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Just last week the Samsung Gear Live landed on Google Play for purchase in the Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Shortly after it was made available in Australia, Japan, and South Korea as well — and today India also gets added to the list. Available via Google Play, prospective Android Wear owners can pick up a Gear Live for INR 15,900, however they aren’t set to ship for  [Read More...]

Lyft has updated its Android app to bring Android Wear compatibility, meaning that smartwatch owners can now summon their next ride from their wrists without having to reach for their phones. With Android Wear compatibility, users can speak in their request and pickup location to their watch.

If you own an Android Wear smartwatch, the folks at IFTTT can help make your life simpler by creating automated actions that are triggered based on select criteria. With the new Android Wear channel, IFTTT can “trigger recipes and read notifications right from your wrist.”

Looking to increase revenue from emerging markets like India, Facebook has announced that it rolling out a new “missed call” ad service that allows users to easily access information from brands and advertisers without incurring data or voice charges.

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab S series of Super AMOLED tablets at an event in New Delhi today. Set to go on sale in two weeks’ time, the flagship tablets are aimed as an alternative to the iPad Air in India.

Just as folks who ordered the Samsung Gear Live on day one get ready to receive shipping notifications, Google Play has expanded availability of the watch to Australia, Japan and South Korea. This isn’t too notable of an expansion, actually, as the LG G Watch was already available in the three countries — this simply brings the Gear Live’s availability nearly up to par with that of the G Watch.

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Samsung has announced a new media package for their Galaxy Tab S tablet line, available to UK customers. The package includes a three-month NOW TV Sky Movies Pass, which gives UK Tab S owners access to 800 on-demand movies, with up to 16 new films added to the service each month. Users will also be able to access all 11 Sky Movies channels for three months, both live and on-demand.

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Android is getting more than a face-lift, and I think we’re all going to love it

I love being able to go to Google I/O each year. It’s a perk that shines like a diamond amongst all the headache and stress that comes with every job, and a highlight of every year. Going to I/O not only sends us home as better Android bloggers, but on a personal level it gets me excited to see and  [Read More...]

Google is actively preventing OEM partners from adding customized elements to Android Wear, Auto and TV, according to a report over on Ars Technica. It’s no secret that Android as a mobile platform is fragmented when it comes to personalized OEM user experiences. There’s a lot left up to individual manufacturers when it comes to loading the Android smartphone with software and other pieces that add yet more functionality on top of what’s already available in  [Read More...]

Kensington has bought the rights from Mead to sell a series of universal tablet cases that have the distinctive Trapper Keeper design that was popular for school folders in the 1970s and 80s.