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These Lenovo Tab 10 cases provide both stylish form and function

You’ve got the tablet, and now it’s time to get the case. The Lenovo Tab A10 may be cheap as far as tablets are concerned, but it’s still worth protecting from drops and scrapes. If you’re looking for something to keep it nice and cozy, or maybe even safe from children, these options will do you just right.

Business Class DETUOSI Business Case

It has a striking design and would be mostly ordinary, except you can rotate the  [Read More…]

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC40BT wireless noise-cancelling earbuds review: Function over form

We come by a lot of Bluetooth earbuds here at AndroidGuys, so we appreciate when manufacturers make a valiant effort to standout. This is precisely how our attention got caught in our talks with Audio Technica – renowned Japanese audio manufacturer.

The long-standing company has been keeping up with the times, and one of its latest wireless earbuds, the ATH-ANC40BT, packs quite the spec sheet.

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HTC U11’s Edge Sense squeeze function updated with in-app customization options

Because we’re all still looking for something to do with Edge Sense.

The HTC U11 is an awesome phone, but the touted “Edge Sense” feature for performing actions by squeezing your phone hasn’t exactly been the feature that’s driving sales. Hopefully that will change today. With an update that’s rolling out now, U11 owners will be able to further customize Edge Sense to perform specific actions in specific apps — in addition to the current slate of  [Read More…]

Getting the most out of the PS4 share function

Share all your epic gaming highlights with the PS4’s Share function!

Video game consoles can let you explore an irradiated planet, or try to survive the night while a pack of murderous Wendigos hunts down you and your friends. No matter what kind of adventures you are diving into, there may come a time when you want to share your epic quests with your friends. That is where PlayStation 4’s share function shines. It allows you to  [Read More…]

Samsung updating Gear Fit 2 with new and improved workout features, SOS function

Workout detection and post-workout feedback are getting better on Samsung’s fitness wearable.

Samsung has just pushed out an update to the Gear Fit 2 right around a year after launch that makes a few solid upgrades to its tracking — because, after all, that is what it’s designed to do. Building on the Gear Fit 2‘s automatic fitness tracking that auto-starts workouts when it detects certain sustained movement, Samsung says it has improved its ability to detect workouts.

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Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Function over form

Should I buy an iPhone 7 or a Note 7?

Samsung stumbled out of the gate with the Galaxy Note 7 in a way that may permanently damage the Note brand, but that doesn’t change our thoughts on the phone itself. The Note 7 represents unprecedented polish from Samsung, and a well-tuned feature set that can’t be easily replicated. It’s the best Android phone you can buy today if price isn’t a concern, which makes it  [Read More…]

Lynktec’s Reeljuice 5X external battery chooses function over portability

Eight hours. That is the amount of battery life I typically get out of my Galaxy S6 in a normal work day. Battery longevity is the one thing that has not been able to break out into “the next level.” Due to this fact, portable battery packs have become very common in the lives of

Pebble Time Round: Is it the best of form and function? [Review]

The original Pebble is widely regarded as the first successful smartwatch. Funded through Kickstarter, it quickly became one of the most funded projects of all time, and to date over

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The Outlier Bluetooth Wood Speaker blends function and fashion

Given that we use our ears to listen to music and not our eyes, it stands to reason that we might not care how our audio products look. Earbuds in

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Samsung’s Gear VR Web browser has exactly 1 useful function

Why would you bother with a browser in VR? That’s a good question. And the answer is YouTube, and 360-degree video.

Much in the same way that so many of us rolled our eyes when web browsers were sideloaded on early Android Wear watches, news that Samsung was released a web browser to the Oculus Store for the Gear VR seemed a little off. You have to put your phone — which in this case has  [Read More…]