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Facebook kept logs of calls and messages on Android phones, and followed the rules to do it

The creepy factor is high, but this is one of those things we have to take a little bit of responsibility for.

Facebook is in the news right now. Perhaps you’ve heard. The social network is currently under extreme scrutiny for the way it has been both gathering and handling user data, wearing away at what was already a frayed trust of the gigantic company. The latest surprise, coming from people downloading their cache of Facebook data, has been  [Read More…]

LG V10 can be ordered tomorrow on AT&T, followed by T-Mobile on Wednesday

LG has been gearing up for a substantial Fall launch. The V10 was announced about a month ago, aiming at a November release in the US. So the time has come to know when you can get your hands on LG’s latest.

First up, AT&T has stated that you will be able to order the V10 starting tomorrow (Oct. 27th). However, the stores will be slightly behind. The device won’t be on store shelves until Nov. 6th.

In case you need a fresher, the V10 is  [Read More…]