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Moto 360 update brings Smart Battery Saving, other features

Motorola continues to try to deliver a “timeless” timepiece with the Moto 360. A new update has struck with additional features like “Timely Time Checks” and “Mood Lighting”. You can view what this update entails below, or visit the Official Motorola Blog to read about what they have to say about their system update. Smart… Read more »

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Nexus 6 ROM port gives a closer look at Lollipop features and apps

Leaked firmware reveals new Gmail, Calendar and Messenger apps, along with a few surprises …

The most recent Android 5.0 developer preview gave is a pretty good idea of what to expect from Lollipop when it officially launches. But not every feature from the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 can be found in the current developer build, and what’s more the updated Material Design Google apps are also MIA.

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Android Wear version 4.4W.2 rolling out with subtle notification tweak, building blocks for future features

A new version of Android Wear, 4.4W.2, is rolling out to watches with some extremely subtle tweaks. The new update (software KNX01Q on our LG G Watch) honestly doesn’t seem to change much, but there are two user-facing features that are of note — the ability to “dismiss” the top notification from your watch face, and a new “Play Music” command. There are also a couple of back-end changes that hint at future features.

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Galaxy S5 Plus features a faster Snapdragon 805 CPU, retains FHD display

Samsung quietly launched the Galaxy S5 Plus — a faster variant of the standard Galaxy S5 with a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 CPU — in Singapore earlier this year (under the Galaxy S5 4G+ moniker), and now the device is now making its way to Netherlands. If you’re wondering, this isn’t the international version of the QHD display toting Galaxy S5 LTE-A, although the device features LTE Category 6 connectivity, which allows you to download at  [Read More…]

Droid Turbo manual confirms specs, reveals software features


We’ve been hearing things about a Droid Turbo device all the way back in August where some specs were leaked, and then a few weeks ago got another leak that contained photos. Well, if you were looking for some more solid confirmation, we might have it.

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Samsung 360 Services for Business to offer better mobile enterprise features

Samsung has sent over a press release announcing Samsung 360 Services for Business, which aims to offer large enterprise customers some better mobile features. The program is currently being tested by some companies in preparation for a global launch sometime in 2015.

Android Auto developer overview shows off UI features and more

In late June, Google officially introduced Android Auto, a new way for Android users to experience the platform while in an automobile. The platform is essentially an extension of their Android smartphone, with a specialized user interface designed for easy access to certain features on a large display. It’s scheduled to launch in late 2014, but the Android Developers blog has posted an overview of the features, showcasing some of what’s to come later this year.

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Accessibility features on the 2014 Moto X and Moto G

We continue our look at accessibility options on today’s latest phones with the 2014 editions of the Moto X and Moto G. Motorola’s phones, as we’ve been saying for the last year or so, mostly stick with the “stock” builds of Android, only adding some select features here and there. And the Moto X is going to have more of those than the more bare-bones Moto G.

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Inside the new Moto app, home to most of the cool Moto X features

All of your favorite features are back on the Moto X, this time housed in a single app

On one level, not too much has changed in the 2014, insofar as the software is concerned. You still have the hotword voice actions, you still have the peeking notifications, and Motorola Assist is still on board, with its bevy of cool features.

New with the 2014 Moto X is that they’ve all been moved under a single  [Read More…]

Accessibility features on the LG G3

LG’s additions to Android’s accessibility settings are notable and helpful

Modern smartphones, like the LG G3, are built for everyone in mind. That means folks who get up every morning, strap on their FitBit and go for a run, as well as those who just need a bit of help holding something small and slippery like a smartphone in their hands. We’re not all built the same or can perform the same functions, and a good  [Read More…]