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Pixel 3 owners — Do you feel ripped off by the Pixel 3a?

There’s always something new around the corner.

The Pixel 3a has garnered a lot of attention in a short amount of time. And rightfully so. It offers one of the market’s best smartphone cameras, guaranteed software support, and good overall specs for $ 400.

In other words, you’re essentially getting about 80% of the Pixel 3 experience for half the cost.

That’s a fantastic value proposition to people in need of upgrading their old phone, but what  [Read More…]

Make your Chromebook feel like home with a new wallpaper

When using a Chromebook, you may notice that your desktop isn’t used in quite the same way as it is on a Windows or MacOS laptop. While other systems let you use the desktop as a dumping ground for all your documents and application shortcuts, Chrome has your desktop clean, clear, and used for only one thing: your wallpaper. As such, your wallpaper is more important than ever, and here’s how to set one you actually like on  [Read More…]

Question of the Week: How do you feel about the T-Mobile and Sprint merger?

T-mobile and Sprint have agreed on a merger and will become one, giant wireless carrier. It means one less player in the space, but it also means we get another major provider to compete with Verizon and AT&T. We want to know: what do you think of the deal?

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The Note 8 made me feel better about my terrible painting skills

The Note 8’s Coloring app is one of the best reasons to use the improved S Pen.

Back in college, I was working as a bank teller between classes and needed an outlet. I didn’t want to drink more than I already did, and I already spent too much time reading books I didn’t enjoy to enjoy the ones I wanted to read, so I decided to do something else: paint.

I embraced my inner artist and  [Read More…]

Lofelt Basslet review: An expensive and fun way to feel the music

The stylish little subwoofer works impeccably in its small form, but its price point is a bit prohibitive.

Years ago, Madonna sang that it’s music that makes the people come together. But what if you don’t want to get together with other people? What if you’d rather just immerse yourself in a dance party of one?

If you have $ 200 to spend, you can buy yourself the Lofelt Basslet. It’s a seriously cool, stylish black band  [Read More…]

6 apps to completely overhaul your Android’s look and feel

Have an Android phone that could use some freshening up? There’s nothing wrong with the performance, but you’ve just gotten a little bit tired of how it looks and feels. Fear not, one of the best things about the platform is that it allows for all sorts of customization. In fact, it has been one […]

Samsung is trying to sell a Galaxy Note 3 on Black Friday and it should feel ashamed

There are bad deals, and then there are sales that show a disrespect for your customers.

Samsung’s online Black Friday deals kick off on November 20, and it’s always great to get an early look at what products will be available — and at what price — before the sales go live. As is often the case with these kinds of sales there are a couple of great deals out there, surrounded by lots of so-so  [Read More…]

Kodak launches the Ektra – an Android smartphone with analog camera feel

Kodak, the company that became popular thanks to its line of Polaroid instant cameras, has been trying to enter the Android smartphone market, for a few years now. The photography equipment maker unveiled its first smartphone at CES 2015. The device, named IM5 bundled a pretty mediocre set of specs, so ended up mostly being

Posh Optima LTE L530 review: A budget device with a premium feel

Posh Mobile is a relatively new player to the mobile phone scene. Posh released its first devices in 2013 and has grown its portfolio to include over 20 GSM unlocked Android-based phones and tablets. In a crowded market filled with hundreds if not thousands of budget friendly devices, Posh sets out to be different from

Three easy steps to make your Note 7 look and feel like a Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive cellular devices ever manufactured. Some would argue it’s the best ever. The Note 7 is now waterproof and has expandable storage! It seems that Samsung really has been listening to its fans after all. We’re even beginning to see some changes in the