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That was sarcasm, folks [#acpodcast]

The reviews for the Galaxy S10 series phones are in, but Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Jerry Hildenbrand still have thoughts and feelings. For one thing, the value proposition of S10e muscles out the middle child S10. Further, Samsung wins at pretty much everything — except the camera.

The team also share details on the Android Q public beta. It’s available now for Pixel phones and they highlight some of the cool new features.

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The folks behind Pornhub just created their own VPN called VPNhub

You can download the Android app for free right now.

We live in a very strange world. Some people her an audio clip saying “Yanny” when it clearly says “Laurel”, Elon Musk made a flamethrower and then let people buy it, and now Pornhub created its own VPN. Welcome to 2018, everyone.

Called “VPNhub”, Pornhub’s VPN actually sounds kind of great. You can download the Android or iOS app right now and the service is free to  [Read More…]

Sorry folks, no budget Pixel 2 is coming this year

In January the first information related to the upcoming Pixel 2 surfaced online. We were told the successor of Google’s 2016 flagship phone will probably be waterproof and might come in a more affordable variant as well – something which probably got Nexus nostalgics quite excited. While this information apparently came from a “reliable source”, […]

Sorry folks, Verizon 128GB Pixels XLs ordered in November will ship in March

Remember we told you the 128GB Pixel XL was in high demand at Verizon? The carrier started sales of the Pixel in October 2016, but those who ordered the beefier Pixel XL model were notified their phone might not arrive until early 2017. Well it appears Verizon is still having a hard time keeping up

360-degree sci-fi thriller from the folks behind Star Trek coming to Android on August 3

Roddenberry Entertainment, the media group started by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, is gearing up to release a new 360-degree interactive film on mobile devices. Called “White Room: 02B3,” the film will be released as an app and targeted specifically for use with VR headsets like Google Cardboard.

A few thoughts on Apple Watch from folks who have actually used smartwatches

We’ve been using smartwatches for a while now. Android Wear since summer 2014. Pebble before that. Samsung’s own Gear line. Various other iterations here and there. And so it’s been fun to watch (sorry) our pals at iMore as the days have ticked by (sorry again) as they gear up (OK we’ll stop now) for the release of the Apple Watch. There’s now a launch date — April 24, with preorders on April 10. But there still  [Read More…]

CES 2015 favorites from the folks back home

CES favorites from the folks not buried in CES

You’ve probably noticed that over 9000 people from Mobile Nations — including our own Phil, Alex, Andrew, Russell and Justin — are on the ground at CES 2015 looking at all the things. Phones, tablets, TVs and almost anything else you can think of that run Android or work together with Android have invaded Las Vegas, and we need an army to see it  [Read More…]

Sandra Bullock’s ‘Gravity’ floats onto some folks’ phones for free

If you’ve been always meaning to watch the Oscar-winning “Gravity” but just never got around to it — or if you just weren’t in a rush to spend money on wonky acts of physics — now might be your chance to catch the otherwise spectacular space flick for free. A number of folks this weekend are seeing “Gravity” appear in their Google Play Movies “Watch Now” queue for free, with Google saying “This one’s on us.”

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From the Editor’s Desk: Strap in, folks

We’ve reached that point of the year at which I’m required once again to remind you of the following: Shit’s gonna get crazy.

Let’s recap the next couple of weeks: This week we’ve got the IFA conference in Berlin. I’m sitting it out this year, but Alex and Richard have it covered, with an able hand from the one and only Derek Kessler. They’ll be on hand for Samsung’s Unpacked event there in Germany, and Andrew  [Read More…]

Z Launcher gets updated as more folks are invited to the pre-beta program

If you signed up for the Z Launcher pre-beta and have been making use of it, you’ll want to make sure you get the latest release available. As noted on the Z Launcher blog, a new update is available right now and it aims to fix a lot of issues folks were running into while putting it through its paces and is mostly based off of user feedback and suggestions? So, what exactly is new? Glad  [Read More…]