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Here’s what’s exclusive in Destiny 2 Forsaken for the PlayStation 4

Strikes, Exotics and Armor sets are exclusive to Sony.

With every new release of Destiny, Sony has gained exclusive access to at least some content and Forsaken is no exception. Released on Thursday, August 30 on PlayStation.blog we have finally gotten a look at what we can expect as PS4 Destiny players. From what we have seen there will be a new Strike named Broodhold, a new Exotic trace rifle called Wavesplitter, an Exotic ship, and a whole  [Read More…]

Four things to do in Destiny 2 before Forsaken arrives

Some things need to be done first before moving forward.

With The Forsaken update just a couple of weeks away, the time to complete the end-game content from the previous expansions is dwindling. Some of the old content will simply be too low level to be a challenge anymore, while other content, like armor and weapons, will be made obsolete by the new power system and RNG perks. This is a shame because if like me, you have  [Read More…]

Destiny 2: Forsaken update for PlayStation 4 – Everything you need to know!

It looks like Forsaken may bring a lot to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been getting a lot of flack recently, well since it was released in some circles, and Bungie has been tworking hard to address the fans problems with the game. A lot of the issue with the last 2 expansions is there were largely already done by the time Destiny 2 was released so there wasn’t a lot that Bungie could do to address the  [Read More…]

Download Forsaken World Mobile as soon as it’s available by pre-registering on Google Play

Fedeen Games, the studio behind upcoming title Forsaken World Mobile, has announced the company will let consumers pre-register to automatically download the app when available on Google Play.