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Huawei sells 5 million Mate 9s in four months

Sales up 36% from Mate 8, manufacturer says.

Huawei’s big-screened Mate 9 was well received by critics, with overhauled software, a gigantic battery and a new dual-camera system. And it looks like the company’s best “phablet” yet has apparently translated that into strong sales. Gizchina reports that at a Chinese press conference, Huawei noted that 5 million Mate 9s had been sold in the first four months of availability, up 36% from its predecessor, the Mate 8,  [Read More…]

Sony’s four new phones are beautifully made, terribly named

Sony unveils four more phones — can you keep track of its lineup anymore?

Sony has a phone problem. It keeps announcing replacements for phones that no one bought, or couldn’t buy, or refused to buy because they lack a fingerprint sensor.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Sony has added four new phones to its ecosystem, all with names that are sure to confound its eventual owners and detractors alike. One only, the Xperia  [Read More…]

What do I need to jump from Big Four to an alternative carrier?

Making the change to an alternative carrier can save you money and give you better service, but you need to know a few things before you do it.

When you port out your number and switch away from one of the Big Four to a carrier that might work better for you, nothing is hard. You either click a few buttons online and enter a few details or make a phone call from someone else’s phone and  [Read More…]

This $49 Python bundle features five training courses, four books (Deal of the Day)

Knowing how to program using today’s computer languages is a skill many people do not possess. Perhaps that’s why there is a global shortage of programmers and why the profession is so lucrative. Instead of twiddling your thumbs, wondering how nice it would be to master programming skills, why don’t you make 2017 the year you

Android laptop dock Superbook delays shipment four months

If you wanted a Superbook for Valentine’s Day, prepare to be disappointed.

Superbook — the dock to turn your Android phone into a full-fledged laptop — has pushed its February shipping date back to June. To make things up to disappointed backers, Superbook is giving them lifetime coupons for future Superbooks and covering all customs and VAT taxes for international backers.

Superbook was yet another Kickstarter that went way beyond what they were expecting, and having  [Read More…]

Four tips on running your online store from your Android phone

Android phones are the most popular smartphones. According to Time Magazine, they account for more than 50% of smartphone usage worldwide. One reason is that they don’t cost nearly as much to purchase or upgrade as an iPhone does. Another reason is that they are versatile and don’t bog down users with proprietary cables and

Bluetooth 5 is here with double the speed, four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2

Next-gen Bluetooth will be rolling out in the coming months.

Bluetooth 5 was announced in June, and today the Bluetooth Special Interest Group revealed that the spec is now finalized, making it ready for adoption. The new standard offers double the bandwidth, four times the range, and eight times the broadcast message capacity of Bluetooth 4.2.

Increased bandwidth leads to lower latency, and more range means that the connection to a paired device won’t cut  [Read More…]

This $6 car charger will charge your phone nearly four times faster

Many people haven’t even adopted Quick Charge 3.0 in their homes, let alone the car, but when it is just $ 6 why wouldn’t you? That’s right, RAVPower’s Quick Charge 3.0 car charger is on sale at Amazon for just $ 6 when you use coupon code SHES5GA5. It has two USB outputs, only one of which will offer the quicker charging speeds, so you can get multiple devices charging at the same time.

Odds are this  [Read More…]

Four new tech gadgets to tone your abs, feed your pet, stream Hi-Fi music to wired headphones, and a portable Amazon Alexa speaker

There are hundreds of new headphones, speakers, cell phone cases and other new tech to write about, but very few people would actually take the time to read about each product. I do my best to filter through what I think is worth your attention especially for products you may never hear about. After sorting through

Pick between four great lifetime VPN subscriptions with huge savings

With how much of our life is online these days security is something that you need to be focused on. Ensuring that your connection is secure when you are entering your banking details or composing those private emails should be something that you think about each time you connect to the internet. Unfortunately, you can’t always connect to your home Wi-Fi, but using a VPN can get you a much safer connection, but that comes at a cost.

VPN subscriptions  [Read More…]