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The Huawei Watch 2 Has Landed In The US Bundled With 10 Weeks Free Google Play Music And A Wealth Of New Features.

The wait is over, the highly anticipated Huawei Watch 2 is now available to purchase in the United States. As of April 18, you are able to get your hands on the device by taking yourself down to your nearest Best Buy store or for the more digitally inclined of us : Walmart – Target – […]

Win a free Huawei P10 from Modern Dad!

Y’all want a contest? We’ve got a contest.

It’s time for Modern Dad to give away his first smartphone, and we’re going to start with one of the more interesting ones of 2017. The Huawei P series isn’t all that well known in the United States, but worldwide, it’s made quite a name for itself. It’s a powerful smartphone that has the added bonus of not being huge. It’s got a very capable camera system — two, in fact, with  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx available for free at Sprint (with 2-year plan)

If you’re looking for a middle-range device to buy this spring, Sprint has just the thing for you. The carrier is now offering the new Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) under the name Galaxy J7 Perx. The same device was so far available as the Galaxy J7 V with Verizon. Now at Sprint the Perx can […]

The most expensive Galaxy S8 will go on sale soon with free DeX Station

During the official launch event in New York, Samsung said that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will both arrive with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage. While most markets will be getting the versions mentioned above, Samsung has a special variant of the Galaxy S8+ which it plans to sell only in […]

Save up 20% on the Honor 8 or get the Honor 6X with some free accessories

Following Honor’s Beta Program announcement yesterday, the Huawei sub-brand also revealed a few new promotions it has currently running. For starters, the tripod selfie stick which Honor unveiled at CES 2017 is now available for purchase in the US for $ 19.99 a pop. If you’re looking to buy a phone, between April 3 and April […]

AT&T adds free HBO to its Unlimited Plus data plan

AT&T recently revealed it plans to offer a new perk for new and old subscribers of it Unlimited Plus data plan. Starting April 6 –  which is today – AT&T video subscribers and wireless-only customers that also signed up with the plan, will have access to free HBO wireless streaming. It doesn’t matter whether a […]

AT&T’s excellent-but-expensive unlimited plan now comes with free HBO

Get some Game of Thrones on the go with AT&T’s new deal.

AT&T is giving away HBO with its unlimited plan as a response to fervent competition from T-Mobile and Verizon, and its increasingly close ties with its mobile and DirecTV divisions.

The company has announced that all AT&T Unlimited Plus customers will get access to HBO wherever it is available — through DirecTV Now or HBO Go — and that existing subscribers to the service through DirecTV will  [Read More…]

T-Mobile SyncUp Drive now offers roadside assistance for free

Remember the T-Mobile SyncUp Drive? The carrier launched the device that bestows a Wi-Fi network to your car, a few months ago. The gizmo plugs into your vehicle on-board diagnostic port and starts sucking on T-Mobile 4G LTE in order to offer Wi-Fi signal inside the car. For $ 150 a year, subscribers were also offered […]

T-Mobile now offers free roadside assistance with its SyncUp connected car solution

Flat tire? Harrowing highway repair? T-Mobile has you covered.

Last November, T-Mobile did what a lot of wireless carriers are doing: it got into the connected car game. But it did so cautiously, launching a small tool called SyncUp Drive in partnership with ZTE and Mojio that plugs into the OBD-II port of any car made after 1996.

The idea is to not only give its connected users a way to monitor their car’s health, but to  [Read More…]

Reminder: T-Mobile is offering 1-year of free MLB.TV Premium today

As we told you last week, T-Mobile is bringing back the MLB.TV promotion it also offered last year today. Starting April 4 and ending April 1:59 a.m Pacific Time, customers will be able to grab a one-year free of charge subscription to MLB.TV Premium and MLB.com At Bat Premium, both valued at $ 112.99. MLB.TV will […]