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Googler tells us about his fave Android 4.0 features not covered in launch demo


Now that the Android 4.0 SDK is available, we’ll have tons of hackers tearing up the latest release searching for even more goodies hidden within the code. You could spend your time installing the emulator and playing with it yourself or you could just turn to Android engineer Dan Morrill for a quick cheat-sheet that he shared on Google+.

Here are some of Dan’s favorite new Android 4.0 features not covered  [Read More…]

A.I. type Keyboard out of beta with more features, still predicts like a psychic

ai type

Back in April we wrote about an innovative keyboard called A.I. type that really impressed us with its ability to predict text. It was in beta back then but has graduated recently with some exciting new features, including customization of the bottom row keys and improvements to the prediction engine.

If you’re not one of the 100,000 beta testers, A.I. type is a keyboard that specializes in contextual text prediction to make  [Read More…]

Le sigh: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 features page uses iPhone version of Google Maps

Galaxy Player 5.0

Seriously, Samsung, you’re really not doing yourselves any favors here. We ignored the story about the lawyer not able to tell the difference between a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2 from 10 feet away. We weren’t there, but we’ve been in enough dimly lit courtrooms in our day, and eyesight can be a bitch.

But there’s no excuse for someone’s graphics department — no doubt by some external company, but  [Read More…]

Facebook announces Timeline, other features; mobile version should be coming soon


If you haven’t completely moved to Google+, you’ve probably noticed all the changes Facebook has been working on lately. Feelings are mixed about these changes, but most people seem to dislike them. Well, we have one more addition to the repertoire, and this one actually seems to be a bit more exciting.

Facebook has just announced Timeline. This feature takes all your information since the creation of your Facebook account and organizes  [Read More…]

Reported 3.2 update for Sony Tablet S available, more new features coming soon

Android Central

Did you pick up a Sony Tablet S yet? The recently launched tablet came out of the blocks running Honeycomb 3.1, with a promise of an update to 3.2. Reportedly that promise has begun to come true today, with the 3.2 update becoming available for download.

Among the new features available, is support for Sony’s Video Unlimited store. This isn’t due for launch until October 10, with the Sony Entertainment  [Read More…]

Mint.com Personal Finance app updated with new features


Intuit’s popular personal finance app Mint has been updated with a few new features, along with some security enhancements. You can now add transactions from your device, as well as view your available and current balances for each of your accounts. Mint also now supports Google Maps to change the location of your transaction, and Google Places to find a merchant when adding a transaction.

Android Market  [Read More…]

16 new Google+ features; open sign ups, Mobile Hangouts

google plus

Google+ has been around for almost 3 months now. The Search Giant’s exciting new social network has been great since the beginning, but there are definitely features we’ve been asking for or complaining about. There’s always room for improvement, and the development team has been working hard on that. Today, Google announced 16 new features (upgrades 92-107) covering some of the main user requests.

Mobile Hangouts and open sign  [Read More…]

SugarSync Updates Android App with New Features

SugarSync announced an update to their Android application today which sees our favorite mobile platform adding new features. Chief among the improvements is Mobile Device Management for Android, a dead simple way to get files from your computer to your mobile device. Previously only available to iOS devices, this is another reason that SugarSync is becoming a very popular way to backup, access, sync and share media and files  [Read More…]

Foursquare gets a UI update, all while adding some new features


The latest Foursquare update is now rolling out if you haven’t already grabbed it by now. The update brings some UI enhancements along with it, making the app overall easier to navigate and make your way through. Check-In and venue pages got a bit of a facelift and images are now shown in-line on your friends tab, as well — you’ll find now showing has moved to the Places tab. Nothing too drastic  [Read More…]

This White iPad 2 KIRF Costs $93, Features MicroSD Card, Runs On Android 2.2

China is infamous for exporting many a fake electronic product. As Apple’s iDevices invariably generate the lion’s share of the media’s attention, so do the knock-offs which constantly spring up. You can generally find fake iPhones and iPods at a fraction of the price from the likes of eBay, most of which are poor replicas of the real deal. However every once in a while, a decent one pops up which raises a few eyebrows in the tech community.

The bootleggers have  [Read More…]