card numbers (approx. 209,000 U.S. consumers) dispute documents (approx. 182,000 U.S. consumers)  [Read More…]

How Samsung exposed your old Galaxy phone to hacking

If you own or owned an older Samsung device, you’re probably familiar with the S Suggest app. An ancestor of Bixby, the app – which came pre-installed on most Galaxy devices in the past – is a device-specific Android app recommendation tool. But as Samsung is now focusing on Bixby, the older S Suggest got […]

Samsung vulnerability exposed with over 600 million devices affected worldwide

NowSecure security researcher Ryan Welton has exposed a security risk that affects over 600 million Samsung devices world wide. The risk comes from the pre-installed Swiftkey keyboard. Samsung gave the app system user privileges, which is one step away from root. The app cannot be uninstalled or disabled in the system.

“If the flaw in the keyboard is exploited, an attacker could remotely:

Access sensors and resources like GPS, camera and microphone Secretly install malicious app(s) without the user  [Read More…]

Your Snapchat photos may have been exposed in massive compromise

At least 100,000 Snapchat photos have been stolen and leaked, taken from a third-party Snapchat client. The 13GB database is now circulating around 4chan and other forums. The images reportedly came either from popular Snapchat client Snapsave or SnapSaved.com, both of which allow users to save photos and videos they receive.