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Stellaris: Galaxy Command steals Halo 4 artwork, pulled down temporarily

A new mobile game from Paradox Interactive has been pulled because fans noticed some similarities to another game’s art.

What you need to know Stellaris: Galaxy Command is a spin on the popular strategy game Stellaris. Players noticed that the game was using artwork taken from Halo 4. The game has been taken offline temporarily to remove this artwork. Paradox Interactive issued an apology on Twitter.

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Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumored for Europe

Samsung looks to be readying a cheaper approach to its Galaxy Note 10 line of phones, according to rumors circulating in the last few weeks.

A new report from SamMobile indicates that an SM-N770F variant will arrive in Europe before long and figures to come in red and black colors.

It has been some time since we saw Samsung take this approach to the Galaxy Note series; the last one we recall is the Galaxy Note 3 Neo from around  [Read More…]

Samsung announces Android 10 beta for the Galaxy S10 series

It’ll be available for S10 devices that are on T-Mobile, Sprint, or unlocked.

What you need to know Samsung has announced its Android 10 / One UI 2 beta. The beta will be available for the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e. Samsung’s targeting unlocked, Sprint, and T-Mobile devices for the beta.

There’s been a lot of talk regarding Samsung’s plans for Android 10, and on October 9, the company finally gave us some concrete information about its  [Read More…]

Samsung forecasts healthy Q3 profits on the back of Galaxy Note 10 sales

Samsung says it made a profit of $ 6.4 billion this quarter.

What you need to know In its Q3 2019 earnings guidance, Samsung is forecasting a profit of $ 6.4 billion. Overall revenue for the quarter is at $ 51.3 billion, with the mobile business gaining momentum. We’ll get a full breakdown later this month, but the profit forecast is $ 800 million more than what Samsung managed in Q2 2019.

After enjoying record-breaking quarters for  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7T vs. Galaxy S10: Which should you buy?

Samsung sets the standard for flagship smartphones, but OnePlus offers competitive devices at incredible prices. The OnePlus 7T and Galaxy S10 offer a really interesting comparison.

Great value OnePlus 7T

$ 600 at OnePlus

Pros High-end specs for less Great battery life Solid triple camera Great 90Hz display Consistently fast software Cons Weak front-facing camera Larger and heavier No water resistance rating

The OnePlus 7T meets the competition for hundreds of dollars less. Yes, it’s  [Read More…]

How much battery life does the Galaxy Watch Active 2 provide?

Best answer: Given that there are two different sizes to choose from, battery life will vary a bit. With that said, you can expect approximately two days of battery life depending on your usage and model.

Charge it up: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ($ 300 at Amazon) How long will it last?

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Galaxy Fold dies after 120,000 folds in CNET torture test

The Galaxy Fold is rated for 200,000 folds by Samsung.

What you need to know CNET put Samsung’s Galaxy Fold through a folding torture test. It used a machine made by SquareTrade in order to test how many folds the smartphone could withstand. Samsung rates the Galaxy Fold for 200,000 folds, but during CNET‘s test, it only made it through 120,000 before failing.

To say the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a rocky launch would be putting  [Read More…]

Is the Galaxy Note 10 worth the $350 extra over the OnePlus 7T?

Comparing phones that go head-to-head in so many areas, but at different price points, is one of the best parts of Android. OnePlus versus Samsung is an excellent example.

Great value OnePlus 7T

$ 600 at OnePlus

Pros High-end specs for less Great battery life Solid triple camera Great 90Hz display Consistently fast software Cons Weak front-facing camera Larger and heavier No water resistance rating

Despite being $ 300 cheaper, the OnePlus 7T matches or  [Read More…]

Android Auto Wireless is now supported on Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones

Support goes back to the S8 series and Note 8.

What you need to know Android Auto Wireless is finally expanding to non-Pixel/Nexus phones. New devices that are supported include the S10, Note 10, and more. To work, your phone needs to be running Android Pie with the v4.7 of the Android Auto app.

Android Auto is one of the best ways to stay connected while behind the wheel, and with Android Auto Wireless, you can get  [Read More…]

Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Galaxy Watch Active 2, OnePlus 7T, new Amazon devices

There’s a final bit of follow up on iPhone 11 Pro vs. Note 10 before Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Hayato Huseman move on to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the process for installing Google apps on the phone.

In the realm of smartwatches, Andrew has plenty of great things to say about Galaxy Watch Active 2. Likewise, the OnePlus 7T is heralded by the team as the best Android phone for $ 600. Finally, they discuss  [Read More…]