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Never get lost in the dark with SureFire’s $38 G2X tough LED flashlight

This sale was a bright idea.

The SureFire G2X tough Nitrolon LED flashlight is down to $ 37.79 on Amazon. This flashlight usually sells for around $ 55, and today is the best deal we have ever seen on it. This even beats last year’s holiday sale when it dropped to just $ 42.

The deal is part of a larger sale on Amazon good for today only. You’ll find a bunch of other outdoor gear but  [Read More…]

Grab Anker’s pocket-sized LED flashlight for $8

Stash one of these anywhere you might need some light.

Anker’s Bolder LC40 LED flashlight drops to just $ 7.99 at Amazon when you enter promo code 24WL5MJO at checkout. That code discounts the flashlight’s price by $ 5.

We haven’t seen a deal on Anker’s powerful-but-small LC40 flashlights since mid-December. This price matches that one. If you missed it the last time, you can get a couple of these flashlights for use around the house, while camping, or  [Read More…]

Never be without light again thanks to this rechargeable extremely bright $10 flashlight

Flashlights are something that everyone should have at least one of in their home or with them while out camping, but many of us forget to buy them or check if the ones we have even work. There are few things worse than needing a flashlight only to find out that the one you have is dead or broken.

Right now you can pick up OxyLED’s super bright LED flashlight bundle for $ 10 at Amazon with coupon code OXMD50PL,  [Read More…]

Get this powerful, military-grade flashlight for only $20!

What’s your plan for when the lights go out? Sure, you could use the flashlight built into your phone, but wasting valuable battery life on a flashlight is risky when you can’t charge your phone and need to conserve power. Perhaps you’re an avid camper or hiker. When night falls, you don’t want to use your fragile smartphone to navigate through the darkness, do you?

Get this military-grade flashlight for only $ 20! Learn more

In a camping  [Read More…]

Sasha Morse Flashlight: A handy flashlight app with some new tricks

Overview: Sasha Morse Flashlight is a flashlight app with a built-in Morse Code generator and guide, to help you learn to read and write, as well as send messages automatically, in Morse Code. Developer: Sasha Lab Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions: Sasha Morse FLashlight is a pretty standard flashlight app. It has the same switch

Where’s the Flashlight app on the HTC One M9?

One of the most-used applications on any smartphone isn’t where it used to be. But, yes, the flashlight lives.

If you’ve noticed something missing from the app drawer on the new HTC One M9 thus far, you’re not alone. And it’s one of those apps that you might well not see is missing until you absolutely need it. So where’s the M9 flashlight?

  [Read More…]

Where’s the flashlight app on the Galaxy S6?

A dedicated “flashlight” app is gone on the Galaxy S6, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to access that function on your phone.

Our phones are most often the easiest way to quickly deploy a flashlight in dark situations, and the Galaxy S6 will let you quickly light up its camera flash to provide that with a simple tap. Rather than use a dedicated flashlight app or a key command, you can use a quick  [Read More…]

Android finally has a universal native flashlight function

Using the flash on your phone as a light source is something people have been doing for years, but the method used to activate your camera LED as a flashlight varies wildly depending on what phone you are using. As manufacturers start to release their own versions of Android 5.0, it has become clear that actually locating your flashlight for regular use is still going to be a guessing game from device to device. While you  [Read More…]

Power Button Flashlight: Review

One feature that has become more and more prominent on smartphones is being able to use the device’s LED flash for a flashlight or torch. Flashlights are becoming more and more standard on smartphones, but it is difficult to access them most of the time; some devices don’t even have an option for a flashlight or some have them hidden as a widget.

That is where third-party apps come in. Power Button Flashlight makes it very easy to access  [Read More…]

How to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 as a flashlight

We’ve all been there. We’ve all at some point in our lives needed a flashlight and we’ve only got our phone in our pocket. There have been flashlight apps for as long as there have been flashes on phone cameras but fortunately on the Samsung Galaxy S5 they’re completely unnecessary.