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Amazon Fire TV can now show live video feeds, but the lag remains

Live video from your connected cameras works on the Fire TV, but the experience still needs a lot of work.

Tucked amid all the new hardware announcements from Amazon this week was a little nugget about Amazon Fire TV. Specifically, that you can now view live video feeds from Alexa-enabled cameras. That’s the same sort of functionality we have on the Echo Show, of course. And as it turns out, it’s exactly the same functionality. Just on  [Read More…]

Android feeds my constant yearning for something better

Constant change is music for my soul. Android’s frenetic pace of change fuels that.

Grado’s SR125e, a newer version of the classic.

When I was a teenager, I bought headphones. As many internet-addled 15 year-olds do, I found gaming (Diablo 2) and I found forums, one of which was head-fi.org. It’s still running today — it’s great, you should go! — but back in the early 2000’s it was home to a few  [Read More…]

TuneIn Premium adds streaming play-by-play feeds for all NFL teams and more

Earlier this year, the TuneIn streaming audio service announced a new subscription tier, TuneIn Premium, offering more content for $ 7.99 a month. Now TuneIn Premium will add coverage of the National Football League in a multi-year agreement that will offer listeners access to live play-by-play feeds for all 32 NFL teams.

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