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Grab an Nvidia Shield TV for £120 this Black Friday from eBuyer

If you missed yesterday’s Amazon UK lightning deal on an Nvidia Shield TV bundle, fear not. Head on over to eBuyer.com right now and you can snag the same bundle for the same low price of £119.99.

Win a Samsung Galaxy S6 from Opera and Android Central!

Update: Time’s running out, folks! Enter before it’s too late!

Recently we reviewed Opera Mini for Android and this week we are teaming up with Opera for another awesome giveaway!

This time around one person will win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6, and two runners up will get some sweet Android Central and Opera swag.

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OnePlus 2 will be available to buy without an invite from Nov. 27-30

If you have wanted to get your hands on the OnePlus 2 smartphone, but didn’t have an invite, you won’t need one in a few days. As part of their Black Friday 2015 sales event, the OnePlus 2 will be sold, without the need for an invite, from Friday, November 27 to Monday, November 30.

From the Editor’s Desk: The audacity of Facebook

I love the audacity of Facebook, the company. It rightly (yet so wrongly) operates under the assumption that you’re using Facebook (you probably are), you’ll continue to use Facebook (you probably will) and that there’s absolutely no way you’ll ever quit Facebook (ever). Consider a couple recent examples:

Sign up now for an extra gig of data from Verizon for two months

Verizon is running a new promotion that scores you an extra gig of data on your current plan for this billing cycle and the next one, and all you have to do is click a link. That’s right, all you have to do is sign into your account through Verizon’s promotional page, and you get the extra gig of data added to your account for this and next billing cycle.

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Google introduces new ways to find content from apps in Google Search

Google has added some new ways to find content in Google Search by showing “app-first” content as well as “streaming” apps that you don’t have installed. Apps have been indexed by Google for roughly two years now, and previously Google has only been able to show information from apps that have matching web content. That all changes now.

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Moving from Project Fi back to Google Voice

Moving from Project Fi back to Google Voice should be easy, and it is.

Signing up for Project Fi and diving into the service is as easy as having a Nexus phone and being somewhere with reasonable T-Mobile and Sprint service. There’s a lot to like about Google’s early days as an MVNO carrier, and it’s only going to get better as more people try out the service. As easy as it is to sign up,  [Read More…]

Truecaller adds complaint data from the FCC to improve spam detection

Truecaller, the app that helps block unwanted calls, has beefed up its spam detection. The company is now integrating weekly complaint data from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make blocking calls more accurate and efficient.

Pandora will buy ‘key assets’ from Rdio for $75 million

Pandora is looking to expand its music streaming offerings with a new deal that it says will include acquiring “several key assets” from the rival Rdio service.

From the Editor’s Desk: The not-so-Far East

A little more than a week ago I was atop an ancient wall in an ancient land, just an hour or so outside a modern, bustling city. I don’t speak a word of Chinese. Can’t read a single symbol. And when I first took this job nearly six years ago with the prospect of a good bit of travel, I admittedly was worried by the prospect of being seen as the dumb American overseas. I’ve seen a  [Read More…]