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How to keep the Pokémon Go Plus from disconnecting from your Android phone

How do I keep my Pokewatch from disconnecting?

If you’re one of the many people out there who recently decided to dive deeper into the world of Pokémon Go by picking up a Pokémon Go Plus for your wrist, you may have noticed it plays by slightly different rules than the rest of the game. You can use it without the screen on your phone even being on, and through it you can catch Pokemon, check  [Read More…]

Digital Offers: Learn to build apps from scratch for only $39!

The phrase “there’s an app for that” covers just about everything these days. Want a date? There’s an app for that. Want some food? There’s an app for that. Want to learn more about how to please a member of the opposite sex? You get the picture. Python is one of Google’s preferred coding languages, and learning it is a gateway to building your own apps and possibly creating the next Angry Birds!

How do you get started? Well, coding  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: How to launch a smartphone

It’s okay, and entirely expected, to be frustrated by cumbersome phone launches — but some perspective on what’s happening can be helpful.

Launching a smartphone is difficult. Even if you think you understand how difficult it is, it’s far more difficult still. When you’re a small company you have a certain set of problems, usually limited by money and scale of distribution; but if you’re big, you have an exponentially larger customer base to serve and  [Read More…]

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: What to expect from the Nexus successors

Brace yourself: Pixels are coming.

For the past seven years, Google partnered with some of the leading Android phone makers to sell co-branded handsets under the “Nexus” name. This year, the company is set to unveil two new handsets under a brand that’s new to phones, but well known to Google followers: Pixel.

On October 4, Google will hold an event in San Francisco where it’ll unveil two new phones “made by Google.” We’ll reportedly get the Pixel  [Read More…]

Download every wallpaper from the ‘made by Google’ Pixel website

Keep the Pixel hype going with these wallpapers from Google.

Google’s announcement of an upcoming phone launch on October 4 was scant on details. But an accompanying website, https://madeby.google.com/, added a bit of weight to the thought that we may be in for a cool treat of a new wallpaper switching app that launches with the phone.

We all love new wallpapers, so what’s better than loading up one of the handful of great photos  [Read More…]

How to get the most from your Chromebook touchpad

It may only be one big button, but the multi-touch touchpad on your Chromebook can do just about anything you would ask of it.

Your Chromebook’s touchpad is simple to set up and use, and a couple of handy features make it more than just a way to move the mouse pointer. With multi-touch gestures, you’ll be able to navigate web pages and apps easier as well as see everything you’re working on at a glance.  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Lucky number 7

What’s been rumbling around in Daniel’s brain this week.

Odd, I know, but it was only this week the Galaxy Note 7 was officially recalled in the U.S. It’s a strange thing to write after spending what seems like the past month typing that same sentence, but what was presumed and informal was made concrete on Thursday after the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued its decree.

Now, along with Korea and my home country  [Read More…]

FIIL Diva Pro Review: The Bluetooth headphones from the future

Thanks to Apple’s war on the headphone jack, wireless headsets are about to blow up in a big way – and the FIIL Diva Pro has the specs to stand out from the crowd. With touch-sensitive controls, active noise cancellation, 4GB of onboard storage and a stylish illuminated logo, the Diva Pro blends beauty with brains. (It’s even smart enough to pause your music when you take it off your ears, and resume when you replace it.)

But at  [Read More…]

No new Android Wear watches from Huawei, Moto or LG this year

Google and ASUS might be the only big tech brands to release any Android Wear devices in late 2016, reports CNET.

While Android Wear hasn’t been a runaway success, some of last year’s Android smartwatches have shown promise. However relatively few Android wearables have emerged from the usual suspects — that is to say, phone makers — in the past twelve months. Instead, devices from more traditional watch brands like Casio and Michael Kors taking their  [Read More…]

10 great unlocked Android smartphones from Amazon

Consumers are becoming much more aware of the high cost of smartphones and are now looking for alternatives that can save them a bit of hard earned cash. 2016 has been a good year for consumers. Huawei brought fresh competition to the smartphone market and is putting pressure on the industry stalwarts Sony, LG, HTC and