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Documents to Go is today’s free app from Amazon

Documents to Go

While it’s easy to overlook the Amazon Appstore’s daily free app picks, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention this one: Documents to Go, the powerful document editing app, is today’s featured freebie. Regularly priced at $ 14.99, Dataviz’s full productivity suite can edit and create Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, and can also read PDF files. The full version offers customization options and syncing with your Google Docs and your  [Read More…]

RadioShack gives thanks for Android phones, win a free Verizon Samsung Stratosphere


This week RadioShack has a big holiday sale that includes over 20 phones for free and they teamed up with Android and Me to give away a few units. Read on for the full details.

RadioShack’s giant free phones sale

Through Wednesday, November 23rd, RadioShack has over 20 different phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, all available for free with  [Read More…]

RadioShack says get your free Android phone early so you don’t need Black Friday

BlackFriday is typically the day people get out of bed in the early morning and head to the mall in search of deals. But RadioShack says consumers should sleep in this Friday and avoid that turkey hangover a few extra hours. Instead, get your free Android phone during normal business hours before Thanksgiving.

RadioShack is running a promotion from Sunday November 20 to Wednesday  [Read More…]

Famigo lets you share your Android devices with your kids, worry free! [App Review]

Do you have an Android device that sometimes seems to belong to your young children instead of you? If this sounds like you, then I’m sure you’ve:

heard “Dad!” or “Mom!” yelled out as they pressed the wrong button and went out of the game or video clip or drawing they were working on madly cancelled out as they were about to make an unauthorized  [Read More…]

Best Buy’s Black Friday sale has Samsung Stratosphere in white (and others), free with contract

Best Buy

Black Friday looks to be full of free Android phones at Best Buy, including the Samsung Stratosphere in white.  While a store offering “free” phones after you sign a two-year contract is nothing new, this years selection at Best Buy looks like some great hardware if you’re not the kind who has to have the latest new and shiny Android phone.  Sprint customers can get a EVO Shift 4G free with their  [Read More…]

Get a free HTC phone when you buy Call of Duty MW3 at Best Buy


If you’re planning on buying Call of Duty MW3 when it makes its debut on Tuesday, we suggest you do so at your local Best Buy and pick up a free HTC smartphone at the same time. The promotion is intended to raise consumer awareness of Best Buy’s mobile offering while cashing in on the hugely successful Call of Duty franchise.

Anyone who buys Call of Duty MW3 and is willing  [Read More…]

Pantech Vega LTE smartphone to bring hands free gestures


Don’t you hate it when your elbow deep in some cake mix, and then your phone rings? Well, need not worry. Pantech is coming out with a device that’ll separate itself from the Samsung’s, HTC’s and Motorola’s of the world. The South Korean-based company plans to release a LTE smartphone called the Vega.

The Vega will carry  [Read More…]

HTC partnership with Dropbox brings 5GB of free cloud storage to Android devices

Android Central

HTC has announced on its official Facebook page that thanks to its recent partnership with cloud storage provider Dropbox, the Dropbox app will come preinstalled on all HTC Android phones. HTC phone owners will also benefit from 5GB of free cloud storage, versus the standard 2GB normally given to free account holders.

Dropbox has previously partnered with Sony Ericsson to bring pre-loaded Dropbox apps to Xperia owners, however unlike the HTC deal,  [Read More…]

Sony Ericsson & EA offering 4 free downloads for the Xperia Play

EA Games

Have an Xperia Play that is in need of some new games? If so, Sony Ericsson & EA Games has you covered. Now you can get four of the hottest Xperia Play game titles for free.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Dead Space Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Need for Speed SHIFT

Sony Ericsson & EA Games has been working together to make more and more titles available for Xperia Play users and  [Read More…]

Supposed ‘list of files’ for Verizon Nexus Prime leaked, bloatware free


A list of the installed apps in the ROM for the Verizon Nexus Prime has been leaked, and they are unsurprisingly bloat free! OK. That’s not surpring since it’s a Nexus device, but surprising because it’s Verizon. Some of us (cough) thought would never happen.

(And I’m required by law and/or Phil to point out that we first brought Verizon into the Nexus equation way back in June.)

We have no idea of  [Read More…]