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From the Editor’s Desk: Fix you

Android updates are hard. And they’re expensive. All the “shame lists” and pay-per-update ideas in the world won’t change that.

Once or twice a year the Android Blogger Conspiracy Working Group gets together to remind ourselves and everyone else that the update situation is a mess. And we know how to fix it. And we need to remind Google that all it takes is this one easy thing, and it’ll all be fine. We’ve got the  [Read More…]

Red, white and blue sale: Save 20% on all Android accessories from ShopAndroid

In honor of the brave men and women who gave their lives for our country, we’re offering 20% off all Android accessories at ShopAndroid.

Now through Tuesday, May 31 you can pick up a new case, quick charger, screen protector or wireless charger for your Android device and enjoy a 20% savings by using coupon code: RWB16 at checkout. There’s an extensive selection of Android accessories to choose from, along with a convenient 60-day return policy  [Read More…]

10 of the best unlocked Android smartphone and Android Wear deals from Amazon (May 27th)

The days where we walk into a carrier store to purchase a subsidized smartphone are fading. This trend, bundled with the aggressive prices that we’re beginning to see in unlocked phones, makes purchasing a phone full price a more viable option. Carriers will tell you that you are getting a discount when you sign up

Watch all the sessions from Google I/O 2016 right here

There was a lot to like about Google I/O 2016, with the search giant unveiling new products, apps, and technologies. While the keynote had a slew of consumer-centric announcements, I/O is primarily a developer conference, with a focus on providing developers the tools and resources they need to build the best apps and services possible.

Google has now collated all of the developer sessions from the three-day event — which include a deep dive into its latest  [Read More…]

The best-selling unlocked Android phones from B&H (May 25, 2016)

Unlocked smartphones are definitely gaining popularity and for good reason – they free you up from financing plans and two-year contracts. If you’re looking for a new smartphone B&H has you covered. Why unlocked? Whereas a lot of today’s flagship models tend to run in the $ 500-$ 600 range, or higher, there’s an awful lot of

Nexus Player makes its exit from the Google Store

Google is no longer directly selling the Nexus Player, its premiere Android TV set-top box that launched alongside Google’s second (and more successful) attempt at entering the living room.

If you visit the Google Store now, the Nexus Player is no longer listed under the TV & Audio section, and its direct link no longer works either. Meanwhile, the Nexus Player remains out of stock across online retail outlets, so your best bet for securing one  [Read More…]

Ultimate Ears UE900s in-ear headphone review: Solid universal from a “Pro” brand

Ultimate Ears is probably more recognized by its successful UE Boom line of Bluetooth speakers. But the company actually started out in the niche market of high-end custom in-ear monitors (IEMs). That fortunately still continues today. While the main Ultimate Ears webpage headlines its speaker devices, you’ll be able to find a portal to the manufacturer’s

Roundup: LG G5 cases from MobileFun

It’s great that as soon as a new smartphone drops, there’s already a sea of cases to choose from. But with that said, narrowing down the perfect case can take some effort. There are so many styles, colors, and sizes (depending on the extent of protection). Sometimes promo pics don’t tell the whole story, so

Enter to win a limited-edition Nextbit Robin from Android Central!

Nextbit has created an exclusive, limited supply, special-edition Robin in the color MintNight, and we have two to give away! In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Nextbit Robin is a unique device, with a standout look and a handy feature that ensures that you’ll never run out of space on your phone. Apps you rarely use are offloaded to the cloud, and when you do want to use them, a tap restores everything just as  [Read More…]

Google Home is your favorite announcement from Google I/O 2016

In last week’s poll we asked what your favorite announcement at the Google I/O keynote was. There were plenty of awesome announcements from a new messaging client called Allo, to the new Android Wear 2.0. Google I/O always gives us plenty to get excited about, and this year was no exception.

Google Home took first place in our poll, snatching up 31.29 percent of the votes. In second place  [Read More…]