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10 great unlocked Android smartphones from Amazon

Most people cannot afford the latest smartphones from Apple or Samsung. Consumers are also becoming much more aware of the high cost of smartphones and are now looking for alternatives that can save them a bit of hard earned cash. The phones from Apple and Samsung are some of the most expensive you cant get. The

How the blue light from your smartphones and tablets are affecting your sleep cycles

It goes without question that smartphones and tablets have infiltrated our lives. They have improved our lives in many ways, but the reality is they haven’t been in existence, with this kind of mass adoption, for more than a decade. More and more studies are showing that our smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other device

Google gives Nexus phones a kick-ass WiFi feature from Project Fi

Google is giving smartphone owners yet another reason to consider a Nexus as their next device. This week finds Google rolling out Wi-Fi Assistant technology to Nexus phones running Android 5.1 or later. Once deployed, these smartphone users will be able to better leverage hotspots for data instead of relying on a cellular connection. Moreover,

Luxurious leather wallets from Edward Field can also hold your Samsung Galaxy smartphones

The past two generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphones arguably brought us some of the most luxurious and high quality smartphone builds we have ever seen. Samsung took the build quality to a whole new level with the Galaxy Note 7 with its almost seamless glass to metal design. Not all Samsung Galaxy users are budget

Android Nougat now has option to transfer data from iOS during setup

When a person switches from iOS to Android, they probably want to take all of their information with them. Investing in an ecosystem makes it tough to switch, but many companies have made this easier. Motorola, HTC, and other phone makers have added iOS import options to the setup screen for years.

Now it’s Google’s turn (finally). Android 7.0 Nougat now has an option to migrate data from an iOS device when setting up a fresh device. This is a great  [Read More…]

Kickstarter of the week: A wireless, waterproof and floating 360 speaker from Cannonball Audio

If I had more discretionary cash on hand I would back tons more crowdfunding campaigns. As it stands, I can usually only back one or two a month. The concepts and innovations brought to Kickstarter are amazing. And who doesn’t love supporting the little startups with dreams of creating something new to serve users like

Win a new Note 7 and Metal Kickstands from Spigen and Android Central!

We recently took a look at Spigen’s new U100 Universal Kickstand. We put the kickstand through its paces and overall we were really pleased with its aesthetics, as well as its functionality. Make sure you check out the full review! So we’ve now teamed up with Spigen this week to give 100 of you a free Universal Kickstand for your phone, and what’s even cooler is one other winner will also be taking home a brand new  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Meeting smart people

Apps don’t just happen. A trip to the Big Android BBQ Europe gave me a fresh perspective on how challenging it is to make great Android applications.

One of the best things about this job is meeting the incredibly smart people who make the devices we use great. I spent a large chunk of this past week in Amsterdam at the Big Android BBQ Europe getting to know some of the top European Android developers —  [Read More…]

Grab the Honor 5X for an ultra-low $160 today from Newegg

Honor is a growing brand in North America — the Huawei sub-brand just announced that its latest flagship, the Honor 8, is coming to the U.S. at the end of the month — but it made its debut last year with a 5X.

With a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a 13MP camera, and a 3,000mAh battery, the Honor 5X has the hardware — and if you  [Read More…]

2016 Nexus phones: What we want to see from Google and HTC

Android Central editors sound off on what we want from the new Nexus hardware.

We’re quickly approaching that time of year when Google is poised to release new Nexus phones, and that means a few leaks fuel the fires for everyone to think about exactly what they want to see in the new phone (or, in this case, phones). We know the new hardware from Google is already finished and just waiting for some final touches  [Read More…]