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Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and get some great free stuff

A great way to soften the blow to your wallet.

What’s better than a brand new Galaxy Tab S3 and its gorgeous screen? A brand new Galaxy Tab S3 with a free keyboard cover or 64GB SD card!

Folks in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who pre-order a Galaxy Tab S3 through Samsung eShop before March 31 will be gifted a fancy keyboard book cover. These keyboard covers are priced at £119, so  [Read More…]

LG G6 coming to AT&T on April 7 for $720, but you get a second G6 for free

AT&T’s G6 is a bit more expensive, but you get a deal on another G6.

Third out of the gate with an LG G6 announcement is AT&T, which is going about things a bit differently than T-Mobile and Verizon. The company has announced that LG’s next flagship will indeed be available April 7 — the same day as T-Mobile, and a week later than Big Red — but it will be sold primarily through its Next or Next Every  [Read More…]

Ordering the LG G6 from Verizon might get you a free 43-inch smart TV

We previously reported that customers in the US interested in placing a pre-order for the LG G6 will also receive a Google Home speaker free of charge. Well according to a leaked document obtained by Android Central, that’s not all folks interested in acquiring a LG G6 will be able to get for free. With […]

Free Google Home with early LG G6 orders

LG has yet to reveal an exact launch date for its flagship, the LG G6, but it is preparing a promo to accompany the release. Those who purchase an LG G6 before April 30 are eligible to receive a free Google Home. Google Home is Google’s speaker-based voice assistant and it regularly retails for $ 129.99, making this promo a very good value.

Customers simply need to provide proof-of-purchase for the G6 before May 15 in order to receive their  [Read More…]

LG is offering a free Google Home with the purchase of its new flagship

Already considering an LG G6? Then you might as well consider adding on a Google Home for free.

The LG G6 isn’t out yet, but if you’re considering one, you’ll probably want to take advantage of this deal. LG is offering a Google Home in tow with the pre-order of its new flagship. All you have to do is buy yours before April 30.

For the full price of the smartphone — which has yet to be  [Read More…]

Get a free Google Home when you purchase an LG G6

Boy, do we have an awesome deal for you. Today, LG reached out to us to let us know about an upcoming promotion where you’ll receive a free Google Home on LG when you purchase a brand new G6. Pretty dope. The promotion, dubbed the LG G6 Google Home National Promotion, goes live today. Head […]

AT&T is now giving DirectTV Now subscribers free or discounted HBO

When it launched back in November under AT&T, DirecTV Now promised to offer a wide selection of live television and premium programming. But while the offer looked very good on paper, in reality users experienced all kinds of issues with the services – from signing-in errors to blocked content. But AT&T is not giving up […]

Latest AT&T DirecTV Now promotion gives subscribers free HBO for a year

Existing HBO subscribers will get a $ 5 bill credit for 12 months.

AT&T has rolled out a “loyalty reward” to existing DirecTV Now subscribers. Starting today, all subscribers on “Go Big” and “Gotta Have It” plans will receive a year’s worth of HBO access for free, and those that have already subscribed to HBO will receive a $ 5 bill credit for 12 months.

Those on “Live a Little” and “Just Right” plans will receive  [Read More…]

Buy a Google Home, get a Chromecast or Chromecast Audio for free

Get a Chromecast for free when you pick up a Google Home.

Google is rolling out a new promotion for the Google Home that includes a free Chromecast or Chromecast Audio with every purchase, a $ 35 value. To avail the deal, you’ll have to add either the Chromecast or ChromeCast Audio to your cart along with the Google Home, after which the discount will be applied automatically .

The deal is available at Best Buy  [Read More…]

T-Mobile offers a free extra line on most current plans starting March 1st.

In the latest of a series of dramatic “Uncarrier” moves, T-Mobile announced today that it would be offering to add a line to new or current plan with at least two lines. This offer technically only applies to Simple Choice and T-Mobile One plans, but let’s be honest – if you have a plan older […]