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Verizon announces new Above Unlimited plan, mix-and-match option for families

Verizon this week unveiled a new “Above Unlimited” plan which will become available starting Monday, June 18. On top of that, the nation’s biggest carrier also announced that from now on subscribes on a family plan will be able to mix and match unlimited plans to suit their own personal needs.

Joining the previous Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited, the Above Unlimited plan starts at $ 95 per month for a single line. Comparatively, the others start at $ 75  [Read More…]

Motorola announces new Moto G6 and E5 families with taller displays, better batteries, and dual cameras

Motorola announces its new Moto G6 and G6 Play with tall displays, Turbopower, and budget prices. Alongside this, the company announced the E5 Plus and E5 Play, which are its truly budget phones.

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T-Mobile announces big discounts for service members, veterans and their families

T-Mobile is honoring the members of the military and their families with a new plan which brings great discounts. It’s called T-Mobile One Military and will be available starting April 22.

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Google’s Trusted Contacts is a simple way for families to have some peace of mind

Getting your child their first phone is maybe as exciting for the parent as it is the kid. It’s also scary as hell, yeah, but part of the idea of putting a computer in their pocket is so that you can keep in touch with them as they start branching out into the world — especially if things go wrong. (And they will at some point, right?)

Now emergency contact apps are nothing new. Various manufacturers have  [Read More…]

MetroPCS launches two offers with families in mind

MetroPCS, a prepaid brand of T-Mobile, is today announcing a pair of promotions which should attract customers looking for multiple lines of service. One rewards buyers for switching from another service provider while the other makes it less expensive to add lines to a family plan. Subscribers who port their phone number from another carrier will

Families will be able to buy Android apps once, then share them

Google today alerted developers to a change in the Developer Distribution Agreement, but it will be families that really reap the benefit of the new language. Google is soon to launch the “Google Play Family Library,” which will allow up to six people in a family (or their accounts, rather) to share apps they’ve purchased on Google Play.

The gist is that users will be able to buy an app once, then share it with others in  [Read More…]

Uber’s newest feature lets whole families share one payment method

Uber is looking to make paying for rides for friends and family members a bit easier with the addition of Family Profiles. Family Profiles, which are only available for Uber customers in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix for the time being, allow you to easily share payment information with others to cover the cost of their trips.

If you’re in one of the launch cities, you can set up a Family Profile by heading to the Settings menu  [Read More…]

1Password for Families lets you manage passwords for your entire clan

AgileBits, the developer of 1Password, has announced a new family program for the password manager. 1Password for Families allows passwords, secure notes, and more to be shared between up to five people for $ 5 per month, and you can add more people for $ 1 per person.

With 1Password for Families, each family member gets their own copy of 1Password, and all 1Password apps come free with the subscription. The person in charge of  [Read More…]

Sprint makes its unlimited LTE data plans more affordable for families

Sprint has announced some affordable plans for those who are seeking unlimited data. From February 12, for a limited time only, customers will be able to get unlimited call time, SMS and high-speed data for $ 37.50 per line (when selecting two or more), saving a family of four up to $ 360 each year. Prior to the discount, each line would set you back $ 45. This will enable each of the four family members to  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Forgotten families?

And we’re officially at the point of the year in which Google makes good on its promises to get products and services out the door before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve. (Or, more accurately, before Mountain View effectively shuts down for a couple weeks.)

We’ve got shared albums in Google Photos. We’ve got high-res audio and multi-room support for Chromecast Audio. And we’ve got $ 14.99-a-month family plans for Google Play Music — and,  [Read More…]