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Facebook has been using contractors to transcribe Messenger voice chats

How. Does. This. Keep. Happening.

What you need to know A report indicates that Facebook was paying third parties to transcribe Messenger audio conversations. The conversations were anonymous and often “vulgar.” Facebook says it has since stopped this human review process.

Were you sitting there to yourself and thinking, “Gee, it’s been too long since Facebook screwed up?” Me neither, but that’s exactly what’s happened. Again. According to a report from Bloomberg, Facebook has been paying hundreds  [Read More…]

Facebook is readying a dark mode for its mobile app

As of now, there is no timeline for when to expect dark mode to roll out.

What you need to know App researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered Facebook is working on a dark mode for its app. The dark redesign is in the early stages and it could take some time to implement it across the entire app. Facebook is also working on a dark mode for Messenger.

If there is one thing 2019 will be  [Read More…]

Oculus Quest devices are selling as fast as Facebook can make them

The Oculus Quest is selling so well that Facebook has a hard time keeping them in stock.

What you need to know The Oculus Quest is selling well, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The standalone headset has earned positive reviews from several outlets. Orders for the Oculus Quest are often delayed due to stock shortages.

The Oculus Quest is performing well according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In the Facebook Q2 2019 Earnings call, Zuckerberg stated  [Read More…]

Facebook slapped with record-setting $5 billion fine by the FTC

The fine is 200 times more than any previous fine.

What you need to know Facebook faces a record-setting 5 billion dollar fine in a decision from the FTC. It will also be required to improve its privacy protection for users. The settlement still needs to be approved by the DOJ before it becomes final.

This week, the FTC voted to approve a record-setting 5 billion dollar fine against Facebook. The fine comes in response to several  [Read More…]

Facebook Messenger Kids flaw allowed unauthorized users to join group chats

The FTC may soon fine Facebook once more for the lapse.

What you need to know A ‘design flaw’ in the Messenger Kids app allowed unauthorized users to be part of group chats. Facebook has closed down the group chats and is alerting parents regarding the flaw. The “technical error”, reportedly arose from the way unique permissions were applied in group chats in the Messenger Kids app.

Facebook had launched the Messenger Kids app in 2017 as  [Read More…]

Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are currently experiencing an outage

The users most affected are located in Europe and the East Coast of the U.S.

In yet another reminder of how fragile our internet ecosystem can be, it appears Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are all experiencing outages around the globe. According to Downdetector, the areas experiencing the most trouble are users on the East Coast of the U.S. and Europe.

The Independent reports that WhatsApp users are experiencing issues when trying to send photos, videos,  [Read More…]

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google face new antitrust investigations

The lawsuits could lead to new regulations and big fines.

What you need to know The U.S. will begin antitrust probes into Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Both Democrats and Republicans support opening investigations into the tech companies. Following the news stock prices took a dip for each of the four tech giants.

The U.S. government is looking to crack down on some of the biggest names in the tech industry with an antitrust probe. The investigation  [Read More…]

Facebook is handy but not necessary for Oculus Quest

Best answer: Using a Facebook account with Oculus Quest is not necessary in order to play. All you need is an Oculus account.

Untethered VR: Oculus Quest ($ 399 at Oculus) For finding friends, not neccessary for VR

Facebook is handy for friends but isn’t needed for Oculus Quest . The main perk of using a Facebook account is to find your friends online. If your Facebook friend has an account, you’ll be able to find them  [Read More…]

Facebook Messenger getting a desktop app, end-to-end encryption, and more

Facebook’s also creating a new version of the mobile app that’s smaller/faster.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, and in a now-removed blog post published ahead of its annual F8 developer conference, Facebook announced a heap of new features and changes coming to the platform later this year.

First on the list, Facebook is creating another version of the Messenger mobile app. Referred to as “Project LightSpeed”, the app will  [Read More…]

Here are all the services Facebook Portal supports

Best answer: Alongside Facebook-related functionality through Messenger and Watch, Facebook Portal currently supports Alexa, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Food Network, and many others.

Amazon: Facebook Portal ($ 100)

What apps are available on Portal?

Facebook Portal launched with a limited number of services, most of which are perfect for use in areas like the kitchen. Food Network and Facebook Watch are good for some recipe help and entertainment, while the abundance of streaming music and radio services  [Read More…]