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From the Editor’s Desk: An essential truth

This week, Essential’s Andy Rubin previewed the company’s next product, a long, narrow phone thing likely called GEM. It’s intriguing, and given Rubin’s pedigree — he was the mind behind Danger, Android, and the Essential Phone — it was definitely newsworthy.

But his preview, echoed by Essential itself shortly thereafter with more official-looking photos, was overshadowed by a renewed conversation around Rubin as a person and leader. In 2018, four years after leaving Google, the New York  [Read More…]

Facebook Libra loses support from Visa, Mastercard, eBay, and Stripe

The news comes just a week after PayPal left.

What you need to know Facebook’s Libra Association has lost four more of its founding members. This time around, Visa, Mastercard, eBay, and Stripe are pulling their support. A week prior, PayPal dropped out of the group.

The idea of a Facebook-lead cryptocurrency raised a lot of eyebrows when it was first announced in June, though support from a laundry list of well-established companies gave it a feeling  [Read More…]

What to expect from Google on October 15 [#acpodcast]

It’s the last episode of Android Central Podcast before Google’s October 15 hardware event! Join Hayato Huseman, Andrew Martonik, and Daniel Bader for last minutes leaks and rumors about the products you can expect to be announced.

Listen now

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Show Notes and Links: Nest Mini Everything you can expect from Google’s October 15 hardware event: Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go  [Read More…]

Everything to expect from Google’s October 15 event: Pixel 4 and beyond

It’s time to see the latest in Pixel, Pixelbook, Nest, and more.

Google’s annual fall hardware event is nearly upon us — it’s all going down on October 15 in New York City. This is nominally the “Pixel 4” event, and Google’s new phones will absolutely take center stage. But we’re also expecting a new Pixelbook, new Google Home (or is it all Nest now?) devices, and maybe even some extra surprises.

This is everything we can  [Read More…]

Move media from one Cast or Smart Display to another with Google’s Stream Transfer

Google may finally be fixing one of my biggest gripes with Chromecast and the new Smart Displays. Today the company introduce Stream Transfers. This new feature is something many of us with multiple Cast-enabled devices have been asking for since release.

Stream Transfer will allow you to move audio, video, and podcasts playback from one device to another in your Home setup. For instance, let’s say you are watching a video on your TV, but you want to move to  [Read More…]

Keep your screen safe from scratches with the ZenFone 6 screen protectors

The ASUS ZenFone 6 is such a gorgeous device, it would be a shame if a scratch or drop ended up taking even more money out of your pocket. We’ve found some of the best screen protectors that you can get so everything will be just fine in the event that disaster strikes.

Classic plastic Supershieldz High Definition Clear Shield

Staff pick

Many folks enjoy using tempered glass nowadays and for good reason. However, there are  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Leakstravaganza 2019

It’s too late. I’ve seen everything.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: It’s a couple weeks before a Pixel launch, and a relentless campaign of leaks has outed almost all of Google’s secrets. A geyser of illicit smartphone knowledge has opened up in the past week, vomiting forth (among other things) a full Pixel 4 spec sheet, high-res renders, lifestyle images, sample photos and detailed explainers of how the new hardware will work.

It’s become something of  [Read More…]

Use one of these cases to keep your ASUS ZenFone 6 safe from harm

The ASUS ZenFone 6 is one of the most unique smartphones on the market in 2019 with its flip-up camera system. However, you’ll likely want to do everything you can to keep this protected and safe from accidental harm. It also might be difficult to find a case that fits this structure. We’ve compiled some of the best cases that you can get for the ZenFone 6.

Ultra-slim Avalri Ultra Thin Hard Case

Staff pick

The  [Read More…]

Is the OnePlus 7T worth upgrading to from the OnePlus 6?

There are a ton of great value-focused phones out there, and OnePlus makes some of the best. And that makes considering an upgrade from one OnePlus phone to another an easy proposition.

Incredible value OnePlus 7T

$ 600 at OnePlus

Pros Higher-end specs Better battery life Improved triple camera Great 90Hz display Cons Same weak front-facing camera Larger and heavier No headphone jack

Upgrading to a OnePlus 7T is an easy sell if you have  [Read More…]

You can finally make Duo voice calls from your Google Home

Google Home joins the Nest Hub in getting support for Duo audio calls.

What you need to know You can now make Duo audio calls on your Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max. The feature is now available as long as your Assistant language is set to English (United States). You can call contacts just by issuing a command to your Google Home speaker.

You could make Duo video calls on the Nest Hub Max and  [Read More…]