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Google updates Google Maps for Android Wear to keep your eyes on the road

Google has updated Google Maps for Android Wear to provide a better navigation experience for everyone. The purpose of this update is to make it easier to navigate to where you need to go, without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. The latest update also has integrations with a few different popular apps that work with Google Maps.

As you stroll through a neighborhood, Foursquare will make sure you won’t walk by and miss a restaurant’s legendary burrito.  [Read More…]

For your eyes only: ZTE Grand S3 can be unlocked with eye-based biometric solution

Today at MWC 2015, we played with the ZTE Grand S3. ZTE’s new flagship device lets users unlock their phones by looking at the front-facing camera. The cutting edge solution, called Eyeprint ID, works by scanning unique vein patterns in the human eye. See how it works in our brief hands-on video.

Google Opinion Rewards is now easier on the eyes while you’re answering surveys

Google Opinion Rewards, the app that lets your rack up Play Store credit by participating in surveys, has just jumped on the Material Design bandwagon. It’s still a pretty simple app so there wasn’t much to change, but things have flattened out, and the green color of the app’s icon has carried over into the top bar when you’re in the app.

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LG Aka smartphones have personalities, names, and eyes

lg aka

The smartphone market is starving for innovation. Except for the recent release of the feature-filled Android Lollipop, arguably nothing truly innovative has come from smartphones for a couple of years. New phones these days means more pixels (on the screen and on the camera), a newer chip, and more RAM. Even software is only improving on already implemented features. Samsung desperately tries to breach  [Read More…]

LG’s new AKA smartphone has four cute personalities with spooky looking eyes

LG has just announced a new Android smartphone called the LG AKA that’s being designed for people, specifically the people in its home country of South Korea, who want a little more personality in their device. The AKA will have up to four different virtual “characters” to choose from.

Take a spin through the eyes of dads, thanks to Google Glass

Sunday is Father’s Day, so here’s a Google Glass video of one of the small pleasures of being a dad. It might not be as touching as their Mother’s Day vide, but it’ll still put a smile on your face.