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A Gmail bug is preventing users from emptying their spam and trash folders

Google is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

What you need to know Your email might be a bit messier than usual today. The Gmail app on Android is no longer showing the option to clean the spam and trash folders in their entirety. Google has said this is a bug and will hopefully fix the problem soon.

The Gmail app on Android is acting up a bit, as reported by the folks  [Read More…]

OnePlus working on app drawer folders, step counter, and more for OxygenOS

The long-awaited ultra-wide video recording for the OnePlus 7 Pro is also in the works.

What you need to know OnePlus is working on adding several new community requested features to Oxygen OS. These include blocking calls and messages, video recording with the ultra-wide camera, improvements to the launcher, and more. OnePlus asks that users continue submitting feature requests to help make its phones even better.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of our favorite phones of  [Read More…]

Using folders on your home screen and how to make the most of them

Folders are kinda like TARDISes.

They’re bigger on the inside, have a lot of cool toys hidden inside, and are easily disguised and overlooked. Folders are by no means a new concept for launchers, but they come with no small amount of stigma, especially when it comes to their looks. Thankfully, there are a few tricks for both using them and theming them that might help you learn to bite the bullet and fill up some folders.

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Nova Launcher’s latest customization tweaks include Android N-style folders, night mode

Nova Launcher, one of the more popular choices when it comes to launcher replacements, has received an update that brings a couple of interesting new customization options. For those who find the new app folder style in Android N attractive, Nova Launcher will now let you change the look of your folders to match. The update also includes a new “night mode” option that darkens the settings, app drawer and search bar to help prevent late-night eye  [Read More…]

Google Drive for Mac and PC now lets you choose which folders to sync locally

Selective syncing is now available for Google Drive on Mac and PC, allowing users to save space by choosing what folders they’d like to sync locally.

With the change, users can head into the “Sync Options” portion of the Preferences menu and either choose to sync everything, or only select folders. If you choose the latter, you can then select the specific folders and sub-folders you’d like to keep synced. If you deselect a folder, the  [Read More…]

Using folders on your home screen and how to make the most of them

Not every home screen has to be a grid of individual icons.

When building your home screen and getting things laid out the way you want, we tend to talk about widgets and wallpapers and icon packs. That overlooks a simple but powerful tool when it comes to organizing our apps: folders. Folders are by no means a new concept for launchers, but they come with no small amount of stigma, especially when it comes to  [Read More…]

Apple Music beta gains support for Sonos, iTunes playlist folders and more

The Apple Music beta for Android has gained some new features, including support for Sonos and playlist folders that are created in iTunes. Apple Music is set to make its way to Sonos in beta form on December 15, so this likely lays the groundwork for that compatibility.

How to remove the smart folders from the HTC One M9 home screen

You can kill the “Downloads” and “Suggestions” folders without losing the entire Sense Home Widget. Here’s how.

One of the bigger changes in Sense 7 and the HTC One M9 is on the home screen. You now have this 4-by-2 “Sense Home Widget” that does a couple things. First and foremost is that it tries to predict which apps you’re using at home, at work and when you’re on the go. It takes a look at  [Read More…]

Chrome OS updated with launcher folders, improved window controls, and more

We love it when a Chrome OS update brings some new features and UI changes. The under-the-hood fixes are always appreciated, but you often don’t get that fuzzy update feeling unless there are changes you can see. Lucky for us, the 35.0.1916.116 update brings a couple great new features to the UI — folders in the launcher, and the return of the minimize button. Hooray!

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Photo Days Gallery groups your photos according to date instead of folders [App Reviews]

The prevailing way to organize photos in most Android apps is to group them according to folder. For people who want their images organized according to a specific timeline, Photo Days Gallery is worth a look. Abandoning the folder-centric view, Photos Days Gallery groups pictures based on the day, month, or year that the image was created.

Photo Days Gallery is not always ideal.  [Read More…]