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Original Google Pixel owners could receive up to $500 for faulty microphone

Pixel owners who didn’t experience issues could still get $ 20 in the settlement.

What you need to know Google has agreed to pay a total of $ 7.25 million in the class action settlement. Owners of the original Pixel could get a payout of up to $ 500. A hearing to approve the settlement will take place on June 5.

Google has agreed to pay $ 7.25 million dollars in a settlement of a class action  [Read More…]

New USB-C standard defeats faulty cables

A new standard recently announced by the USB Implementers Forum will prevent faulty USB-C cables from doing more damage. Based on cryptographic authentication, this protocol should also protect phones, tablets and laptops with USB-C ports from malicious hardware or software that try to exploit the connection between the cable and the device. USB Type-C Authentication

New USB Type-C Authentication spec can stop faulty cables before they do damage

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), which is in charge of certifying standards-compliant USB devices, has announced a new protocol that seeks to prevent non-compliant USB Type-C cables from doing damage to a connected device.

Through what has been dubbed the USB Type-C Authentication specification, devices like phones and tablets will be able to confirm the authenticity of a connected USB-C device or charger. Through the authentication protocol, devices can then set rules that could, for example, keep data safe  [Read More…]

Amazon is reducing the number of faulty USB-C cables

Shortly after Google introduced USB-C ports in its phones last fall, the number of off-brand cables soared on Amazon, as the market is wont to do. The problem was that a large number of these cables were faulty, and consumers had no way to tell until plugging a cable in and hoping it didn’t fry