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Samsung forecasts all-time record profit of $15.5 billion in Q3 2018

After a downturn in Q2, Samsung is once again back to shattering profit records.

Samsung is on track to beat the $ 14.6 billion in profits it netted in Q1 2018. In its Q3 2018 earnings guidance, Samsung is forecasting an operating profit of $ 15.5 billion (17.5 trillion won) on the back of revenues of $ 57.5 billion (65 trillion won).

That’s a 20% uptick from the $ 12.8 billion it recorded in profit during the  [Read More…]

Samsung forecasts dip in Q2 2018 profits following weak smartphone sales

Samsung is still making boatloads of money, but profits don’t quite match up to previous quarters.

Samsung announced record earnings for four straight quarters, but that streak is about to come to an end. In its Q2 2018 earnings guidance, Samsung is forecasting an operating profit of $ 13.2 billion (14.8 trillion won), up 5% from the same period a year ago.

Overall revenue at $ 51.7 billion (58 trillion won) is less than the $ 54.8  [Read More…]

Samsung forecasts record Q4 profits in spite of Note 7 debacle

Note 7 discontinuation hasn’t hurt Samsung’s bottom line last quarter.

Although Samsung said that the Note 7 termination would put a dent in its profits for two quarters, it doesn’t look like that will be the case. The South Korean manufacturer has released its earnings guidance for Q4 2016, in which it estimated that operating profit was likely $ 7.8 billion (9.2 trillion won), up 50% from the same period in 2015. However, overall revenue for the  [Read More…]

Samsung releases earnings guidance for Q4 2015, misses profit forecasts

Samsung has released its earnings guidance for Q4 2015, forecasting an operating profit of 6.1 trillion won (US$ 5.08 billion) during the quarter. While the figure is 15.3 percent higher than what the vendor managed in Q4 2014, it is a decrease of 17.5 percent from the $ 6.46 billion netted in Q3 2015.

Samsung forecasts 79.8 percent increase in Q3 profits

In its quarterly guidance report, Samsung estimates it made an operating profit of 7.3 trillion won ($ 6.29 billion) from July to September 2015, an increase of 79.8 percent from the same period a year ago.

Google launches improvements to weather forecasts to help keep you safe

As the United States enters into hurricane season, Google has given us improvements in weather forecasts and public alerts in Google Search to track storms during this year’s hurricane season. Just 10 years ago Hurricane Katrina came and went leaving New Orleans in a state of National Emergency.

When you now search the web for information about specific storms or tornadoes, according to Google, you may see:

A map showing your location in relation to the oncoming storm Visualizations of  [Read More…]

Sony forecasts $2.1 billion loss as hardware vendor fails to capitalize in mid-tier segment

After revising its annual forecast earlier this year, Sony is at it again, with the latest revision taking into account a 180 billion yen (around $ 1.7 billion) “goodwill impairment charge”, which quadruples the company’s losses for the financial year. Sony’s mobile division was tasked with “achieving significant sales growth” this year, and with the company’s Xperia line failing to meet that target, the manufacturer is now looking to “reduce risk and volatility, and to deliver  [Read More…]

Samsung forecasts lower operating profits for the quarter

Samsung has made a statement that they expect a second consecutive quarter with declining profits. The Wall Street Journal also speculates that factors such as a partial sales ban on Korea’s top two carriers and perceived opinion that the Galaxy S5 — due to hit stores in Europe and North America Friday, April 11 — doesn’t offer enough features to validate the upgrade fees, and the sales figures will not surpass last year’s model. They say  [Read More…]