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Alto’s Odyssey for Android review: A perfect follow-up adventure

Another dreamy classic from Team Alto.

Alto’s Odyssey was my most anticipated game on the Android release calendar since it was released for iOS back in February. Rather than having to wait a full year as we did for Alto’s Adventure, Odyssey arrived just six months later thanks to the fine folks at Noodlecake Studios who have delivered another absolute gem for Android gamers.

Alto’s Odyssey is a simple endless runner game that has you dashing down  [Read More…]

Newton Mail’s latest feature surfaces emails that require a follow-up; now costs $99 yearly

Newton Mail’s recap feature ensures you don’t miss important emails.

Gmail’s redesign earlier this year saw the introduction of a feature called Nudge that reminds you to respond to emails. Nudge looks through your inbox to find actionable emails, and it’ll surface the mails to the top of your inbox along with a note showing when you’ve received the mail.

Newton Mail — one of the most feature-rich mail clients available today — is getting a similar  [Read More…]

Gaming is a regular activity for most of you [poll follow-up]

In last week’s poll we asked How much time you spend gaming. Spending your time playing video games no longer requires having the best PC available, or even a console to play on, as anyone hooked on Angry Birds can tell you. With games more available than ever, we want to know how of your time is spent enjoying them.

Sliding into first place, is “I play at least an hour each day” with  [Read More…]

Marvel’s Avengers Academy — A 30 day followup

Marvel lets you build your own Academy and it’s a ton of fun.

I got caught up in Avengers Academy almost as soon as it came out. When I sat down to write about it, it had only been available for a few days though so there hadn’t been much time to really delve in and decide if this was a game I could enjoy in the long haul. There were some serious questions about whether  [Read More…]

30 Days later — a Marvel: Contest of Champions for Android follow-up

Marvel walks a fun line with their psuedo-fighter, and it keeps you coming back for more.

When I initially sat down to write about Marvel: Contest of Champions I hadn’t been playing for particularly long but I was already hooked. The access to a gorgeous and easy to play fighting game was the first draw, but I’m also a major Marvel fangirl. So, 30 days later, these are my thoughts on whether this game will keep  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Texting is the preferred way to talk

Last week we asked how you like to talk to people. The days where the only way you could get in touch with someone was a phone call are far behind us. With the ability to easily text, call, message, or video chat with someone, you can fine tune how you communicate with the people in your lives. Whether you prefer calling your friends, messaging them on Skype or speaking to them face-to-face using Hangouts, how you  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Leave your Chromecast at home

Last week we asked if you travel with your Chromecast. The Chromecast is small and portable, so it’s easy to understand why you might want to pack one up in your travel bag. This is especially true if you find yourself traveling more often than you find yourself at home. With that in mind we wanted to know just how many of you actually travel with your Chromecast!

You had four choices in last week’s  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Battery monitoring is best with a percentage

Last week we asked How you prefer to monitor your battery. As important as our phones have become in day to day life, if you run out of juice then you’re not going to be using it for much. There are a few different ways to monitor the battery life on your phone, and we wanted to know how you prefer to do just that.

In last week’s poll we gave you four options: “just  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Tech is mostly prepared in case of bad weather

Last week we asked if you prep your tech before a storm. There is plenty to worry about when getting ready for a storm, and making sure your technology is properly prepped isn’t always a priority. We use our phones like lifelines these days, doing everything from getting the most up to date weather to spending hours playing games when we can’t leave the house.

With that in mind we gave you four options in last week’s  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Show us the smartphones!

Last week we asked what you were most looking forward to from CES 2016. With a week full of announcements there is always plenty to get excited about, though running into it, we weren’t certain what to expect. The show was jam-packed with news, from cool new features coming to the HTC Vive to news of new phones like the Honor 5X coming to the US.

Since there was no way to truly know what  [Read More…]