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Swarm brings back another old Foursquare feature, leaderboards, in latest update

Foursquare is once again bringing back a feature that was a part of its main app before it spun off its check-in features to Swarm. Now Swarm users can access leaderboards with the latest 3.0 version update.

Spotify and Foursquare out pair of Android Wear apps

Android Wear is about to get a couple of new apps courtesy of Spotify and Foursquare.

Both Spotify and Foursquare announced that they are bringing their respective services to Android Wear smartwatches in upcoming updates.

Twitter will soon allow specific location tagging with help from foursquare

Twitter is working with Foursquare to turn your location from a town name to a specific location.

Users will soon be able to tag locations on Twitter with more information than just a generic location thanks to Foursquare. Previously Twitter only allowed for locations to be tagged with the name of the town you were in, which wasn’t always helpful. Foursquare has a huge database of locations, and many would rather tag their tweet with an  [Read More…]

New Foursquare Android 4.0 app released with revamped design and more

As promised a few days ago, Foursquare has released a new 4.0 version of its app for Android that includes a revamped design for the app, a new logo and more new features.

Foursquare is refocusing their flagship app with an emphasis on discovery

Foursquare announced plans to release a new design for its popular local search app for Android in the near future, along with word that it will permanently move its check-in feature to its recently launched Swarm app on Thursday.

Foursquare, OpenTable and TripIt Glassware added to MyGlass

Google is adding even more travel-focused Glassware to Google Glass, today making Foursquare, OpenTable and TripIt apps available. We’re all likely aware of these three apps, and while it isn’t instantly clear how each one will fit into people’s lives — particularly OpenTable — on something like Glass, it’s great to see Google courting major developers to make apps for Glass.

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Foursquare unbundles app, introduces Swarm to locate friends


Foursquare have taken to their blog today to announce a fundamental change to their App and by doing so have introduced a new App called Swarm.

The company identified that you spend a lot of time asking friends where they are whilst you are out at the place you’ve just checked into using Foursquare. Consequently, they’ve chosen to break the App out and bring the  [Read More…]

Foursquare announces Swarm, its new app for checking in

Foursquare has announced that they’re going to be spinning off a new app this summer called Swarm. While Foursquare has been used for sharing where you are for years, Swarm aims to facilitate meet-ups with friends more easily by letting you broadcast where you’re going next and what your friends’ plans are. Meanwhile, the original Foursquare app will be changing a little bit to be more focused on venue discovery and reviews.

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Foursquare updated with NFC support for Android 4.0 devices


It looks like the Near Field Communications revolution is finally getting underway. After over a year of NFC chips being available in several different models of Android devices, major third-party developers are finally starting to incorporate the technology into their apps. Scanning tags is fun and all, but using NFC to share information in popular apps between devices is where NFC really shines. An update to the Foursquare app allows you to  [Read More…]

Foursquare 4.0 introduces Locale-like Radar notifications, coming soon to Android

Foursquare logos

Still think check-in apps are lame and useless? Foursquare just announced their 4.0 release for iOS which includes a new feature called Radar, that can automatically alert you about nearby things you might be interested in.

Foursquare describes the new Radar feature on their blog: “Now, if you follow a list, like the 101 Best Dishes of 2011, foursquare will let you know when you’re next to one. Or you save  [Read More…]