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Customize your Android with one of these six highly flexible apps

Have an Android phone that could use some freshening up? There’s nothing wrong with the performance, but you’ve just gotten a little bit tired of how it looks and feels. Fear not, one of the best things about the platform is that it allows for all sorts of customization. In fact, it has been one of our favorite things about Android since launch. Let’s customize your Android.

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This flexible car mount fits in your cup holder and is just $12.99 right now

You’ve seen car mounts for dashboards, windshields, and air vents… but have you seen one for cup holders? Well, now you have. Meet the U-Grip Cup Holder Car Mount. This flexible unit works for phones and tablets and lets you keep the apps you need within sight without actually using your hands.

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Luminoodle is a Flexible, Thin Light that You Can Use Virtually Anywhere

Spend less time setting up lighting and more time getting work done with the Luminoodle Task!

It seems like you never have the right lighting right where you need it. How often have you found yourself propping up your phone with the flashlight on, or using some other makeshift solution to give you lighting when you’re fixing something in a dark corner of your home, working outside at night, or in your dimly lit workshop?

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Droplr offers simple and flexible file sharing and collaboration; 4 years is just $39.99

Just about every professional or office job requires file sharing and collaboration in a daily basis. Moreover, we find something similar in the household as multiple members of a family try to coordinate and share. We’re all familiar with Dropbox, but it’s not a perfect system. What happens when the person sharing files with you […]

Hard Disk Manager 15: Powerful backup and flexible recovery for your PC, just $24.99

How often are you backing up the data on your PC? Chances are good that some of you are doing it semi-regularly. Sadly, we bet a larger portion of you don’t do it very often at all. Heck, we bet there are some of you who don’t even do it, thinking, “Nah, I’m okay.” You […]

Add a flexible glass screen protector to your Note 5 for just $15 today

If you’re still rocking a Galaxy Note 5 and want to protect the screen, the Seidio Vitreo flex hybrid glass protector is one of the best options. The flexible glass makes it easy to install, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 15.

Samsung expects AI and flexible displays to drive smartphone growth in 2017

Samsung made over $ 45 billion in revenue last quarter, and that was without the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung’s mobile division, despite the ignominious death of the Galaxy Note 7, performed well enough in the fourth quarter to buoy the company’s results to its best in over three years.

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Save big on the ARMOR-X flexible phone tripod and remote

Take pictures from time to time? I’m sure you do just like all of us with pictures of food, cats, dogs, flowers, scenery and everything else under the sun. Sometimes getting the perfect picture is hard to do with unsteady hands. Today’s AndroidGuys deal of the day is the ARMOR-X mini flexible tripod that helps

Alleged Xiaomi flexible smartphone display smiles for the camera

The tech industry has been fantasizing about foldable displays for a really long time. LG’s G Flex and G Flex 2 came a step closer to fulfilling this craving, but these handsets are still far from offering true display flexibility. Lenovo also showcased a bendable design concept during IFA 2016 in Berlin and a few

LG Display will soon start making flexible OLED light panels

LG Display is investing in an OLED light panel manufacturing facility as the panel maker looks to new revenue sources beyond the television and mobile segments. The plant will mark LG’s foray into the general lighting market, with the vendor looking to focus on flexible OLED light panels.

The initial focus for the factory will be to produce lighting for high-end commercial stores, following which LG will turn its attention toward the consumer market:

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