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Bear Lock: Keep prying eyes away (Review)

Overview Keep your apps as safe as Pooh keeps his honey pot. That’s what Bear Lock does: keeps prying eyes away. Developer: Bear Lock Applock Cost: Free Setup Setting up is relatively easy. Jasper, your guide in the app, will walk you through this. He will ask you to put in your name, set up a

Eyes on — Google’s Daydream demo app is a lot of fun

If you’ve got the time and resources, this is a fun weekend project.

The first Daydream-ready phone is still a couple of months away, as is the controller to use it, but Google wanted developers to be able to jump in right now and start testing their own apps. To make this happen, Google has included Daydream frameworks in the Android N Beta and offered up a handy guide for testing a simple app. Since we  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Safety Screen app protects your kids’ eyes

Samsung has launched an app that’s designed to prevent vision damage when using phones or tablets for an extended duration of time. Called Safety Screen, the app uses facial recognition to detect the distance between a phone or tablet’s display and a user’s eyes, automatically shutting off the screen and alerting the users with a popup if it finds that the device is held too close.

Samsung says that the goal with Safety Screen is to  [Read More…]

f.lux (beta) – Give your eyes a rest from that techno-glare. [Review]

Overview – f.lux is a root-only app that focuses on reducing the amount of strain your smartphone screen puts on your eyes before bed. Developer: justgetflux Price: free (beta) Highlights: Reduces eye

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Hands and eyes on Samsung’s new Gear VR

Samsung has finally dropped the Innovator Edition tag from its virtual reality collaboration with Oculus, and along the way the company has made dozens of little changes to the hardware that holds your phone in place. While everyone who doesn’t have a 2015 Galaxy or Note phone will be relying on Google Cardboard for their reasonably priced virtual experiences, the Samsung Gear VR takes your phone and kicks it up a notch with an impressive starter library  [Read More…]

[Deal] Keep your eyes on the road with the ExoMount Touch Universal Mount

Living in a big city, I don’t drive much and take public transportation to most of my destinations. It’s not until I visit family in the Midwest and get behind the wheel of a car again that I quickly realize just how fragile every second on the road is. One moment with your eyes fixed on your lap to read your notifications could cost you the ability to ever walk again… or worse.

Driver-less cars are the wave of the  [Read More…]

Guard your info from prying eyes with LEO Privacy Guard

With many of us having our entire lives and all our personal information somewhere on our phones, security and privacy are extremely important. LEO Privacy Guard is a security app full of features that attempt to keep your information safe and away from anyone looking for it. You can lock apps, hide messages and contacts, and even give your phone a performance boost if it needs it. The only question that remains, how well does it work?

LEO Privacy Guard  [Read More…]

Hands and eyes on View-Master for Google Cardboard

Mattel is wielding nostalgia to spectacular effect, but this is also a well-made Cardboard kit.

Just in time for holiday sales, Mattel’s kit for Google Cardboard is starting to his shelves. The View-Master Virtual Reality box takes the classic design from our childhood, makes some room on the inside for a phone, and offers a unique content ecosystem alongside Google’s increasingly popular Cardboard platform. It’s a fantastic combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and a universally  [Read More…]

Hands and eyes on native Android TV in the Sharp Aquos LC-70UE30U

One of the more interesting aspects of the predecessor to Android TV (you remember Google TV, right?) was the few situations where it was baked right in to the television. Having access to the web no matter what input you were on, including the streaming apps that followed, had a lot of positive elements to it. While Android TV in set-top box form is cool, there’s a lot of potential to be found in making this platform  [Read More…]

(Deal) Keep your phone docked and your eyes on the road for only $13

Keeping your eyes on the road while driving is of paramount importance. So when it comes to selecting the perfect dash mount for your device, there are plenty of options that help you focus on the road, without fumbling with your phone. Today’s deal is one of those great options.

The Steelie Magnetic Car Mount from NiteIze is a great option to help keep your device out of your hands while driving. However, it does come with a small caveat.  [Read More…]