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Philo now has a referral program so you and a friend can save some cash on streaming TV

There’s no limit on the number of referrals you can get each month.

Streaming upstart Philo today announced a referral program. Every time someone signs up using your individual referral code, you’ll get a $ 5 credit on your bill, and your friend will get $ 5 off their first month.

Philo is a low-cost streaming service that has a limited number of channels but also tops out at $ 20 a  [Read More…]

New low-energy mesh standard makes Bluetooth the Internet of Thing’s best friend

Bluetooth could be the standard that turns the internet of things into something we can care about.

Chances are that when you hear “Internet of things” you don’t have high expectations. I feel you. Unfortunately, the real internet of things isn’t as exciting as some envisioned, and the devices and software used for shipping containers or a big library just don’t have a wow factor.

That will change eventually, and we’ll have consumer things that are useful,  [Read More…]

Jump into virtual reality with a friend with these WebVR-enabled experiments

Bored of being in virtual reality by yourself? Ask a friend to join with these easy-to-play Chrome-enabled experiences.

Virtual reality is still a relatively nascent technology that’s yet to really storm the mainstream. As a result, it’s not in everyone’s home the way, say, a television set or a desktop computer might be. But as long as one of you has a virtual reality headset you can put to use, there are a couple of web-enabled virtual  [Read More…]

See exactly where your friend is at with Facebook Messenger’s Live Location

Are you starving and waiting for your friend to come over with food is proving to be too difficult to bear? You can try opening your Facebook app. This week the social media company has announced it was adding a Live Location feature in the Messenger app which basically lets you track friends. So far, […]

Ishtar Commander is a Destiny player’s best friend (App Review)

You wake up in the early 2700s, long, long after the golden age, the arrival of the fallen and the collapse. You’re greeted by your ghost who informs you that he’s been looking for you for a long time. You look around to find yourself in fallen territory surrounded by nothing but destruction. You have

B&H lists the CAM Plus ‘Friend’ for the LG G5 at $69

Pricing was never officially revealed for the Friend modules for the LG G5, but now a new listing at B&H suggests that the CAM Plus will be priced at $ 69. When they were first announced, LG didn’t reveal how much they would cost, and then a Korean press release suggested that the pricing may have been closer to the $ 90 mark.

The CAM Plus module acts similar to a camera grip, as it adds  [Read More…]

Google Drive is an Android themer’s best friend

The best tool in a themer’s app drawer isn’t a launcher or a widget. It’s the cloud.

When developing a theme, you tend to gather a lot of elements. Wallpapers, widget configurations, sounds, custom icons, launcher layouts… they all add up. You need a place where you can keep things organized and access them across your devices. You need a place to sync up the custom icons from your desktop to the phone you intend to  [Read More…]

Musio is an Android-powered robot friend that connects to your home

In a world filled with digital assistants, this robot just wants to be your friend and help you out.

One of the things that makes Google Now and Amazon Echo so useful is the way the technology seeps into your surrounding world and becomes the hub of everything you want to do, but the interactions are still mostly call and response. As clever as the Amazon Echo is, it won’t adjust your thermostat simply because you  [Read More…]

Google will give you $5 for inviting a friend to use Wallet

While this seems like something right out of those chain forward emails where Bill Gates was tracking the email and would give you a share of his fortune, it’s not — Google wants you to use Google Wallet more to send cash to your friends, and their willing to put their money where their mouth (and your wallet) is. So from now until either 20,000 referrals are sent or November 30th his, Google will give you  [Read More…]

Google+ and the mute button — meet your new best friend

Enough is enough sometimes — here’s how to mute threads on Google+

Google+ is a wonderful place of conversations. But unlike real conversations, when you get bored, you can’t just walk away. That’s what the mute button is there is for. It lets you get out of a conversation and the flood of notifications an active post can bring. You can also use the mute button on individual people, which we genuinely hope  [Read More…]