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Samsung’s Note 7 upgrade program lets Korean customers buy the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 for 50% off

Samsung is rolling out an upgrade program to South Korean Note 7 customers that have traded in their Note 7 handsets for an S7 or S7 edge. Customers joining the Galaxy Upgrade program will have to sign a two-year contract and pay monthly instalments on their current device (the S7 or S7 edge) for 12 months, after which they’ll be able to upgrade to the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 for free.

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Samsung announces ex-Galaxy Note7 owners will be able to get Galaxy S8 or Note8 at half price

After pulling an unprecedented move in the mobile industry and killing off the 2-month old Galaxy Note7, Samsung is now on a quest to keep its users from leaving and doing business with the competition. Samsung urged Galaxy Note7 users to return their device and promised to award $ 100 credit towards the purchase of another

Camera comparison: Google Pixel XL vs. Galaxy S7 edge

Google has made a huge stride in camera quality, but can it take on Samsung head to head?

Though Google’s new Pixel phones have seriously impressive imaging that put its previous Nexus phones to shame, we have to remember that before they arrived it was well-observed that Samsung led the pack with the camera on the Galaxy S7 edge (and of course Galaxy S7 and Note 7).

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Best Galaxy S7 edge Cases

If you want to keep your Galaxy S7 edge protected, check out these great options available!

So you bought the Galaxy S7 edge but didn’t bother to order a case, but now you really want one? Well, luckily there are already a bunch of different options that are available for the phone. From slim cases to clear ones, wallet cases and super protective, you can find just the right one for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 users really love the phablet, over a million are still using it

Earlier this month, Samsung put an end to global production of the faulty Galaxy Note7. The Korean tech giant also specifically asked owners of the phablet to return the potentially dangerous phones and take advantage of the available ailments. The company is now trying to entice users to bring in their Galaxy Note7, by offering

Save $25 on this Galaxy S7 edge screen protector today!

Want to keep the screen of your Galaxy S7 edge easily protected? If so, Ventev’s Toughglass is a great additional layer to keep your display safe. The protector will also curve with your display, and right now you can grab one for $ 19.95, a savings of $ 25.

Best Wireless Charging Pads For Galaxy S7

Don’t fumble around with charging cables anymore — get a wireless charging pad instead!

So you just got the Galaxy S7 and now you want to charge it without having to plug it in each time? Samsung has once again opted to include multiple wireless charging standards on their latest phone, so you will have a variety of options available to purchase. Qi and Powermat have some differences, and not everyone will have the same needs  [Read More…]

Samsung brings exclusive Galaxy Note7 feats to the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

The Galaxy Note7 is dead and buried but that doesn’t mean Samsung is not trying to preserve its memory. According to some Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 owners writing on the xda-developers forum, Samsung is in the process of rolling out a software update meant to port some of the Note7’s exclusive features. The Korean

Samsung tested Galaxy Note7 batteries in-house, unlike other device makers

Now that Samsung has killed off the Galaxy Note7, its main concern is to get at the bottom of the whole overheating batteries mystery. While the investigation is ongoing, it has been revealed via a report from the Wall Street Journal, that Samsung has been testing phone batteries, including those bound for the Note7 in

Should Samsung kill off the Galaxy Note brand?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 disaster continues to make headlines, in the wake of the company announcing it will cease production of the dangerous phablet. Yes, the Galaxy Note7 is dead, but the fact raises an important question: what does this mean for the future of the Galaxy Note brand? Contrary to what some people might think,