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PlanetPron app for Android updated with Material UI and new features [NSFW]

This post is about a great update to an app designed to look at porn. It’s not safe for work or children, and some readers may find the content offensive.

Really. I don’t want to offend anyone here, I just want to write about an Android app that’s done really well. If you don’t want to read about pornography, please hit your back button and know that we don’t judge you or anyone else.

We first  [Read More…]

Nextbit Robin receiving update to Android 6.0.1; additional features included

Last September, a new player entered the Android market. Nextbit is a company founded by former Google employees, and they created the Robin, a device that sells itself upon cloud storage. While the Robin has fair enough specs, its appeal comes from the company’s claim that it will never run out of internal storage. Nextbit uses advanced software within the Robin to determine what should be stored in the cloud and what should be stored on your phone, ensuring that  [Read More…]

Google Camera gets updated with Android N features

Google’s Camera app got an update yesterday, and it brings new features from Android N. As long as your Android phone is compatible with version 3.2 of the Camera app, you’re all set to use these features. Along with design changes for the shutter button and camera swap button, you’ll see a hamburger menu with

Google Keep gets updated with Pushbullet-like features

Google is all about the updates today. Following on the heels of Inbox by Gmail and Google Camera, today Google Keep has gotten a few changes as well. First, there’s a handy new Chrome Extension that you can use to send the web page you’re viewing straight to Google Keep. Just click the extension or

The HTC 10’s features get showcased in official videos

Now that HTC has officially revealed its next smartphone, the [HTC 10(/./htc-10), it has wasted no time in posting a series of official videos showing off the phone’s various features.

As posted on HTC’s YouTube channel, the videos begin with a longer clip, showing Chialin Chang, the company’s President, Smartphone and Connected Devices Business demoing the HTC 10. There’s also a sizzle reel for the phone, and the rest of the videos show long time  [Read More…]

Google is improving accessibility features in Android, Chromebooks and more

Google is making efforts to improve accessibility features in many of its products for users who have hearing, visual or other disabilities. It has posted an overall update on those efforts, which include new features for Android, Chromebooks and more.

Google’s blog says that the upcoming Android N will offer two specific accessibility features:

As part of this update we’re bringing Vision Settings—which lets people control settings like magnification, font size, display  [Read More…]

Remix OS 2.0 is now available for Nexus 9 and 10 tablets with PC features

Jide has announced that Remix OS 2.0 is now available for Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 tablets. What makes the ROMs with version 2.0 of the OS interesting for owners is the included multi-window support, which is slated to arrive on Android later this year. If you happen to be in the camp of those who simply cannot wait for said new feature, Remix OS 2.0 may well be your solution.

The OS is powered  [Read More…]

New Cortana features include tracking notifications across Android phones

During today’s Build 2016 keynote address, Microsoft showed off some upcoming features coming to the Cortana digital assistant. One of them will allow it to track notifications across devices, including from Android phones.

In addition to tracking notifications, Cortana will also be able to respond to SMS messages from PC to Android. Many more additional Cortana features will be added to Windows 10 as part of its upcoming Anniversary update that will be released by  [Read More…]

Snapchat 2.0 released with new chat tools and features

Snapchat this week rolled out a new, noticeable update to its service which gives users an improved way of chatting with friends. Labelled as a 2.0 release, it is available for both Android and iOS. You can start by sending a few chats, and when your friend shows up, start talking or video chatting instantly

LG UX 5.0 video gives us a look at all the new features coming to the G5

Ahead of the LG G5 launch on April 1, the South Korean manufacturer has posted a walkthrough video detailing all the custom features on offer with its latest software iteration, LG UX 5.0.

A feature making its debut in UX 5.0 is LG Friends Manager app, which makes it easier to connect and control the modules available for the phone, such as the CAM Plus, Hi-Fi Plus, and 360 CAM. You can also  [Read More…]