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PlayStation will continue to focus on “big, specatular experiences”

PlayStation fans can look forward to more big games.

What you need to know Hermen Hulst was previously the managing director of Guerrilla Games. Recently, Hulst was promoted to Head of Sony Worldwide Studios. In a recent interview, Hulst mentioned that PlayStation will continue to focus on “big, spectacular experiences.”

A few weeks ago, a change-up at Sony saw Hermen Hulst, the managing director of Guerrilla Games, promoted to Head of Sony Worldwide Studios. In an interview  [Read More…]

Google Camera may soon focus on people you often take pictures of

Face data will be saved locally on the device.

What you need to know Frequent Faces is a new feature for the Google Camera which would recognize and focus on people you take photos of frequently. Face data will be saved locally on the device, will not be shared with other apps, and will be deleted if you disable the feature. It’s possible the feature could debut along with the Pixel 4 smartphones at the Made by  [Read More…]

Kik Messenger is shutting down to focus on its Kin cryptocurrency

All focus will be on Kin and the company’s current legal battle with the SEC.

What you need to know Kik Interactive founder, Ted Livingston, has announced that Kik will be shutting down. The messaging app is being shut down so the company has money for a legal battle with the SEC over its Kin cryptocurrency. There is no official date on when the shutdown will occur.

In a blog post on Medium, Kik Interactive founder, Ted  [Read More…]

Group apps for different Focus mode schedules in ActionDash 5.0

New feature automatically kicks you to the home screen after your screen is off for a set time period.

What you need to know ActionDash 5.0 brings app groups and all-day modes to Focus mode. New Fresh Start feature hopes to end you returning to distracting apps when waking your phone up. App groups for Focus mode finally allow you to easily block different types of apps during different times of day.

ActionDash has been on a  [Read More…]

How to use Digital Wellbeing Focus Mode on Android 10

Digital Wellbeing offers a great set of tools to curb phone addiction, and Google is rolling out a new feature in Android 10 called Focus mode. You’ll be able to select the apps that usually cause a distraction, and enabling Focus mode effectively pauses them for the entire duration the mode is active. That means you won’t get any notifications, and won’t be able to use those specific apps.

How to enable Focus mode in Android 10

Focus  [Read More…]

How to get Android 10’s Focus Mode for your phone now

Android Q, or Android 10 as it will be officially known, is right around the corner. Google’s next-gen platform is about ready to make its debut in the coming months as part of the Pixel 4 experience.

With Android 10 there figures to be quite a few handy features and options available to users. Key among them is a new option known as ‘Focus Mode’, a setting that essentially turns off all distractions.

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Digital Wellbeing gets ‘Focus mode’ in latest update to keep you on task

Available now with the latest Digital Wellbeing beta update.

What you need to know The latest Digital Wellbeing beta update now includes Focus mode. When enabled, it locks you out from using specified apps. You can add a Quick Settings toggle for easy access to it.

Google’s Digital Wellbeing suite of tools can be genuinely helpful for monitoring your phone usage to develop a healthier relationship with it, and as part of the 1.0.263 beta update that’s  [Read More…]

Focus mode schedules come to ActionDash and I’m begrudgingly thankful

What you need to know ActionDash 4.0 is pushing out on the Google Play Store. This update brings Schedules to Focus mode, turning it on at set times during your day. You can automatically backup your ActionDash data to Google Drive. Action Launcher v43 integration also let you see when your schedule is set to end or app time limits from the long-press menu on an app.

Digital Wellbeing was supposed to be a game-changing way to keep  [Read More…]

Why wait for Q? ActionDash 3.0 brings Focus mode and app limits

Easily monitor your phone usage throughout the day with the new Usage Assistant notification.

What you need to know ActionDash 3.0 is pushing out today. The update includes Focus mode, app time limits and Usage Assistant. Usage Assistant is a persistent notification to help show usage details as you use your phone.

ActionDash, by Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy, is Digital Wellbeing for the rest of us who don’t have a Android Pie device with it. Since  [Read More…]

Google launches Change the Game Design Challenge with focus on female developers

Google has done a great job over the years of investing in encouraging the next generation to embrace technology as a field of study. The company often hosts code challenges and classroom settings for youngsters to learn to code.

It continues that trend with launching the Second annual Change the Game Design Challenge for hoping to inspire teens to build the next great game for Google Play.  Google has taken a step further this year by focusing on female developers with a  [Read More…]