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avast! Mobile Security out of Beta, completely free


Android smartphones are indeed powerful devices. Owning one can also mandate many responsibilities. We tend to have our whole lives linked to these gadgets: bank accounts, email accounts (work and personal), social networks, Paypal, contacts, and the list goes on. The avast! app has been available in Beta for a while, but it’s now fully available and completely free.

We have recently touched on the idea that Android devices are not  [Read More…]

Sony Ericsson Xperia phones get 50 GB of FREE Box.net online storage

Got a Sony Ericsson Xperia phone? Want a cloud-based, online storage locker with more than 50 GB of space? At no cost? Tired of me asking questions? Well, this is your lucky day.

Sony Ericsson announced that every owner of its Android Xperia line of phones can now get 50 GB of free storage from cloud service company Box.net. The deal is open to  [Read More…]

Celebrate the Universe with a limited-time free beta of SkySafari

SkySafari App

This one’s for the giddy-little astronomer in all of us. Like a bunch of schoolkids, on Dec. 10 before the break of dawn, many of us will jauntily find our ways out and gazing at the open skies to watch the final total Lunar Eclipse to be seen for the next two years. But just in case 2:30 AM (EST) is too early for you to be waking up, a  [Read More…]

OnLive gaming launched for Android, free game included

Android Central

Popular cloud gaming service OnLive today launched its Android offering for smartphones and tablets, bringing a free game along with it in the form of Lego Batman. For anyone not familiar, this is no mobile offering — the cloud service offers up full console games to play in the cloud. Currently the Android app is available in the UK and US.

There are around 25 games at present that can  [Read More…]

Radio Shack offering free phones for the holidays, new selection each week

Radio Shack

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone on AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, and aren’t afraid to sign a new contract you might want to check out Radio Shack before you spend your cash.  They’re running a holiday promotion where they give away free phones (including some Android handsets) with a new agreement, and the list of devices changes every week.  This week’s offerings (good until Dec. 10) include the HTC  [Read More…]

RadioShack offers free phones across Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint for a limited time

If you’re in the market for a new feature phone or smartphone from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, then you may want to check out your local RadioShack retail store.  From now until December 10th, RadioShack will be offering several phones from each carrier mentioned above completely for free with a two year agreement.  New customers or ones eligible for an upgrade are able to  [Read More…]

Free Friday Android game, Paper Zombie from Wildbit

Paper Zombie

Today the guys from Wildbit Studios released their popular iOS game Paper Zombie for free to the Android Market. We get dozens of these types of press releases every day, but I went ahead and downloaded Paper Zombie to my phone and found it was a lot more fun than I expected. The easiest way I can describe the game is sort of like Fruit Ninja, but with zombies.

Fernando Rada,  [Read More…]

UNO is now free in the Android Market


Gameloft has released a free version of its popular UNO app for Android, which is now available in the Android Market. For those of you who can’t remember your childhood, UNO is the extremely addictive card game that matches numbers and colors until the winner is left with a single winning card. UNO for Android supports multiplayer matchups via online pairing or locally through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and is compatable with all versions  [Read More…]

Zen Pinball THD now available in the Market for Tegra devices, and it’s free

Zen Pinball THD

If you’re using a phone or tablet with a Tegra chip inside it, you’ll want to check out Zen Pinball THD, which hit the Android Market today.  It’s a great game, using advanced physics for ball movement, has great tables included — Marvel’s Fantastic Four table is really, really, cool — and includes multiplayer mode.  All for free.  To top it off, it’s even OpenFeint-enabled for those who like a bit  [Read More…]

Box.net now offering 50GB free storage to LG users

Android Central

Putting the HTC/Dropbox collaboration in the shade, Box.net have formed a partnership with LG which offers users of LG mobile devices an astonishing 50GB of free storage. Best of all, it isn’t limited to new devices.

As you can see from the image, my trusty Optimus 2X qualified for the offer. To take advantage, head over to the Market and download the Box.net application for Android 2.1 and above (download  [Read More…]