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Mastercard introduces a credit card with a built-in fingerprint reader

Mastercard’s latest credit card comes with a biometric zone that stores your fingerprints.

Mastercard has rolled out a credit card that has an integrated fingerprint scanner, making it easier to authenticate purchases at retail stores. The card stores two fingerprints, and features an embedded sensor that lets you authorize payments instead of having to sign or use a PIN.

To get started, you’ll have to register your fingerprints at your bank, after which the information will  [Read More…]

How to set up the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8

Set it up so that all you have to do is touch the back sensor to unlock the phone.

So what if the iris scanning and facial recognition unlocking capabilities on the Galaxy S8 are too futuristic for you? It’s okay to do things the old fashioned way — or rather, to stick to a way of doing things that have just become routine for you. Like scanning in your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone.

The Galaxy  [Read More…]

Android 7.1.2 renders the fingerprint sensor unusable for many Pixel, Nexus users

Earlier this month Google unleashed the Android 7.1.2 update for Pixel and Nexus devices. However, it seems that the new build brought about an unanticipated side effect – it broke fingerprint sensor functionality. Like it often happens when these bugs appear, Nexus and Pixel users have flocked to the Google product forums in order to […]

The Moto Z2 Force looks like a Moto Z with two cameras and a sensible fingerprint sensor

We’re getting our first look at the new Moto Z design, and it looks a lot like last year’s model.

Motorola is readying its follow-ups to the unique Moto Z and Moto Z Force, which were announced last summer. We’ve already seen hints of the branding, suggesting that the sequels will be predictably assigned Moto Z2 and Z2 Force, and now we’re seeing the first press render, if Slashleaks is to be believed.

What lends credence to  [Read More…]

Here’s why I’m OK with the Galaxy S8’s rear fingerprint sensor

Let’s celebrate this one good decision by Samsung.

The Galaxy S8 has been pretty unanimously well received by staunch loyalists and critics alike; it appears that Samsung did most everything right this time around, both in making its flagship feel like a sizeable upgrade and a natural evolution.

This is the fingerprint sensor swipe of the Gods.

But some shade has been thrown at Samsung over the placement of the fingerprint sensor: because the Infinity Display necessitated  [Read More…]

Nexus 6P finally gets fingerprint scanner gesture with Android 7.1.2 beta 2 update

Back in January, we told you Google unleashed the Android 7.1.2 Nougat beta build for a select number of devices including the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Nexus C. Surprisingly enough the Nexus 6P was left out of the loop. The new build brought about the extensively requested fingerprint swipe gesture that […]

How to set up the fingerprint sensor on the LG G6

Set it up so that all you have to do is touch the sensor to unlock your phone.

I’ve been spoiled by rear-facing fingerprint sensors these past few years. They’re easier for my smaller hands to access and the mechanism itself just feels quicker than placing a thumb on the front side of the device. The LG G6 features its own rear-facing fingerprint sensor, too, and once you register a print, you can use it to lock  [Read More…]

On-Screen fingerprint scanning won’t be coming to the Galaxy S8

Development of on-screen scanning wasn’t complete in time for this year’s launch according, to industry experts in Korea.

The Korea Herald tells us that Samsung won’t be able to include fingerprint scanning through the display on the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 plus. According to their industry partners, Samsung and Synaptics simply ran out of time. This comes as no surprise, since we’ve seen numerous photos of the phones that clearly show a scanner on the back.

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This is why Sony phones in the U.S. don’t have fingerprint sensors

This has crossed into ‘ridiculous’ territory — but we now have a better idea of why.

Another year, another Sony phone launching in the U.S. without a fingerprint sensor — despite the exact same model packing the biometric authentication process everywhere else in the world. With the announcement of the Xperia XZ Premium and XZs, Sony once again has a couple of enticing phones. And even though it seems to have made good strides in terms of  [Read More…]

Watch Bluboo Dual fingerprint sensor control music, video, and more

Fingerprint sensors are fast becoming a standard in Android phones, thanks largely to the native support in 6.0 Marshmallow. While many associate the tech with security for logging in or making purchases, a fingerprint reader can be used for other features, too. That is, of course, if the phone and its software are set up […]