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Fugoo Style-S review

Over the last few years we’ve come to test a number of speakers from Fugoo. Whereas we previously had never heard of the brand, we now look forward to each new product. Why? Consistency. Its various speakers all have a similar, somewhat distinctive design, can be accessorized and enhanced with clamps, mounts, and straps. Moreover, […]

Fugoo launches the Style-S and Go speakers for active users

Bluetooth speaker specialist, Fugoo is this week extending its “Go Anywhere” lineup by adding two new products, the Style-S and Go. The Style-S is a water-proof, dust-proof, mud-proof and shock-proof Bluetooth speaker that can deliver up to 93 dB loudness. Fugoo says the speaker weighs only 1 pound and 7 ounces, so it can fit […]

Fugoo Go review: A portable, go anywhere speaker

The Fugoo Go is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is designed to go just about anywhere you might. Thanks to its IP67 rating, the unit can withstand being in three feet of water for up 30 minutes. Moreover, it will also stand up against dust, sand, mud, and pretty much anything else that might be

This weekend’s 10 best tech deals: Fugoo Style wireless speaker, Jaybirds, Moto 360 2nd gen. and Canon M3 mirrorless camera

Happy Saturday and welcome to the weekend edition of the AndroidGuys best tech deals and discount codes from around the web. We’re coming up on November real quickly which means holiday season is just around the corner. Historically some of the best deals occur before Black Friday so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for

The Fugoo Tough XL Bluetooth speaker can handle your extreme lifestyle

When big just isn’t big enough.

Whether you’re trying to make the most of limited time out in the wilderness or just need hardware that can take a beating from every day life, there’s definitely a market for extra-sturdy speakers. We’ve had a look at a wide range of rugged Bluetooth speakers to complement such rough-and-tumble environs, but the Fugoo Tough XL is easily one of the most impressive we’ve seen of the bunch.

It’s a  [Read More…]

FUGOO Sport Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker review

Every year for the Fourth of July, I host a party with food, fun, and fireworks. The turnout is always good, but every year I run into the same problem; where to put my out of date stereo on the patio. There is only one outlet outside and it is right above where all the coolers go, so every time a guest wanted a drink, I had to move the stereo.

This year, that all changes when I break out  [Read More…]

Fugoo Tough XL: Rugged, waterproof, dust proof, power bank and loaded with 8 speakers

Fugoo exploded onto the Bluetooth speaker scene last year with the Fugoo Go Anywhere wireless speaker. I was one of the fortunate reviewers who got to review Fugoo’s first speaker, and ever since that review have been waiting for its follow up Fugoo XL wireless speaker.

Bluetooth speakers are literally a dime a dozen. You have some that start in the tens of dollars, and for most consumer speakers, can run as high as $ 400-$ 500. Typically when you  [Read More…]

Fugoo Tough speaker – The absolute best speaker available

With literally hundreds of different sizes, brands, shapes, etc, buying a portable Bluetooth speaker can be rather intimidating and confusing, especially if you care about getting value out of the product you buy.  With so many manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers and so many different kinds, you can easily assume that Bluetooth speakers are a money making machine.

Bose, Beats, Sony, Samsung, Lg, Logitech, etc, all make speakers, and each focus on sound first, followed by durability, battery life, design, function  [Read More…]

Fugoo Style review

Formerly known for their tinny sound, unreliable connections and bulky designs, Bluetooth speakers have come a very long way in the past two years – now, and for a fairly reasonable price, you can walk away with full, rich sound that can easily fit in a small bag and connect to your phone and tablet with little to zero interference. The future of mobile audio is here.

One such product is the Fugoo Style (Amazon), a  [Read More…]