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Should you buy the Galaxy Watch Active 2 or the Fossil Sport?

Not sure how to choose between the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Fossil Sport? It’s a close call, that’s for sure. We’ve created this side-by-side comparison to make it easier.

Impressive Innovation Galaxy Watch Active 2

$ 280 at Samsung

Pros Improved Sensors Digital rotating bezel Optional LTE connectivity Cons Can get expensive with LTE New ECG feature not available yet

If you’ve been waiting for a Samsung fitness smartwatch that offers LTE connectivity  [Read More…]

Galaxy S10 running Android 10/One UI 2.0 shown off in new video

The video comes from Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha and is in Portuguese.

What you need to know Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha shows off a leaked build of Samsung’s Android 10 update on a Galaxy S10+. The One UI 2.0 update includes mostly subtle changes to the quick settings tiles, adds new gestures, and some Note-exclusive features. It’s possible we could see a beta for the new One UI 2.0 update at the Samsung Developers Conference in October.  [Read More…]

Samsung opens pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab S6 in the U.S.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is currently the only Android tablet to run on Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 855 processor.

What you need to know Galaxy Tab S6 can now be pre-ordered in the U.S. directly from the Samsung website. The flagship Android tablet starts at $ 650. Galaxy Tab S6 variants with 4G LTE connectivity are expected to be available sometime later this year.

Samsung introduced its high-end Galaxy Tab S6 Android tablet last month. The tablet, which  [Read More…]

Here’s where you should buy the Galaxy Note 10

Best answer: If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 10, we’d recommend doing so directly from Samsung’s website. Every model of the phone is available, along with all of the offered colors. However, feel free to shop around at your preferred carrier or another online retailer if you want to get an idea of all the various sales and promotions.

The “cheap” option: Galaxy Note 10 (From $ 950 at Samsung) Ultimate Note: Galaxy Note 10+  [Read More…]

Verizon 5G goes live in Phoenix with arrival of Galaxy Note 10

Verizon on Thursday confirmed that Phoenix, Arizona is the tenth city to offer its 5G wireless data. The next-gen, ultra-fast network goes live on August 23.

August 23 is a notable day not just for the growing 5G network, but it also marks the arrival of the Galaxy Note 10. Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5+ goes on sale in the markets which offer 5G speeds.

Initially, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service will be concentrated in Downtown Phoenix around  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Galaxy Watch Active 2 or the Galaxy Watch?

If you’re shopping for a new smartwatch but can’t decide between the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch, we don’t blame you. Both of these wearables have their advantages, which we’ve covered in detail to help you pick a winner.

Modern fitness smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

$ 280 at Samsung

Pros Digital touch bezel Improved sensors Optional LTE Cons Price goes up with LTE ECG feature not available yet Faster battery drain  [Read More…]

How to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 10

Capturing a screenshot on your phone is one of its most basic functions. But on a phone as capable as the Galaxy Note 10, there are multiple ways to capture and many things you can do to edit and markup the screenshot before saving or sending it where it needs to go. Here’s how you can get it all done.

How to screenshot using a key combination Open the content you wish to screenshot. At the same time,  [Read More…]

Should you upgrade from the Galaxy Watch Active to the Active 2?

Filling in the blanks Galaxy Watch Active 2

$ 280 at Samsung

Pros Optional LTE Digital rotating bezel Improved sensors Built-in GPS Cons Questionable battery life with LTE model More expensive, especially with LTE

Sometimes upgrades miss the mark. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the Galaxy Watch Active 2. It improves existing sensors with faster and more accurate readings plus adds some other new perks that fill in the blanks left by its predecessor.

  [Read More…]

The Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ support USB Power Delivery charging

Best Answer: Yes, the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ both support USB-PD charging. However, the Note 10 only supports up to 25 watts of wired charging while the Note 10+ supports up to 45 watts. If you want to hit those speeds, you’ll need to buy your own 45W charger.

Noteable upgrade: Galaxy Note 10+ ($ 1,100 at Samsung) The right charger: 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger ($ 50 at Samsung) What is USB Power Delivery,  [Read More…]

Explaining the Galaxy Note 10’s Fast Charging issues

I’m fascinated by batteries. The very idea of a battery is interesting: this silent, static object that holds within it power, electricity — light, movement, energy. Batteries, especially rechargeable ones, are fascinating because they are both simple — stored energy released as components need them, and then filled back up through another source — and incredibly complex. The very makeup of today’s modern lithium-ion battery is something to behold, and requires a considerable amount of engineering prowess to  [Read More…]