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Google Home Hub hands-on: The perfect compact bedside gadget

No camera, but plenty to look at.

I’ve been living with a Lenovo Smart Display for around two months now and it’s quickly become as indispensable as my coffee maker and frying pans. It sits in my kitchen, in view but not in the way, waiting for me to ask it to play The Daily Podcast or give me the weather forecast. When I am following a new recipe, I tend to bring it up on the  [Read More…]

Netgear’s latest smart home gadget is the Arlo Audio Doorbell

There’s also a new Arlo Chime accessory.

Netgear’s Arlo brand has become fairly well-known for its wireless security cameras, and now the company’s expanding its reaches in the smart home market with the Arlo Audio Doorbell.

The Audio Doorbell (left) and Arlo Chime (right)

As soon as someone rings the Arlo Doorbell, you’ll receive a call on your phone through the free Arlo app. Once you get the call, you can either accept it or send  [Read More…]

These discounted RAVPower charging accessories are a must-have for gadget lovers

Time is already running out to save on these accessories.

RAVPower makes some great charging accessories, and today you can save big on a few of the company’s best products. Odds are that with how many gadgets fill your home that the biggest limiting factor is space for plugs, which is where this 4-port fast charging hub comes in handy. It’s down to just $ 15.39 right now from an average price of $ 22 and is  [Read More…]

This $22 repair kit comes with 77 tools to help you fix nearly any gadget

Stop living with that cracked phone screen.

We have all been there before, and no one likes it. Your gadget exits its warranty time, and then something starts happening. You can replace it, which is costly, or try to fix it yourself, which you may not have the tools to do.

This Ohuhu 77-piece professional repair kit will give you just about every tool you’ll need to complete nearly any repair, and right now you can pick  [Read More…]

Amazon working on big expansion of in-home gadget setup service

Sometimes the best way to get things done is to hire someone.

Amazon knows the “smart home” isn’t always user-friendly and is expanding an internal program that will actually send someone to your home to get you started. The program has actually already been running in a few U.S. cities, but Amazon is reportedly poised to dramatically expand it as it sees very high return rates for smart home tech.

Not unlike the famous house calls made  [Read More…]

This $8 grid organizer is a must-have for every gadget lover

Keeping organized is not something that comes naturally to everyone, but staying on top of it makes finding what you need much easier. With how many gadgets, chargers, headphones, and other accessories we have in our life, it is hard to keep them all easily accessible. What usually ends up happening is they all turn into a huge ball that you have to try and untangle, which never works out.

Grid organizers are a great way around that, and UGreen  [Read More…]

Google Home UK review: For all its potential, still mostly an early adopter gadget

Google Home is a great little connected speaker, but its smartest features will be lost on non-enthusiasts.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the home is a tough space to break into. Everyone’s home is set out differently, and we’re all looking for different things out of an internet-connected gadget for our living room, kitchen, bedroom or wherever. (Assuming we’re not creeped out by the very idea of this kind of always-listening product that we dismiss  [Read More…]

Add some smarts to your existing smoke and CO detectors with this $30 gadget from Leeo

Our friends at Thrifter are back with another deal, this time helping you make your home smarter for less!

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are a must-have, but when you are out of the house you have no idea if they are going off, which can be scary. Leeo changes that by notifying you, regardless of your location, when they are triggered, and right now you can pick one up for only $ 29.97, which is a $ 20  [Read More…]

Tech gift guide: Fitness and health gadget edition

Most of us have desk bound jobs which would have us sitting for hours on a chair to complete a task. That’s why more and more people are hitting the gym or parks after work, in a bit to counter this static life style. Tech makers have picked up this trend and are looking to

We want your favorite Android gadget photos!

Share your photos and get featured!

We love taking photos of our stuff — in fact, we do it all the time. We especially love taking photos of all of our gadgets, from phones to tablets to our workstations where all of it takes place.

But we’re tired of looking at our own stuff, and we’d rather look at yours. So we want you to share your favorite Android-related gadget photos with us on Instagram with  [Read More…]