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Google Pixel 4’s Motion Sense feature will not be functional everywhere

Motion Sense is one of Pixel 4’s headline features.

What you need to know Best Buy’s landing page for the upcoming Pixel 4 has revealed the phone’s Motion Sense feature will work only in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and Europe. Motion Sense technology will allow the Pixel 4 to detect your gestures, allowing you to do things like skipping songs and silencing phone calls without even touching the phone. The Soli radar chip to enable  [Read More…]

YouTube’s native direct messaging feature will be discontinued next month

YouTube’s main focus currently is on improving public conversations on its platform.

What you need to know Google is removing YouTube’s native direct messaging feature next month. The company will now focus on improving public conversations. Once the feature is discontinued, users will still be able to share YouTube videos on social networking platforms.

Google introduced the ability to send direct messages on YouTube around two years back. Since then, however, the company has been focusing on  [Read More…]

Microsoft Edge beta on Android now supports Read Aloud feature

Microsoft Edge beta on Android can now read webpages out loud, improving web accessibility.

What you need to know Microsoft Edge beta on Android now supports reading pages out loud. The feature improves accessibility and gives users another option for consuming the web. Read aloud is already supported on Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, Mac, and iOS.

The latest beta release of Microsoft Android on Android supports the Read Aloud feature. This allows users to have webpages  [Read More…]

Rocket League removing randomized loot boxes, will feature direct purchases

A new system will eliminate loot crates and add direct purchases into Rocket League

What you need to know Rocket League is a game based around playing soccer with cars. Rocket League was developed by Psyonix, which was recently acquired by Epic Games. Epic Games and Psyonix are removing the loot crate system from Rocket League, with a direct-purchase system replacing it. You can get Rocket League: Ultimate Edition for $ 25 on Amazon.

Psynonix, the developers  [Read More…]

OnePlus explains how and why it created its Zen Mode feature

Created in an effort to help technology serve you.

What you need to know OnePlus shared a post on its forums detailing how and why it created Zen Mode. The idea behind Zen Mode is to help technology serve you. A lot of thought went into Zen Mode’s duration, app design, and gamification.

OnePlus’s OxygenOS is one of the best Android interfaces around, and when the OnePlus 7 Pro was unveiled earlier this year, Zen Mode was  [Read More…]

Honor’s first TV will feature a pop-up camera

The Honor Vision TV will be powered by a chipset made by Huawei and Baidu.

What you need to know Honor’s first TV will feature a pop-up camera. The Honor Vision TV is now available to reserve on Chinese online retailer JD.com’s site for 9,999 yuan (approximately $ 1,453 USD). Honor will unveil the Honor Vision TV on August 9.

Pop-up cameras aren’t just for phones, at least not if Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has anything to say  [Read More…]

One Google Pixel 4 feature will make or break it for me: Battery life

Three generations of Pixels have had subpar battery life, and I’m done giving Google a pass.

I’ve been using my Pixel 3 XL for months. Bouncing around between the latest phones, as we all do here, I’ve regularly landed back on the Pixel 3 XL as my “go-to” phone. Of all my phones, it’s the one that I best keep up to date and ready to go at any time. I love its hardware, the amazing photos  [Read More…]

This is apparently a Nokia feature phone running Android

What you need to know A photo from 9to5Google shows what’s supposedly an Android-powered feature phone. It doesn’t have a touchscreen and instead uses buttons for navigation. There’s no word on how much the phone will cost or when it’ll be available.

Nokia’s been killing it in the Android space for the last couple of years. Under the ownership of HMD Global, we’ve seen a relentless number of Nokia handsets dominate the mid and low-end market, but now  [Read More…]

Google Camera brings Night Sight to the front, adds new rewind feature

Google is moving Night Sight to the main camera UI, and a new McFly mode shows up.

What you need to know Google is making a few tweaks to its camera, including a more prominent position for Night Sight. There’s a new rewind feature in the works that’s currently dubbed McFly. The update also removes the ability to manually set color balance. Front-facing flash gets renamed to Illumination as there’s no physical flash module on the phone.  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Prime Day Launches feature new tech from tons of brands

Amazon Prime Day won’t officially arrive until July 15th, but the deals have already started rolling in. From free and discounted services to Twitch freebies to a Prime Day concert headlined by Taylor Swift, Amazon is treating Prime members to all sorts of bonus benefits ahead of the big day.

Today, Amazon launched hundreds of new products that are exclusively available to Prime members (much like all else having to do with Prime Day.) From tech to kitchenware to clothing  [Read More…]