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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will finally go on sale in the U.S. on September 27

You will be able to get the Galaxy Fold in either Cosmos Black or Space Silver color.

What you need to know Samsung will begin selling the Galaxy Fold in the U.S. on September 27. Consumers in the U.S. will be able to purchase the foldable smartphone from Samsung, AT&T, or Best Buy for $ 1,980. The foldable smartphone has been on sale in South Korea since September 6.

Samsung today finally confirmed the Galaxy Fold’s U.S.  [Read More…]

Apple Music is finally a Spotify competitor for Android users

Spotify Premium

Algorithmic powerhouse

$ 10/mo at Spotify

Pros Great selection Better sound quality than Apple Music Best-in-class playback handoff between devices Best streaming bundle for students Cons 10,000 song library limit is easy to hit No cloud integration for purchased or uploaded music Inferior support experience, especially on Android

Spotify is great for social listeners that don’t buy music and trust Spotify to serve up what’s popular or what the algorithms say they like. Spotify  [Read More…]

Alexa finally gains Hindi support in India

You can now talk to Alexa in Hindi, and the digital assistant will respond back in the same language.

What you need to know Alexa is now rolling out Hindi for Alexa. You’ll be able to switch languages on the fly, and the update is going live later today. It’s the same voice that you get with the English India variant of Alexa.

Amazon has introduced Alexa in India two years ago, and while the digital assistant  [Read More…]

Google app and Google Assistant dark mode finally begins rolling out

This is the second time that Google is rolling out a dark theme for the Google app.

What you need to know The dark theme for the Google app and Google Assistant has started rolling out. Google is enabling the dark theme for select users via a server-side update currently, so it will take some time for it to become widely available. Google Podcasts hasn’t been updated with the dark theme yet.

The long-awaited dark mode for  [Read More…]

Google is finally rolling out a dark mode for the Play Store

It may take a while before the Play Store dark mode is rolled out to everyone.

What you need to know Google has finally started rolling out a dark theme for the Play Store. Similar to the new dark theme for Gmail, Play Store’s dark theme is a dark grey. For now, the Play Store dark theme appears to be rolling out only to a small number of users via a server-side test.

Google finally began rolling  [Read More…]

Dark theme is finally rolling out to Gmail for Android

A server-side update to Gmail for Android is enabling dark mode.

What you need to know Google is rolling out dark theme in Gmail for Android via a server-side update. You’ll be able to choose between three options: Light, Dark, and System default. The update may not be available for everyone just yet.

Google teased a dark theme for Gmail on the Android 10 site, and the update is now rolling out. As noted by several users  [Read More…]

Google Maps finally gets a Street View layer on Android

The Street View layer on Google Maps is now widely available for Android users.

What you need to know The Google Maps Android app now offers a “Street View” layer. To enter Street View mode, you will need to tap on the map layers FAB on the top-right corner. Once you apply the Street View layer, areas where Street View is available will be highlighted in a darker shade.

Google rolled out AR directions for both Android  [Read More…]

The Nest Hello doorbell upgraded with package tracking — finally!

The Nest Hello is probably my most-used piece of smart home tech. It works as a security camera, an intercom and, alongside my Nest x Yale door lock, a way to let people into my house when I’m not there. It’s great.

But like many smart doorbells, it can’t do anything about packages left at the door — a practice that, with drivers from Amazon, UPS, FedEx and other delivery companies increasingly pressed for time during busy shifts,  [Read More…]

Mario Kart Tour finally gets a release date

Pre-register for a mobile version of the game that ruined your last friendship.

What you need to know Mario Kart Tour will hit iOS and Android devices on Sept. 25. The game will allow players to experience a version of Mario Kart on different maps inspired by real-world locations. Pre-registration is now available on the iOS app store and the Google Play Store

Soon you’ll be able to play Mario Kart, or a version of it, on  [Read More…]

Google Photos is finally getting face grouping across Europe

Face grouping will automatically sort photos of friends and family into an album for you.

What you need to know Google Photos is rolling out face grouping to users in Europe. Face grouping will create albums automatically for you by scanning and identifying the faces in them. If you don’t like Google scanning faces in your photos, the feature can be disabled in the settings.

Google Photos is one of Google’s most successful apps, and for good  [Read More…]