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Samsung seems to be taking a different path with advertising for the Galaxy S5, actually showing off what the phone is capable of in commercials. The latest ad spot, which just hit YouTube, is a full minute long and focuses on a few key features of the latest flagship. Just like the previous ads, you see how the Galaxy S5 is water resistant, can take pictures quickly with “double the resolution of the iPhone” and can track all of  [Read More...]

Hey developers! If you have ten minutes to spare today and happen to want a new smartphone (who doesn’t?), then we have something for you: The Developer Economics Survey. Brought to you by our friends at Vision Mobile, this quick survey focuses on developer questions around the things that are important to developers: platforms, frameworks, customers, and more.

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The lowdown on what Airview can do for you and how you use it

Airview isn’t new to the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it’s a really useful feature that you may or may not be aware of. In simple terms it allows you to get a preview of certain types of content without having to actually touch the display. Simply hovering your finger over the screen will activate the Airview windows.

It’s pretty neat, it can  [Read More...]

The Galaxy S 4 spawned quite a few variants during its time as Samsung’s flagship smartphone, including the Galaxy S4 zoom and Galaxy S 4 Black Edition. It looks like the Galaxy S5 will be no different. We recently got wind of a new Galaxy K/Galaxy S5 zoom model, and now Samsung has revealed a new “Crystal Collection” version of the S5.

In a brief video teaser posted to its YouTube channel, Samsung has revealed that it’s got a “Crystal  [Read More...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review


We got our hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to play with so here’s our impressions of the device incase you were considering purchasing one.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 follows the same design as the rest of the Galaxy range that we’ve come accustomed to over the years, except instead of a pure plastic back, Samsung has opted to coat it with  [Read More...]

Samsung and Swarovski to launch blinged-out Galaxy S5

Samsung’s latest partnership with Swarovski will bring to market a “crystal collection” edition of its flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. A teaser posted on YouTube by Samsung Mobile Korea reveals that the blingtastic handset, the back of which is smothered in Swarovski crystals, will arrive in May in Samsung’s home market.

It’s unclear whether the “crystal collection” GS5 will see wide availability internationally, however the limited edition crystal-backed Galaxy Note 3 did make its debut in New York a  [Read More...]

Samsung’s original Galaxy Beam, which incorporated a miniature pico projector, didn’t make much of a splash when it launched globally back in 2012. But it seems Samsung’s not done with this quirky smartphone design just yet, as a successor has today appeared on its Chinese site with support for the China Mobile network.

Comparing cameras: Galaxy S5 versus Nexus 5

See if Samsung’s latest can beat out Google’s 6-month old entry

Every time a new phone is released touting drastically improved camera hardware and software, we naturally jump at the opportunity to put it through its paces. We’ve done just that with the Galaxy S5, and it’s clear that the phone can produce some great shots in the right conditions. Sometimes the best way to see how a phone’s camera performs is to put it head-to-head  [Read More...]

Although it hasn’t made many headlines as of late, the Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition is ready to make a big splash by getting its update to Android 4.4 KitKat today. The device was previously running Android 4.3, so the jump in software isn’t dramatic, but the 550MB update certainly brings changes. The update changelog isn’t all that descriptive either, but folks who have the update installed are noticing some graphical changes, and you’ll of  [Read More...]


The long-rumored premium Galaxy S5 gets one step closer to reality this week as a shipping manifest leaked online. Referencing four SM-G906K units being shipped for “R&D purpose”, it’s the same model number that has been the subject of additional leaks. While this is not outright proof positive of the so-called Galaxy S5 Prime, it’s more fuel for the fire. For what it’s worth, the  [Read More...]