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Flickr update brings new features to keep your 1TB of photos organized

Recently, Yahoo owned Flickr announced they would be offering 1TB of data back-up for photos, for FREE.  That’s right, if you did not know, Flickr will store up to 1TB of photos for free.  1TB of photos can be up to 500,000 photos which is nearly impossible to organize if you have taken that many.  Not only is the photo storage free, but Flickr claims the photos will stay private which is probably the most important factor when choosing a  [Read More…]

Google Voice customers will lose features when switching to Google Fi

Google's Project Fi

Engadget has reported that Google’s upcoming cellular service, Fi, lacks Voice features, including calls, texting, and voicemail within Talk, Voice, and Obihai. However, these options are available currently in Hangouts, as long as you have them turned on, in addition to call forwarding and voicemail transcripts. It’s possible that these features will come to Fi in time.

That’s not all to the new service. AndroidCentral has made it clear  [Read More…]

Darkside features have come to the Orbotix Ollie app

An update to the Ollie controller app applies a fresh coat of paint and new features if you’re running the Darkside variant.

While most of the rolling robots made by Orbotix have a cute, harmless look to them, the Darkside version of their Ollie robot is all about attitude. The murdered-out design extends from the two sets of tires and glossy shell all the way out to the packaging, including a little card with glossy red  [Read More…]

Pebble talks day one features of the Pebble Time as it begins mass production

As the Pebble Time gears up for mass production, Pebble has provided an update on what features the device will ship with, as well as those that are planned for a later update.

In its update, Pebble provides some videos of the Pebble Time in action and notes that users will enjoy a new timeline interface, expanded app storage, a new sports app, and more when the device launches later this month.

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Accessibility features on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Smartphones are for everyone, and Samsung is doing its best to make its phones accessible.

Even though a majority of users will never touch the accessibility features on their new Galaxy S6 or any other phone they may get, for those who do need the features they’re hugely important. Those with limited mobility, eyesight or hearing can’t always use a phone to its full potential the way it’s set up out of the box, and Samsung  [Read More…]

LG’s latest video shows off more UX 4.0 features ahead of LG G4 launch

LG has released another video highlighting some of the features coming in its UX 4.0, the new user interface set to debut on the upcoming G4.

Among the features highlighted in the video are Ringtone ID and Quick Memo+, along with camera features like Quick Shot and the clumsily-worded Gesture Interval Shot.

Android Wear companion app update brings fresh design, a few neat features

While we all wait for the next OS update to hit our Android Wear watches, the companion app is getting a refresh.

The latest Android Wear app brings a solid design refresh and a few new features, but some of them will require you to wait for your Android Wear smartwatch to get the latest firmware update. On the design side, a new home page makes use of more Material Design with stronger shadows and depth,  [Read More…]

The 7th Guest is revamped with new graphics and features for its Android debut

The 7th Guest, the classic supernatural adventure game, is making its Android debut in a “remastered” edition with lots of new features and improved graphics.

The game was first released by developer Trilobyte back in 1993 for the PC exclusively on CD-ROMs, and was a massive hit at the time. In fact, it helped to boost the use of CD-ROM drives (remember those?) overall in PCs.

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for Android updated with improved editing features

Google has pushed out updates to Docs that brings the ability to accept or reject formatting changes that other users make from your Android device.

Google Docs users aren’t having all the fun, however, as Sheets and Slides have also picked up some options that let users tweak the layout of charts and objects.

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Instagram adds new features to its Android app

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Instagram has long been a staple in social media. While it may not be the largest, nor the most widely used, many people are slowly beginning to make the change over. It’s easy to see why though, as Instagram has done a great job in trying to stay current and offering new features. Back in December of last year, they introduced some new  [Read More…]