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The latest Gboard beta is faster, with better support for handwriting

The keyboard now also recognizes handwriting input in Tibetan!

What you need to know Google just released a new beta for Gboard. The release focuses particularly on improving performance by reducing start-up times and latency. It also adds better support for handwriting input.

Google’s Gboard is one of the best Android keyboards out there. It’s also the default keyboard on many phones, meaning you’re most likely using it on your phone right now. And while keyboards aren’t  [Read More…]

This new chip is the key to unlocking your phone’s faster Wi-Fi

Built with the new Wi-Fi 6E standard in mind.

What you need to know The Broadcom BCM4389 supports the new Wi-Fi 6E standard for faster, more reliable wireless connections in your home. It also includes a new Bluetooth 5 radio that claims better performance, battery life, and faster pairing times. This chipset is expected to make its way into smartphones launching later in 2020 and beyond.

A new chip by one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi chipset  [Read More…]

Galaxy Buds+ specs leaked with larger, faster charging battery

The revamped earbuds include a dual-mic system for better call quality.

What you need to know The Galaxy Buds+ will be only a modest spec bump over the last generation according to newly leaked information. The earbuds include a larger battery, with shorter charging times. They also include an additional mic.

If you’re planning on preordering a Galaxy S20+ or S20 Ultra, Samsung will give you a pair of Galaxy Buds+ for free. However, if the latest  [Read More…]

The FCC just made your connection faster by unlocking the ‘OnGo’ band

15 new channels in the 3.5GHz range are already supported by plenty of phones for LTE use, but OnGo is important for 5G, too.

The FCC just finished a six-year set of talks with the CBRS Alliance (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) and authorized commercial use of what’s known as the 3.5GHz CBRS band.

3.5GHz service is in-between super-low bands like T-Mobile’s 600Mhz and mmWave such as Verizon’s 28GHz.

Previously held exclusively by the Department of Defense for  [Read More…]

Vizio SmartCast 4.0 has faster load times, better content discovery, and more

Vizio also announced its brand-new Voice Remote.

What you need to know Vizio SmartCast 4.0 has been announced. It shortens load times, has a new search experience, and better input switching. A new Voice Remote is launching this year — the first-ever from Vizio.

So far at CES 2020, Vizio has showcased a new OLED TV and a bunch of soundbars. However, that’s not all the company has up its sleeves. Just as important as those other  [Read More…]

Find a faster charge with Dbpower’s 45W USB-C PD wall charger down to $6

Powering up your devices could be much quicker if you had the appropriate charger. If you have any Power Delivery-compatible devices, then the Dbpower 45W USB-C PD Wall Charger is a stellar option, and today you can grab one for only $ 5.99 when you enter code IJUGGKYA during checkout. The charger usually sells for $ 17 which is already affordable, but today’s price drop takes over half off making it a total no-brainer buy. In fact, it’s probably worth  [Read More…]

Qualcomm’s new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is faster, 17x larger

This is the fingerprint sensor we’re likely to see in the Galaxy S11.

What you need to know New ultrasonic technology offers 17x larger recognition area. Recognition area supports increased security via simultaneous two-finger authentication. Yet to be known which devices will launch with the sensor in 2020.

Qualcomm has announced the next generation of its in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, dubbed 3D Sonic Max. The new sensor is, remarkably, 17 times larger than the original sensor area  [Read More…]

Here’s how much faster the Share menu in Android 10 really is

In its internal study, Google found 99% of Android 10 users can see the Share UI in just 103 milliseconds or less.

What you need to know Google detailed the changes it made to make the share sheet in Android 10 much faster at the Android Dev Summit held this past week. With Android 10, Google replaced Direct Share with the new Sharing Shortcuts API, which allows apps to preload direct share targets. An internal study conducted  [Read More…]

Amazon refreshes Fire HD 10 with faster processor and better battery

Amazon is back with another refresh of its Fire HD 10 tablet line, this time punching up the processor and battery. And for the first time, it is adding USB C for charging.

As we’ve seen in the past, the Fire HD 10 will come in a standard edition and a kids-centric model. Both feature the same core hardware, including the 10.1-inch FHD display, an updated octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 32GB/64GB storage capacity.

For the 2019 edition, Amazon has  [Read More…]

Google makes Android Go faster, more secure

Google this week updated its Android Go experience for smartphones, making it faster and more streamlined. Moreover, it has also implemented a new encryption standard designed with low-power devices in mind.

Android 10 Go Edition, as it’s now called, is meant for phones with 1.5GB memory or less. Such devices are often made available in developing countries and markets where even 3G network infrastructure is still being deployed. According to Google, said phones could cost as low as $ 27.

  [Read More…]