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iPad Will Dominate The Tablet Market Until At Least 2017… With Some Help From Android

If you want to offer a tablet not powered by iOS or Android, you might want to cool your heels until the next decade. Apple’s iPad and various Android-powered tablets will control 90 percent of the market through at least 2017, researchers announced Monday.

What’s more, forgot about Samsung or RIM challenging the two tablet leaders. Look instead to Windows, but then as only a distant third choice, according to research  [Read More…]

Should Samsung Buy webOS To Protect Itself From Apple? It Might Make Sense. Here’s Why [Opinion]

Samsung’s in trouble. The Korean electronics giant is being sued by Apple in just about every market for copying Apple’s iOS, iPhone and iPad designs… and Apple’s winning. Worse, Samsung’s biggest mobile partner, Google, just bought out one of their main smartphone competitors, Motorola, for $ 12.5 billion. Now that Google has an Android hardware team in-house, how much longer will third-party smartphone makers like Samsung be given equal access to  [Read More…]

Apple Has Nothing To Fear From Google-Motorola Deal [Analyst]

Now that Google has itself a handset maker and a passel of patents, the Android creator is likely to come gunnin’ for Apple, right? Wrong, say a number of Wall Street analysts, who expect little negative fall-out for the iPhone maker. If anything, the acquisition threatens the chances of any mobile success story outside of the Apple-Android duopoly.

Long-time Apple watcher Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says the deal cements the  [Read More…]

What Apple Could Learn From Google+

Look around in Google’s new social network, Google+. You’ll see Apple design DNA everywhere. The clean, white space. The knowing and careful attention to typography type, shade and spacing. The icons are beautiful in a simple, balanced, Apple kind of way.

The coolest feature on the whole site, the “circle editor,” was in fact designed primarily by the same guy who was a lead designer on the original Macintosh.

Google+ presents  [Read More…]

Upload pictures From Your iDevice To Google+

Google+ was launched two weeks ago, And people who managed to get a Google+ account may now be staggering how to acquire services from their iOS devices, Since there is no Google+ official app is available now. Here’s how to upload pictures from your iDevice to Google+.

You Will Need: An iPod touch,iPad or iPhone running iOS 4.0 or Latest. Google+ account Piconhand, a fee Picasa client for iOS. Step 1: Suppose you have  [Read More…]

Google+ iOS App Is Awaiting Approval From Apple [Confirmed]

Few hours ago, according to Google’s own Erica Joy, that the iOS app has in fact been submitted to Apple for review some time ago. It is now stuck in review and we are waiting for approval.

Erica Joy To Her iPhone Using Friends :

For all my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App Store (no, not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.

  [Read More…]