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First Marvel Battle Lines trailer shows off the free-to-play mobile game

Get ready to have 200+ characters at your disposal.

If you’re a Marvel fan, there’s no shortage of mobile games to choose from. One of the latest coming out this year, Marvel Battle Lines, recently got shown off with its first official trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.

The trailer’s mostly cinematic and doesn’t show a ton of actual gameplay, but it’s still a great way to get hyped for the title.

Battle Lines is a free-to-play card game  [Read More…]

An official free-to-play Game of Thrones MMO is coming to Android

The latest Game of Thrones mobile game is now available for pre-registration.

Ever wanted to rule Westeros with an iron fist, but without risking your own blood. Good news! The latest Game of Thrones game is now available for pre-registration, and it will let you do just that! After an earlier release on iOS, Game of Thrones: Conquest is now available for pre-registration in the Google Play Store.

Game of Thrones: Conquest is similar to  [Read More…]

Guns and Magic: Surprisingly robust for free-to-play (Review)

Overview Guns and Magic is a simple, fun and sometimes frustrating tower defense game with a good amount of content for a free game. Developer: Joyfield Studio Cost: Free (with ads and microtransactions) Highlights: Fun, simple gameplay Short cooldown on time-gate Lots of content and levels to play Impressions Guns and Magic is a fun,

Hoops: a challenging yet fun, free-to-play, puzzle game

We’ll take a look at Hoops, an indie, puzzle game developed by Pedro Gilabert for this review. As of the time of this post, Hoops appears to be new to Google Play. Let’s find out if there is enough room for it to succeed in this saturated market.


There is nothing to worry about here. Head over to Google Play or Playboard, download, and install.


Hoops features a story mode of 10 worlds, an arcade mode, and a  [Read More…]

Zombies, Run is now a free-to-play Android app for your undead fitness needs

Developer Six to Start has made the decision to relaunch its fitness app Zombies, Run as a free-to-play game with a number of new features and improvements.

Zombies, Run was first launched in 2012 as a paid app, which gave players a way to run with their smartphones in the real world while being chased by virtual members of the undead. This week, the game’s developer Six to Start has relaunched Zombies, Run as a  [Read More…]

Underworld Empire RPG launches free-to-play on Android

Kabam has just announced that its huge crime-based MMORPG, Underworld Empire, is now available and free-to-play on Android. The game that already has millions of players on its iOS version is now open up to folks on Android, letting you experience the seedy crime underworld for yourself in this action-packed role-playing game. In typical RPG fashion you’ll be able to level up your character, build up your skills and inventory with thousands of unique weapons and upgrades.

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Gameloft releases Captain America: TWS to the Play Store, free-to-play for first 2 levels

Gameloft is releasing another hit game title today, leveraging recent popularity with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The game is a comic-styled third-person shooter, letting you play as Captain America supported by a powerful S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike Team moving through a full campaign of protecting the world. You’ll have full choice of your tactics, growing your Strike Team over time and making use of Captain America’s skills, including the indestructible shield and Avenger support.

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Zombie Gunship goes free-to-play with new ‘Zero’ release

It’s clear to most that Limbic has a hit on its hands in the original Zombie Gunship release, and now that hit game is going free-to-play for those who prefer a different gaming model. Even though the original demands just a $ 0.99 payment to get playiing, some folks want to have no investment to get started, and Zombie Gunship Zero follows in the footsteps of its TowerMadness Zero in being a free option.

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