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The Nokia True wireless earbuds have a miniscule form factor

These + your phone = a match made in heaven.

Hot on the heels of the Nokia 7.1 smartphone, a new product is here that will pair perfectly with your smartphone.

Meet the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds. These sleek, minimalist headphones are super lightweight, coming in at just 5 grams per earbud. They come rocking Bluetooth 5.0 and feature IPX4 resistance, meaning splashes and sweat won’t pause performance. You’ll get up to 3.5 hours of stereo music  [Read More…]

What is two factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is known by many names such as 2FA, two-step verification, multi-factor authentication, and more. No matter what name it goes by they all have one thing in common, requiring you to take a second step to verify you are the owner of an account.

Many of you have probably gone your whole lives using two-factor authentication without even realizing it. One of the best examples of this is when you make a purchase with your debit card and  [Read More…]

What’s your favorite form factor for cases?

Do you like thin, simple cases, folios, or something else entirely?

It’s 2018, and that means just about every high-end phone — and even some budget devices like the Moto G6 — has a glass backing these days. They’re beautiful, sure, and they allow for wireless charging, but glass is still a fragile material, and the last thing anybody wants is a shattered panel on their expensive gadgets.

The obvious solution is to put a case on  [Read More…]

How much does security factor into your buying decisions? [Roundtable]

How the AC staff thinks about security when they’re buying cool stuff.

There are plenty of reasons to want a new phone or cool tech gadget, and everyone has different reasons. And of course, there are plenty of phones and cool tech gadgets to buy. We find the right gadget for the right reasons and lighten our wallets.

In the midst of all the talk about specs and software and updates and cameras and everything else about  [Read More…]

Factor Monsters review: a fast-paced factoring game

There are numerous educational apps available that can teach you just about anything. However, most of them are either focused on young children or adults. This leaves middle school and high school students almost empty handed. The people over at Knowledge Platform noticed this gap and decided to create an educational game for kids 12 and older to help them with the challenging and boring practice of factoring. Factor Monsters is focused on helping kids learn and  [Read More…]

Through Glass: The distraction factor