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Fingerprint and facial recognition breach leaks records of 1 million people

The Biostar 2 system is used by governments, banks, and the UK police.

What you need to know Two Israeli security researchers discovered an unencrypted Biostar 2 database with 23GB worth of data Included in the data were fingerprints, facial scans, usernames, passwords, and other personal information of over 1 million people. The vulnerability has now been closed and the company is doing an in-depth evaluation of the information.

Last week, Israeli security researchers Noam Rotem and  [Read More…]

It looks like Google killed the fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 4

The dawn of new tech means bidding farewell to old features.

Google’s strategy with the Pixel 4 leading up to its release has been one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen in this industry. In June, the company shared an official render of the phone months before its expected release. Then, on July 29, Google shared a teaser video confirming what’ll likely be the Pixel 4’s biggest selling point — Motion Sense.

Motion Sense is  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7 Pro fingerprint sensor problems? Here’s how to fix it

The OnePlus 7 Pro’s in-display fingerprint sensor is a massive upgrade over the first-generation unit in the OnePlus 6T. It’s over one-third larger, and regularly faster to register your fingerprint no matter the situation. It’s so good that it’s faster than the Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor as well. It’s still not as fast or consistent as a capacitive sensor, though — but we have a few tips and tricks that can help get it as close as  [Read More…]

The S10’s fingerprint reader got fooled by a 3D printer but don’t panic

You can “fool” anything as long as you’re using it as intended while you try.

Someone tricked the Galaxy S10’s in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor with a 3D-printed fingerprint. Only, not really.

A lock wants a key. It doesn’t care where that key comes from.

A person who is adept at the right software was able to take a photograph of his fingerprint on a wine glass and recreate it in three dimensions using a 3D printer, then  [Read More…]

Galaxy S10’s in-display sensor was fooled by a 3D printed fingerprint

The Galaxy S10 has a newer ultrasonic in-display sensor, but it still isn’t foolproof.

The Galaxy S10 is the first Samsung phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and unlike the optical modules we’ve seen before, Samsung went with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic sensor. In theory, the ultrasonic sensor is meant to be faster and more secure than an optical module as it relies on ultrasonic waves to create a 3D map of your fingerprint, but that has proved otherwise.  [Read More…]

Opinion: In-screen fingerprint scanners are an unnecessary step back

A new trend is hitting smartphones and I’m not sure I care for it. Much like the elimination of the 3.5mm jack a few years ago, smartphone makers are starting to adopt in-screen fingerprint scanners and do away with the physical capacitive scanners found on most phones. I’m all for innovation, but the subtraction of something shouldn’t be removed bothers me.

It’s an unnecessary step back for tech that doesn’t offer any functionality past aesthetics. In-screen options do offer OEMs  [Read More…]

In-screen fingerprint sensors are bad and need to go away

This is the worst thing about phones in 2019.

I got my hands on the Galaxy S10 about a week ago, and so far I’ve been loving every minute of using the phone. Well, almost every minute of it.

The Galaxy S10 is one heck of a smartphone and easily one of the best you can buy right now, but it has a feature that’s been causing me endless headaches — the in-screen fingerprint sensor. This is  [Read More…]

Optical versus ultrasonic: The difference between in-display fingerprint scanners

When it comes to securing your phone using biometrics, we currently have several different options. Face ID, iris scanning, and fingerprint scanning are among some of the most common. with fingerprint scanning the most widely used. Recently, we’ve seen it move from physical buttons and readers to below the glass.

Currently, there are two different technologies used to scan your fingerprint through the display. One, an optical scanner, uses light and the other, ultrasonic, uses inaudible sound waves. While these  [Read More…]

What is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and why do you want it?

Best answer: An ultrasonic fingerprint sensor works by bouncing a sonic pulse wave off of your fingertip to create a three-dimensional image. It’s much more secure than optical in-display sensors and will work even if your fingers are greasy, dirty, or wet.

Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10 ($ 900) Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10+ ($ 1000) Sonic sound pressure waves give ultrasonic sensors an edge over optical ones

Modern smartphones have shed the bezels for the most part, and  [Read More…]