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Save $9 on this protective Galaxy S6 case today!

Worried about scratching or cracking your Galaxy S6 and want to keep it protected? If you aren’t looking for anything too fancy, Amzer’s snap on hard case is a perfect option. The hard case fits the phone snug and will protect it from drops and dings, and right now you can grab one for only $ 3.95, a savings of $ 9.

Telltale announces Guardians of the Galaxy series for 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy the latest franchise to get the Telltale treatment.

2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for fans of Star-Lord, Rocket and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Telltale has announced Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, a five-part episodic series of games to be released on Android, as well as PC, console, and iOS in early 2017. Check out the preview trailer:

As with previous Telltale series, episodes  [Read More…]

Save $20 on this protective Galaxy S6 edge case today!

Want to add a protective case to your Galaxy S6 edge that doesn’t add a ton of bulk to it? Seidio’s Dilex Pro case is a great option that maintains a slim profile but protects the phone well. Today you can save $ 20 on one, dropping the price to just $ 14.95.

Save 50% on this protective clear Galaxy S7 edge case today!

Looking for a case to protect your Galaxy S7 edge that doesn’t take away from the overall look and feel of it? If so, Case-Mate’s naked tough case may be a perfect option to consider. The clear case shows off the color you selected while keeping it scratch and ding free. Today you can save 50% on the purchase, dropping it to just $ 14.95.

Grab the Samsung Galaxy S7 with 50% off from Cricket Wireless

Still haven’t had enough of deals and steals? Cricket Wireless is still up to offer a sweet deal as part of their Cyber Week Offer packages. For Black Friday, Cricket offered tempted users with the ZTE Grand X 4 which was available for only $ 49.99 a pop. However, if you’re tastes lie with a more

Don’t miss out on these deals on Galaxy S7 cases by Ringke

Get these Ringke cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Ringke is offering some decent discounts on cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. We’ve broken things down so it’s easy for you to choose between the four different case styles offered and then pick your preferred color.

Because this is a limited quantity sale, the promo code will expire once the limited quantity has sold out. To make sure the promo code applies properly,  [Read More…]

Samsung opens up Galaxy S7 Nougat beta program to more users

A second chance to test Nougat on the GS7.

It appears Samsung has opened up the Galaxy Beta program to more users in Europe, following the initial rollout earlier this month. This gives Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners a second change to try pre-release versions of Nougat for the phones, after the first wave of places were quickly snapped up.

As before, you just need to download the Galaxy Beta app and hit the “Registration”  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge found to be safest phone among flagships

There’s no doubt smartphones have changed the way we live. We can connect with friends around the world, stream video and music and do just about anything with a couple of taps. But are smartphones all about the benefits of living in an interconnected world? Some don’t think so. Many studies have been published claiming

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG V20 (Smartphone Showdown)

Something a bit different this time around, AndroidGuys – rather than comparing last year’s model to this year’s, I’m going to pit two high-end juggernauts against one another. I’m not gonna lie, I’m biased in this particular Showdown. I think the Edge’s curved screen and edge gestures are over hyped and faddy, like 3DTV and

Protect your Galaxy Note 5 for just $4.95 today!

Worried about the glass on the rear of your Galaxy Note 5 cracking from daily use? If you want to protect it more, add Amzer’s shellster hard case to it for a thin yet protective layer on the phone. You’ll also get a belt clip holster to keep the phone easily accessible and secure during travel, and today all of this is just $ 4.95 which is a great price for the peace of mind.