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Google extends review time for approving new Play Store apps

Developers are unhappy about not being notified regarding the changes in the review process ahead of time.

What you need to know Google is now taking more time to perform a thorough review before approving new apps for the Play Store. The change has reportedly been made to protect users from malicious apps. Developers can no longer schedule the release of their apps.

Google has silently made a few significant changes to the review process for approving  [Read More…]

Fitbit extends Pebble support through June 2018

Current Pebble owners can also get a $ 50 discount on the Fitbit Ionic.

In early December of 2016, Pebble was shut down after being acquired by Fitbit. Fitbit originally said that it’d continue to support the Pebble ecosystem until 2018, but the company has now extended that support for six more months.

The Pebble 2

The announcement came via Fitbit’s developer blog, and now Pebblers will be able to keep using their wearables like as  [Read More…]

Google extends Nexus 5X and 6P security updates until Nov. 2018

Google has updated its ‘Minimum update & support period’ to show an extra couple of months for the Nexus 6P and 5X.

Back when Google began separating out security patches from platform updates, it established a cadence for its Nexus line that stands true today: two years for platform updates — in other words, two major releases — and three years for security patches, rolled out monthly.

It appears that, for some reason, Google has decided to  [Read More…]

NVIDIA Spot peripheral extends the Shield Android TV’s Google Assistant throughout the home

A simple accessory expands the capabilities of the new Shield Android TV throughout your home.

To partner with the announcement of the brand-new Shield Android TV, NVIDIA is hoping to leverage its new power and Google Assistant smarts throughout your home with the NVIDIA Spot, a Wi-Fi-connected microphone/speaker peripheral. Rather than holding computing power and software in itself, the NVIDIA Spot is a small — roughly golf ball-sized — peripheral that can be placed anywhere and connect to your  [Read More…]

T-Mobile extends free high-speed roaming in Europe and South America until end of 2016

T-Mobile extends roaming privileges until the end of 2016.

T-Mobile always finds a way to put itself in the news. The company has announced that it will be extending free high-speed roaming to postpaid customers until the end of 2016. The original plan was supposed to expire at the end of September.

Specifically, the company says all postpaid customers will be able to roam on LTE at no extra charge in a number of European and South American countries,  [Read More…]

LG extends deadline for G4 battery and microSD card promotion

LG has extended the deadline for its G4 promotion by roughly nine days. If you’re on the prowl for a new flagship experience and have been thinking about the G4 you’ll definitely be interested in the limited-time deal.


Buy the LG G4 from an authorized outlet and you can pick up a free battery, battery charging cradle, and a 32GB microSD card. Indeed, LG will toss all of that your way  [Read More…]

T-Mobile extends Never Settle for Verizon campaign though late June

Originally set to end on May 31, the trial program now runs through June 27

T-Mobile has extended the window for its Never Settle for Verizon campaign for at least a few more weeks. The program allows for Verizon customers to try out T-Mobile’s service for a period of two weeks without any long term commitments.

Initially the promotion was set to expire on May 31 however it has now been pushed back to June 27. In fact, judging by  [Read More…]

T-Mobile extends ‘Never Settle’ trial offer for Verizon customers through June 27

T-Mobile is extending its “Never Settle” free trial campaign for Verizon customers considering a switch to the un-carrier.

Early last month, T-Mobile fired a salvo at the competition by offering Verizon customers a 14 day trial of the un-carrier’s service. The offer was meant to expire on May 31, but T-Mobile has extended it through June 27.

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Motorola extends online promotion through February 17


Motorola last not shot out emails advising that its Valentine’s Day weekend promotion will be extended a few more days. Indeed, you can now save a sizable chunk of money on products through Monday, February 17.

This sale has been extended! You now have until 11:00 a.m. CT on Tuesday, February 17 to take advantage of this awesome deal. Take $ 100 off a  [Read More…]

Motorola extends sale for up to $100 off devices and accessories through Feb. 17

It looks like you’ll get a few more days to save on some Motorola products. The company has extended its sale that nets you up to $ 100 off of a purchase to 11 A.M. CT on February 17.