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Google Voice data now available from Takeout

Google takes the ownership of your data very seriously. If you’ve ever taken the the time to read Google’s general privacy statement, you’ll know they have no problem admitting what kinds of data they obtain and exactly how they use it. The same can be said for all of Google’s services. Google also believes that if you want to obtain your own information, you should be able to. Which is why they launched  [Read More…]

Europe getting another Honeycomb tablet, this time from Germany

Android Central

The IFA show in Berlin has brought a wealth of devices this week, and Germanys own PC maker Medion decided they’d like to get in on the act by launching their own Android tablet. They’ve been quiet secretive about the device with photos apparently banned at their booth at the show.

The specs we do know of the Lifetab P9514 are starting to sound pretty familiar. 1GHZ Tegra 2, 1280×800  [Read More…]

White Samsung Galaxy S II now available from Vodafone UK

Android Central

Vodafone UK customers can now bag a Samsung Galaxy S II in white from the carrier’s website, as well as brick-and-mortar stores. Vodafone joins Three and the Carphone Warehouse, which also recently began offering Samsung’s flagship device in white, alongside the standard black. Just like the black version, the white Galaxy S II can be yours for free on 24-month contracts of £36 or more per month. At that price, you’ll get 900 minutes, unlimited texts  [Read More…]

Android 101: Force Gmail to always show pictures from a sender

Show pictures in gmail

A little headache in gmail is that embedded images don’t show up by default. That actually makes sense, as the can be data-intensive. Until recently, there was no way to force images to always load. But Gmail recently updated so that you can tell it to always display images from a particular sender. Just look for the button you see highlighted above.

You can also clear the list  [Read More…]

9MP Photo From the Motorola Dinara

Take a look at the photo to the left, it’s a beauty isn’t it? Just look at the detail and the crisp, contrasting colours…Ok so whoever took this photo could of chosen a more interesting subject, but at least the photos statistics are a little more intriguing. It’s a 4000 x 2248 picture uploaded by the unannounced Motorola Dinara. This works out at just under 9MP making the  [Read More…]

OnStar announces RemoteLink application enhancements – Send directions from your smartphone to vehicle

OnStar RemoteLink

If you’re riding around in an OnStar equipped vehicle like the Chevy Malibu we checked out not too long ago, then you’ll be happy to hear the latest news from OnStar. They’ve just announced some forthcoming enhancements to their RemoteLink application that will help you get to where you need to go more efficiently. (This is what we saw an early preview of way back at Google IO 2010.) On Aug. 30 — when  [Read More…]

CM7 seen booting on an HP TouchPad, still a long way from being usable

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Well, how about that. What you see in the video above apparently is CyanogenMod 7 booting onto an HP TouchPad. Of course, booting is just the first step in a long line of things that have to happen before we get a working port. Notably, the touchscreen doesn’t yet work. That’s kind of a big one. But booting CM7 is a big step, no doubt. The plan now, apparently, is to work up  [Read More…]

HTC Flyer Android tablet hands-on video from MWC


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iPad Will Dominate The Tablet Market Until At Least 2017… With Some Help From Android

If you want to offer a tablet not powered by iOS or Android, you might want to cool your heels until the next decade. Apple’s iPad and various Android-powered tablets will control 90 percent of the market through at least 2017, researchers announced Monday.

What’s more, forgot about Samsung or RIM challenging the two tablet leaders. Look instead to Windows, but then as only a distant third choice, according to research  [Read More…]