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Free Flickr accounts will be limited to 1,000 photos and videos next year

There are also more perks coming to Flickr Pro.

For years now, Flickr has been the go-to destination for people that want to share their photography skills with like-minded individuals. Today, the company announced a few big changes in an effort to make sure Flickr is around to thrive for many more years to come.

The biggest announcement is that people that use Flickr for free will be limited to just 1,000 photos and videos starting on  [Read More…]

Flickr has been purchased by photo-sharing service SmugMug

Flickr has been purchased by photo-sharing service SmugMug.

According to a new report from USA Today, Flickr has been purchased by photo-sharing service SmugMug. The company says it plans to “[breath] new life” into Flickr by pouring in the necessary resources and focus.

For what it’s worth, SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill sure seems bullish about the service:

Flickr is an amazing community, full of some of the world’s most passionate photographers. It’s a fantastic product and a  [Read More…]

How to move your Flickr pictures to Google Photos

Google Photos is a great new system, but you need to get your existing photos up there somehow.

If Flickr has been your photo system of choice — and we wouldn’t blame you with 1TB of free storage — up to this point, then you’ll have to download all of your photos from there in order to get your Google Photos library started. Unlike Dropbox there’s no way to automatically download your Flickr photos to your  [Read More…]

Flickr update brings new features to keep your 1TB of photos organized

Recently, Yahoo owned Flickr announced they would be offering 1TB of data back-up for photos, for FREE.  That’s right, if you did not know, Flickr will store up to 1TB of photos for free.  1TB of photos can be up to 500,000 photos which is nearly impossible to organize if you have taken that many.  Not only is the photo storage free, but Flickr claims the photos will stay private which is probably the most important factor when choosing a  [Read More…]

Flickr has made it easier to upload, organize, and edit your photos

Yahoo has updated Flickr, both for Android and on the web, adding auto-uploads for all photos and videos on your device, a new timeline view, and more.

Flickr can now automatically upload all of the photos and videos you’ve taken on your device.

Flickr for Android review

Flickr has been in the photo game for a looooooong time, and as you might expect, their Android app is very well done, even in a world rife with picture-sharing options.

At its core, Flickr lets you see all of your pictures uploaded to their service and see what your friends are posting. You can dive into detailed information on each photo, such as aperture, shutter speed, camera and lens model, category tags, license information, and  [Read More…]

Flickr 3.0 debuts with new look, filters, and more


Flickr on Thursday rolled out a new version of its Android and iOS applications. Redesigned with a new UI and Instragram-inspired features, the app lets users take and share pictures as well as videos (up to 30 seconds). What’s more, the app provides editing tools like crop, rotate, exposure, and colors. Those who like to dig deeper into metadata can also do so with the mobile  [Read More…]

Skifta Adds Flickr and Photobucket Channels to Library

The Skifta team announced on their blog yesterday that they’ve added a couple of new channels to their Skifta library which should appeal to you photography types. Available immediately, the Flickr and Photobucket channels make it easy to access your photos across DLNA and UPnP TVs and join the likes of other channels that include Napster, Picasa, Facebook Photos, TED Talks, and more. For those not hip  [Read More…]

Flickr Android app finally falls into Android Market



Someone at flickr must have gotten the memo that Android is quite popular with the young folks. After 2 years of promoting its iPhone app and doing absolutely nothing for the once-ignored mobile operating system, the official flickr Android app is finally official.

There’s a small silver lining to the neglect – Flickr for Android actually has features not  [Read More…]